My Drama Plate

It’s truly a jumble.

Answer Me/Reply 1997 (of course)

This is the show captivating me atm.  Almost perfectly written……IF the whole who’s the daddy dragged on a minute longer, I would be slightly batty, but once the cutest baby samoyed appears, ALL (as in a tiny restlessness in my seat, tiny… is forgotten).  Just to add that cutest white tiny furball is always around the vicinity of YJ, JH, SiWon, SW’s dad and mom, all in all my favorite characters on my screen.  Every detail is written with a lot of TLC, directed with a precision to come across effortlessly real, we can sit back, all the heavy-lifting done, and enjoy a lovely trip with the characters down memory lane, guaranteed.  There is always a scene or two more perfect than I can expect, it can be a little VO here or there, a look ever so subtle and real, or SW+SW’s dad exchanging a quip or 2, or the earth-shattering all-consuming fandom through the lens of an 17/18 yo.  I’ve never seen the solidly good veteran Sung DongIl as absolutely terrific.  And it’s a treat most of his scene he’s bouncing off the other 2 most outstanding actors in a truly well-acted drama, Lee IlHwa (Mom) and the most pleasant surprise of all: EunJi.  I know nth of AMiss, but if I have a vote, please keep acting in good stuff big or small, we can find another idolpopstarlet easy, but this amount of natural acting talent, I can’t rem when anyone has come close for a long while.  Clearly a natural, I’ve never seen a newb so seamless in front of the camera.  I’m sworn in as a fan, if she’s in anything decent in the future, MUST WATCH!

It’s not I don’t have a character I don’t really care about (TW), or plot that’s not too interesting to me (again involving TW), but it fits in the great big picture of the Drama and I’m appreciative of it.

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