Surname is Hu, Happiness is Full

**Credits on pics; thanks to the redbeanies/HuGers at weibo**

HuGe + YuanHong aka th irrevocable official CN Bromantic CP touted by weiboers made a long overdue appearance together a few days ago.  Of course I expected some slashy goodness from the 2 dwerps, but still, I’m so unprepared.  Continue reading “Surname is Hu, Happiness is Full”


Domesticdiva is SOO not my calling.    I can bake, part is it doesnt involve me handling sharp weaponry, the other part is I love chemistry and food, but that’s about it.  I cut 2 of my own fingers a few days ago almost to the bone,  it’s the most volume of my own blood I’ve seen, the sight after, with blood dripping down my entire arm…is quite fascinating, esp when there’s no pain…yet.

So emergency surgery, stitches and a lot of needle poking and drugs later, I’m mending. muahaha I’m almost back to my own lousy typing speed considering I’m still groggy w/ painkillers w/ 3 semi-functioning RH fingers, thumb, ring and lil.

And still I managed to watch Reply1997 15 yesterday, just not sharing promptly my opinion on it (which is good…)

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fangirl 6th sense: announcing the new BL CP WonHong

I mean for all SiWon fangirls out there, you need to learn every mando slang pronto now that Yuan Hong is in the mix.  I foresee their tweets will be so hilariously slashy we will be mostly roflmaobbq.  Cute thing is their CP name WonHong in chinese is actually Yuan-Hong. Ha!  And, their abandoned other halves are: HG and HG.

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Rolling in the (Hundred Flowers) Deep

@nodame@胡歌 提问:老胡,什么时候能再和老袁合作啊?期待哈~
@胡歌: 等她不再到处沾花惹草的时候 哈哈哈
@袁弘: 我错了,总以为蓦然回首,你丫就在百花深处
HG had a webchat with his fangirls in Nov last year:
@nodame:  asking @HG : LaoHu, when are you going to work together with LaoYuan again? Want, ha~!
@HuGe:  When ‘she’ stops hankering around (the Chinese idiom is literally ‘messing the flowers and fooling with grasses’) HAHAHA
@YuanHong:  My bad. I’ve always assumed, perchance I turn, u’ll still be damn hidden one hundred flowers deep.
…Loverboy is quoting idioms fr poetry, and usu when peeps r doing it, it entails the whole poem.

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A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

For the nth time, TR’s LB, just be down on knees, beg and say the word ‘PLEASE!’ for N times, kiss his feet and bring chests of cash till YH forgives ur silly bitchy ways and I bet YH will happily spin up a script for BBJX2 better than TongHua, just saying, but I’m so not kidding……

Loverboy has finished his months-long exile in the wildwild desert West DunHuang and is heading back to civilization/Beijing.  BJ is hit by a serious case of smog and flights to and from the capital have been nightmares.  Thanks to the delays and nth better to do but chowing cup noodles and wine and fruit cups, YH decided to make his anticipated entry to the annual Weibo short story contest, rem he gave a BRILLIANT entry with just FOUR characters , I was spazzing like my usual loonie self this time last yr (  He got a showing in one of the highest RT and trending tt last year, and he’s doing it again today, this is RT’d 10000+ times and counting.

袁弘新浪個人認證#微小说#绿芜,若曦都走了很久了,四哥皇位日益坐稳,承欢也已长大,这世界于我已无牵挂,于是我决定穿越去未来玩玩。未来果然有趣,有电脑有汽车有手机,我爱上微博爱看NBA爱吃扶桑料理,还有自由的爱情。我甚至鬼使神差做了个演员。当然一切也不是那么尽善尽美有些事也挺扯,例如,他们让我演十三。  轉發(10758)| 評論(6817)

YH: #weibo novella# It’s been a long time since LuWu and RuoXi’s passing, Brother4’s rule is stronger than ever, Chenghuan is growing up beautifully, I have no baggage in this world, thus I’ve made the decision to time-travel for fun.  The future is really amusing, there are computers, cars and cell phones, I’ve fallen in love with Weibo, I love to watch NBA games and I love Japanese cuisine….and also the freedom of falling in love. I even haphazardly picked up acting as a profession.  Of course, not everything is puppies, rainbows and unicorns perfect, there are things quite exacerbating: They have let me play the role of 13.

*This precious thing is also gushing many times @ weibo how much he loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy CN version.   I vaguely rem there’s a pirated CN Big Bang Theory, they r missing a megahit not begging Loverboy to be Sheldon*

^His tweet is promptly RT’d by the official Weibo Novella miniblog…and cutely tagged one of my fav HongShi pic. ^^

As expected the BuBu gang joins every party 13 is hosting:

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Am bored, vid spam and pic spam

I  have NTH I wanna watch.  argh…..

I would say NTH about this fanart muahahahahahahaha!!!!

I didn't coin the phrase but some dearie is calling HongShi 中国版的“维尼夫妇” /CN version of Khuntoria, I don't watch WGM anymore (I can't even keep up on 1N2D and it's making me sad).  That said, I know how HUGEEEEE Khuntoria is, of coz.

It's very cute seeing HongShi referred to as CN Khuntoria (but tbh they've been doing their thing for wayyyy longer and much sweeter and cuter), I might have been posting this vid every week,  I don't care and will post it again and again, I can watch this every morning with my cup of joe. ^^ Continue reading “Am bored, vid spam and pic spam”

Deeper TVB drama sink hole: mainly Lives of Omission spaazzzzz and picspam

I watch LoO Live, then DLand rewatch. FIVE DAYS A WK LAST 3WEEKS.  I may v well lose 3 years of my life fr the screaming and flailing and NEXT EP NOW DARN IT!!!

My oh MY, other than the very few Lakhorns skimmed, I've always considered TVB liberal in Asian dramalands, with everything, incest, fauxcest, sisters falling for one dude, pedophiles…all kinds of taboos, sprinkled here and there nowhere near trope status, without the fanfare, bells and whistles.  I've seen hot smooches, rollings in bed, french kisses… All in good fun and never too sensationalized and made a bigger deal of, respecting the storytelling.  But LoO has one OTP sooooo hot, everytime they r sharing screen, they kiss and/or carass and we know they go horizontal after the jump of scene, and ANGST, majorly HKgangster love angst…  And the recent TVB ladies on my screen, all strong real women, not nec kickass coz they dun need to prove nth, absolutely no wimps allowed.  I honestly think HK is a rare place where gender is quite invisible, all things considered.

I dun care for TVB dramas, for decades, there's maybe 1 every couple years that I thoroughly enjoyed and kept rewatching. My fav of ~10+ yrs (since I haven't been living in HK) have FIVE on list: Old Time Buddy, Detective Investigation Files I/II, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, War and Beauty and To Catch the Uncatchable. A thing that's absolutely bugging me still is the lack of decent actresses.  I'm asking for decent in looks and passable skills, not thespians, but it's HARD.  I've just lost sleep over Ghetto Justice, no regrets, while it's written with sooo much heart and love and charmingly acted by Kevin ( a changing my opinion for him night and day perf) and most of the ensemble, my allergy of Myolie is blaring 20 eps long.  I made peace with it since she's playing a 'sassy/bitchy/typical' HK gal.  Main win is her Kris has truckloads of chemistry with Kevin's L. A. Law and I love them characters to bits, despite her migraine inducing line delivery and uncontained facial spasticity. 

Fala Chan, the other leading lady in clearly the forerunner for the best TVB drama of the year Life of Omission is my type of cute.  Her Canto is trying, she's sweating bullets in efforts and I commend herbut I NEED C subs to get all her lines, she's only an alright actress with the role written with her limitations in mind.  But sadly she has little chemistry with Michael Tse, our leading man, playing the nth reincarnation of Laughing, amusing a character and I did check out Relic of an Emissary because it's a VERY loose timetravel spinoff of the hit  E.U., very normal TVB style of milking the golden goose. Kate Tsui, can't stand her self-aware screen presence, BUT again her sizzling, clothes flying off bodies next second hot bothering panty twisting chemistry with Bosco is……….Have to see to believe!

First scene they shared:

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Strongest Bromance: Hu Ge/ Yuan Hong

This is just for my fun.   I love glorious manlove more than anything. If we’ve watched our healthy dose of wuxia, we would have heard enough reincarnations of  ‘Xiong Di!’ uttered between blood brothers in any high octane bromance-licious scene.  In one of my fav scenes fr LoCH08 :

Jing GeGe is moved to near tears hearing his KangDi saying the magic words for the first time:

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