Friday Pretty Post 2: HONGSHI!

What is this?  I can’t believe my eyes…..

The original tweet is by TR’s Ladyboss Karen.  It is the first day of filming for BuBuJingQing.  ‘One day, if you leave, I’ll go to your world to find you.’

To which many of the TR PR peeps replied along the theme, like ‘If you can’t come to my world, I’ll come to your world to find you…’ apparently this is some form of tagline for drama. THEN…

Loverboy butts in with, ‘If I leave this world, I will piggyback you along~’

WHAT THE?!??!?!  WHAT IS GOING On?!!@#$%^*%@&@  IS he CAMEOing?!?!?

AND SHISHI TALKS BACK!! ‘ If you come to my world, I’ll piggyback some Tequila along~’

OH MY GAWDDDD!  MY HONGSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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