Now We Are Talking: Pretty Periods

My new favorite addiction… reading (napping) in the shades drawn by clouds, little slice of lake in my kayak, safe from obstructing swans and sandhill cranes.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, my catnip and kryptonite, has me scavenging all my powerbanks at 6am because I wake up with the idea it is so me to rewatch the downloaded 6 eps during my kayaking trip, why not.

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Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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Friday Pretty Post

LOL it quite makes my day when the top searched hotword at weibo when I clicked in was ‘Panda’熊猫, that national treasure animal, cutest aholes.  Who would not prefer watching a panda ahole rather a human one any time any day.  TGIF to a good one!

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Hua Xu Yin Field Day

The press was invited to visit the set, interview the leads for the day.   I was jumping up and down with my laptop as I click on pic after gorgeous pic, listening to a clip recorded on the set of Loverboy’s own cute voice delivering his lines (hahaha it’s rare, and I bet he won’t be dubbing his own lines in the final product, but I can’t stop guffawing at his too cute voice! muahahaha), or a clip of him not missing a second munching on snacks.  Then I went on gagaing about my dream OTP JX and YH looking soooooooooo kickass perfect together I’m weeping.   Then, some annoying news sent me off really to a crying fit.

First, the good, a gorgeous picspam (credit on pics; thanks to original posters):

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Friday Pretty Post 2: HONGSHI!

What is this?  I can’t believe my eyes…..

The original tweet is by TR’s Ladyboss Karen.  It is the first day of filming for BuBuJingQing.  ‘One day, if you leave, I’ll go to your world to find you.’

To which many of the TR PR peeps replied along the theme, like ‘If you can’t come to my world, I’ll come to your world to find you…’ apparently this is some form of tagline for drama. THEN…

Loverboy butts in with, ‘If I leave this world, I will piggyback you along~’

WHAT THE?!??!?!  WHAT IS GOING On?!!@#$%^*%@&@  IS he CAMEOing?!?!?

AND SHISHI TALKS BACK!! ‘ If you come to my world, I’ll piggyback some Tequila along~’

OH MY GAWDDDD!  MY HONGSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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