Our Princes, Kings and Queens

Wow, a whole happy storm of interesting happenings!  I’m so out of touch with all the BuBu gang aside from Loverboy, but why is everyone suddenly appearing on my dash?

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Still on the BuBuJingXin Gang

A decent BBJX2 is now officially hopeless, but nothing is stopping the handsome princes to just go about their business and be chummy and CUTE.

This is the vid of a TW interview he did as a special guest at 严艺丹 new CD BeiJing presscon in mid December last year, when he joked his hair is styled after the building behind.

Things he said:

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What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

Smart lads and still ever so tightknit, rather than waiting for whatever TR is up to with the much rattled BBJX2, the princes and RX are off doing their collabs and being as lovely and awesome bromancing each other on weibo. I sincerely hope this brotherhood will last till we are all in nursing homes.

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Idol or Idiot

If you have some minimal fluency in Chinese and is a rabid fandom butterfly, http://weibo.com/idoloridiot is enough for you to brush up the language, go through the hassle of getting on the weibosphere, and I can guarantee on my head you will laugh your heads off and turn yourself into crazy laughing hyenas.  And yes, the weibo is so lovingly titled ‘idol or idiot’ ie it’s the fight for the bragging right of : My Idol is The Loveliest Idiot.

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Reunions? Tang Wei and Hyun Bin + BuBuGang

My girlcrush is in HK promoting Late Autumn with Mr. Writer/PD the other day, it's showing there finally.

The first min is just on the latest open crushing of Tang Wei fr EdisonChen on weibo, he's blatantly shouting out his adoration of her, so is Eason Chan.  It's at 1 min mark when she starts talking about how delightful it is working with binnie.

Reporter: It must be beyond enjoyable working with the immensely popular handsome Mr Hyun Bin (and sharing a hot kiss!)
TangWei:  It's not a matter of it being enjoyable.  I think when the process is as natural as the flow of water downstream and upstream, from high to low and from low to high, progressive, or it's like hiking.  Maybe in the beginning the camaraderie is not there yet, which takes time, and it is difficult to communicate with the language barrier, so we may lack the feeling of everything clicking at first.  But towards the end, we have a deep and mesmerizing chemistry and bond that is hard to describe.

Reporter: …..TW got 9 awards for her performance in the movie thus far.   I wonder if she wants to collaborate with Mr Writer/PD and Hyun Bin again?
TW:  Of course. Ask him (Mr writer/PD)!
(And she went on being cute, asking PD in English in the reporter's place at  2:00 mark)

PD said he's already told Bin he is writing the script for a movie for him and TW.
TW: And what did he reply?!?
PD:  He said 'OK!'
TW:  It's recording!
PD:  I'm writing.


In other news:
Nicky weibo'd a pic of Prince 9 and Prince 14 visiting him on the set.  He's already rejoining Prince 10 in his upcoming Bride with White Hair drama, so in his tweet he lovingly tagged Prince 10, and 13(myYuanHong) ('Where are you~?') and nudging Kevin our Prince8 and ShiShi wishing for a reunion project with all very soon!

And the gang had all responded (exc ShiShi the lazybutt of course), each their very own style:

HanDong (Prince 9): Can't wait! Till we meet again!
Yuan Hong (13): 四哥真好,就你没突点![爱你]另外,灭灭同学可不可以站出来解释一下自己的那顶黑色头盔是怎么个意思?
Bro 4, you are the best, the only one without nips showing  (me: <_< so wanna hit him on the upside of head) OTOH, comrade Lin, can you stand up and explain what's the meaning behind your black helmet you are donning?

Lin GengXin (14): We are very excited!  We have deflected!  (rem in BBJX, 9, 10, 14 r in alliance with 8)

Kevin Cheng (8) in reply to his OTP LGX/14:  Did you deflect because you got excited?  OR are you excited and thus deflect?

Yip Xin (10), always the sweetest, warmest cuddly thing made a collage of them all fr their set of upcoming projects:
齐啦,齐啦!有你们真好!大家都好…  All here, all here!  It's good to have you~!  Everyone is looking good….


A little BBJX related Xmas-y commercial

There's a surprise at the very end, a very pleasant one (for me)

7Up has a quirky campaign going on for a while in CN, bringing us short movies that r loud, bold, entertaining and not making a lot of sense yet mindboggling.

I don't know how they come up with this idea of sprucing up the good old cap reward, granting your wish to come true, and with the hotness that is timetraveling/BBJX, we start the commercial with every girl, mom, grandma (and dude) hoping for one of the princes fr BuBu (and even the odd taste of a grandma for one fr  Princess Pearl) to be their gift they time travel back to harass.  The middle part is blah, with the dude wishing to meet himself in different stages of his life…ending with the lesson of the day: ur true wish is not knowing the numbers of a winning lottery ticket but the simpliest thing u always wish lying on your bed every night before your sweet dreams.
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A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

For the nth time, TR’s LB, just be down on knees, beg and say the word ‘PLEASE!’ for N times, kiss his feet and bring chests of cash till YH forgives ur silly bitchy ways and I bet YH will happily spin up a script for BBJX2 better than TongHua, just saying, but I’m so not kidding……

Loverboy has finished his months-long exile in the wildwild desert West DunHuang and is heading back to civilization/Beijing.  BJ is hit by a serious case of smog and flights to and from the capital have been nightmares.  Thanks to the delays and nth better to do but chowing cup noodles and wine and fruit cups, YH decided to make his anticipated entry to the annual Weibo short story contest, rem he gave a BRILLIANT entry with just FOUR characters , I was spazzing like my usual loonie self this time last yr (http://mookiehyun.livejournal.com/11486.html).  He got a showing in one of the highest RT and trending tt last year, and he’s doing it again today, this is RT’d 10000+ times and counting.

袁弘新浪個人認證#微小说#绿芜,若曦都走了很久了,四哥皇位日益坐稳,承欢也已长大,这世界于我已无牵挂,于是我决定穿越去未来玩玩。未来果然有趣,有电脑有汽车有手机,我爱上微博爱看NBA爱吃扶桑料理,还有自由的爱情。我甚至鬼使神差做了个演员。当然一切也不是那么尽善尽美有些事也挺扯,例如,他们让我演十三。  轉發(10758)| 評論(6817)

YH: #weibo novella# It’s been a long time since LuWu and RuoXi’s passing, Brother4’s rule is stronger than ever, Chenghuan is growing up beautifully, I have no baggage in this world, thus I’ve made the decision to time-travel for fun.  The future is really amusing, there are computers, cars and cell phones, I’ve fallen in love with Weibo, I love to watch NBA games and I love Japanese cuisine….and also the freedom of falling in love. I even haphazardly picked up acting as a profession.  Of course, not everything is puppies, rainbows and unicorns perfect, there are things quite exacerbating: They have let me play the role of 13.

*This precious thing is also gushing many times @ weibo how much he loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy CN version.   I vaguely rem there’s a pirated CN Big Bang Theory, they r missing a megahit not begging Loverboy to be Sheldon*

^His tweet is promptly RT’d by the official Weibo Novella miniblog…and cutely tagged one of my fav HongShi pic. ^^

As expected the BuBu gang joins every party 13 is hosting:

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猫叔/Shironeko-sama’s BBXJ

lolz, I can't stop loling since last night seeing this, and loverboy shares my opinion that very last cap of かご猫-sama has a 90% resemblance to his Shishi's RuoXi's exact screencap HAHAHAHA

Episode One: かご猫's BBJX [orig credit: @磨铁图书第三编辑中心]

[Purple hydrangea cat: Maerti-RuoLan]
Shironeko-RuoXi: BigSis!
RuoLan: ^_^
RuoXi: I got it!
RX: I was fighting with another cat…
RX: and my brainwaves have been snapped out of my body!
RX: I, have become a cat….
-End of Episode 1-


and to throw in some HongShi goodness, this is what YH tweeted: @袁弘:若曦猫与诗诗在现场晒太阳时的神似度百分之九十啊@刘诗诗 (p.s:那张带花的马尔泰若兰好美[花心])  
I'm pretty sure the rest of the world is too busy loling our asses off and he's the only one really comparing Shiro-sama's perf to his Shishi, and really no need to throw in your fanboying of CeciliaLiu/Ruolan's pretty to make it any less obvious u r just missing weiboflirting with your gal! Giving ur ShiShi's RX a new nick per you, RuoXi-mao(cat). I recall he's the first one coining Liu RuoXi. kekeke
YH: RuoXi-mao has a 90% resemblance to ShiShi basking under the sun on the set! (p.s.: The flowery RouLan is very pretty! :)~)

Am bored, vid spam and pic spam

I  have NTH I wanna watch.  argh…..

I would say NTH about this fanart muahahahahahahaha!!!!

I didn't coin the phrase but some dearie is calling HongShi 中国版的“维尼夫妇” /CN version of Khuntoria, I don't watch WGM anymore (I can't even keep up on 1N2D and it's making me sad).  That said, I know how HUGEEEEE Khuntoria is, of coz.

It's very cute seeing HongShi referred to as CN Khuntoria (but tbh they've been doing their thing for wayyyy longer and much sweeter and cuter), I might have been posting this vid every week,  I don't care and will post it again and again, I can watch this every morning with my cup of joe. ^^ Continue reading “Am bored, vid spam and pic spam”

YH future projects

[credit on pic]

Ohhhh, I'm actually exctied for MuLan now, I love the bold, simple styling, and PD seems so kickass.  I can't wait to see DunHuang in his vision!!  I hope there will be minimal CGIs, it's tiresome.
I doubt I'll care for Elanne as an actress, but BOY! she looks fierce in armor!!  And with dubbing, I can tolerate her line reading much better.  No wonder the red beans r teasing YH he is the true actress/damsel in the triumvirate.  kekeke

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