BuBu costumes and the true dress of the time

*credit to a historical fanatic 洛梅笙 and 春梅狐狸@weibo*

I love the costuming of BuBu straightly on the pretty sto my modern eyes and the amazing top notch embroidery work.  The thought and poetry went into the design and detailing makes me weep in joy, but yes, it’s TV and there’s no way it’s historically accurate, at least I don’t really care/know too much for it to bother me, unless it’s so jawdroppingly stupid as in YZ’s Goong.

But it does shock me how ‘time traveling’ and glossed up things are, even in BuBu.

It must be a landmine to navigate, pondering what to wear in those days (and really, seeing ANY paintings and later real photos of days back then, it killed any fancy of time traveling) If I were a Han Chinese, I’ll be heavily influenced by the lingering Ming vogue, yet there must be strict political alterations enforced to adapt as much (or as little) to the Manchurian style.   It’s much more drastic in the guys, but still….there were accounts of girls shaving the more than half bald chic till they are of age *sweating bullets*

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Yet another HongShi post

I'm still soo affected by BBJX20, not even another ep of Ghetto Justice lulz is helping. Anybody have suggestions for the fluffiest crazy fluff old or new,  I'll try ANYTHING.

I'm to a point I can't keep up my daily habit of cyberstalking Loverboy @ weibo for fear I'll be reminded of 20 and I'm back to leaky faucet self.  I can only go as far as stalking the red beans, his hardcore fans for some funnies.

And we can always ALWAYS trust our HongShi to the rescue!  Frankly I can't keep up with their cybercaressing anymore, they are doing it daily now, every other tweet that they CAN spin it into a HongShi lovefest, they won't blink an eyelash and will go all out.

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BBJX 19,20

I flat out cried and cried and cried and cried. 20 min since I’m done, tears still keep dripping. The acting is leaving me in hives, even LSS. She’s improved fr shied by almost all her costars to holding her very own. These last few, she’s scarily terrific.

But goshhhhhh my Eight!!( and Eight+Mom!!!!) My Thirteen!!! My Four!!!! My RX!!! My LuWu!!!! They r all pulverizing my heart . It was just Eight not long ago that ok dreading on scrn, it’s hurting me sooo bad. LAST I was so messed up was Binnie’s DongSu@FoL19…here I have FIVE in one single ep and the list will only keeps adding.

I’m so depressed. So sooo depressed.

BBJX latest ep: RX/4 shipper heaven

I dun know y 17-20 out, but I have a head on chopping board presentation tmr and I’ve finally mustered a bit of self control a grown human should have so I’ll just fall behind…coz what is 4 eps behind as opposed to 6 tmr right?!?!?!??!  HOW on earth do functional human beings follow Cdramas live?!?!  This is my first rabid exp, and I’m throwing in white flag.

I know I can’t touch it coz it’ll be YH heavy and he’s ridiculously jaws on floor good, I’ve read.  And I’m not tough enough to see him suffer, I haven’t recovered fr the bleeding hole Eight has left in my heart.

Then there’s this scene.  The ep# is all messed up with all the numerous versions floating around, with the leaked eps and so on.  It is RX coordinating a dance for MinMin, her last farewell for 13 in this lifetime and her only wish is for it to be so memorable he’ll rem her for it.  It’s all ridiculously gorgeous and slaying my heart as it, BUT come 1  min mark.  FOUR/Nicky  ZOMG… *speechless*

And I’ve always hold an opinion LSS is a dancer first, actress second, she’s soo deeply emotive in motion, in her dance, it really is a league above the usual actressy posing in the rest, no matter how superficially pretty.
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BBJX @Happy Camp, a HongShi post

I was smiling throughout the whole Happy Camp show,  there's a tiny bit a third in when they r each saying farewells to the rest of the BBJX gang that I can't hold in tears….that and the fact I'm reminded how old I'm able to sing along Nicky AND KC's songs. 

Just need to get this off me unless I wanna carry around a ridiculously grin rest of day.
Better with caps, but dun have time.

We've heard of all the HongShi BTS tidbits taping the Happy Camp show, how he is the one pushing SS to poke Nicky just for a bit more screentime for HisSS…. and the glancing…the usuals.  YH keeps taunting he's in love with his SiLs…blablabla

YH is a jokester, so he's his usual playboy self.  LSS is most telling though, I like this girl, she just comes across very genuine, without any embelllishments.  I dun think any of her lines r too designed.  When she said her ideal mate is someone dependable, can travel with her, taking in the mountains and lakes.

SS, you've done that with your LaoYuan.  If I'm flashing that in mind instantaneously, I'm sure u r not forgetting any of this.

And when she's taking that fake ring fr Fourteen (gosh, what a cutiepieeeeee! ) SS mentioned this is some gift you can't give/take haphazardly.  HongShi dearies promptly posted a clip of them during the LoCH promo rounds when she happily accepted same ring fr YH without ANY hesitation, words of taken aback.  Hearts on your sleeves, dear!

And can any HongShi imagine how the show will be ALL HONGSHI if they didn't write it so Annie has to pick YH and get him off the stage, or else they will only be doing their thing and we wont be able to see/tell Nicky/KC or any breathing thing on that stage?!?!


This is just to document how pathetic a human being I'm.  I woke up just to watch the Bubugang @ Happy Camp live. [2 hrs]  *I teared up, and it's hilarious, MustWatch*

So lets see since last night, after some hanging out with real ppl, how many freaken hours I've been spending with KC, my new lover?!

Last One Standing ep1 (almost, I didn't make it).  [1 hr]
GOSH, it's TURD, shockingly more PoS than I expected.  KC is OTTing the opposite of everything he's doing on BuBu and I have to stop before all my fangirling hearts drawn to him r shattered.  Plot, what plot?!  Oh, the crazy illogical mess?!?!  *can not process any of this*


This is just a min of the nonsensical crap that's going on whole ep long.  How did KC/whoever bloodily kill a Lab without ONE sound? and the bloodied poor deadpuppy was dumped right next to you in ur tiny single bed, tucked in UR blankie, UR  face, ON his blood, and u still sleeping?! Until u see ur hand, And POOR PUPPY~~~ *SOBBB*~~~~~
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The HongShi Show: We Got Married! @ BuBuJingXin

[That night, Elephant Mountain ie freaking middle of nowhere, last YH evidence in the nearest civilization: +3 hrs, things present in some pitchdark secret lovenest: YH, LSS, LSS' phone, device that can set up a weibo acct, snacks tonnes of sustanence for hours confined.]

YH: SS….SS…stop….we have…things at hand………. need to put a lid on Peng.  he's more damning stuff than his daily shouts to the world we're married.
SS: *Tsk**pout*, let me call up the sistas (speed dail a few TR ladies, Nicky, KC, Prince14+9, Consort9/Peng'scybercrush…)
We need a list.  *grab her grocery/snack list pad*

1. start dummy weibo acct for his RL wifey, if he doesn't put his lid on, we'll paste his Consort9 love declarations
2. YH: gather the whole BuBupsychward for a 'dinner'  LSS@ the person 1mm fr her *scary side glance* No need to be smiling all silly with the thought of seeing the pretty SiLs.

3. LSS; ask KC out for 'tea' *drawing eight hearts*  YH @ the person 1mm fr him:

Nicky will be the general, making the battlecalls.

Round1: Peng makes fun of how lazy SS and Prince9 r as weiboers. LSS+Nine both warn him they've united in stance and have tiny hearts for misforgivings.
Round2: Peng calls SS a witch, repeating Nicky, forgetting Nicky is RX's OTP and EMPEROR.  Nine, our pretty serpent, (fake) kindheartedly warning Nicky to soften the name callin, indirectly at that little writer/PD on way to cyberguillotine after he shouted no truer words: YH is using LSS' phone.
Round3: SS works in her flirting with KC, asking him out for tea while Nicky is off on duty in YunNan.  KC draws back hearts.  YH: SS, enough woman!  *off he goes faking he got a call fr SS, all sorts of warning hinting Peng's miserable demise in near future.*

The busybody Peng steps right into the trap, insinuating Nicky of their (both RX+8 and RX+13) blatant flirting: Fire in ur backyard, Nicky~~~! + he screams at the top of his lungs:  YH! U R Using LSS' PHONE~! There goes another TR lady who can't keep shush about the newlyweds and she goes on and reaffirms the Hongs r using the same phone….ie they r honeymooning, in the middle of nowhere Elephant Mt, middle of a starry starry night.  *think YLX and Wifey5 and the fireflies*

Our Mr and Mrs Yuan had their last straw, off they go setting up the account @IAmMrsPeng where the sistahood all pitch in and will post evidence of Peng's infidelity…with our innocent lady of unwanted adoration Consort9 joining the party.

The night ends on Peng flying his white undies, crying to sleep, begging Mrs. Peng to never be near any electrical device.

I don't know how the night ends for the Yuans.  * I sorta know, but I can't say :X*

[All seriousness, I made up maybe 5% of this sillycrap I just rambled on, swear on my binnie socks!!]

HongShi WGM! @ BBJX  investigative file for the day:
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I need to unglue my face to my YT scrn, and untie my panties and remind myself I do need air more than KC and LSS eye-sexting 1mm fr each other ON A HORSE!!!!.  GEEEZZZZ  piggybacks r hot, princess hugs r hot…but NTH, NTH A SINGLE ACT IN HISTORY OF MANKIND BEATS THAT LAP OF PRINCE8/KEVINC on a stallion!!!!!

Really middle part of this is made for looping and looping

Gosh, u think LSS' face is red in that?  MY FACE IS REDDER 4 trillions times REDDERRRRR!!!

The HongShi Show: We Got Married! @ BuBuJingXin

Mood music:

*YH approves, being ridiculously cheesy in his cute, SS scoffs and whines to her LaoYuan she's hungry and wants to eat snowcones and cheese and ramen and his pasta and shrimps he de-shell*

Lets stare more at the moon along with our CP, and reminisce back to one balmy, clear, calm September evening @ HengDian 8 moony nights ago, writer TongHua is pouting and playing with her fingers at someone @ing her handle wrong.  SS to the rescue comforting with one of her precious tweet, third in same day ( frequency was 1/month) Busybody evil writer/PD Will Peng is jumping up and down burning incense to the possibilty of a weibo reality show, writer Tong is joining, SS' weiboing brings her out of her blues.  Just as the 2 minds r cheering, SS cont. talking back, asking Will for a dinner treat as he's so grateful of her hardworking weibo fingers and asking him to bring his wifey.

We got a tiny peek into our behind the scene mastermind Peng.  Our evil PD/writer Peng is married with a boy, yet openly fanboying our BuBu Consort9.  We see him in his dark digs, evilly grinning and drawing hearts around Consort9's tweetpics he's printed out,  daggers and arrows and venoms at Prince9.  muahahahahing at yet another SS reply, PD Peng asks SS to come to CheungSha, bribing with what else but FOOD!

 *Flash forward to later in the darker evening* *crickets chirping*
Prompted by a crypted warning of devils looming on prowl by Nicky/Prince4/Emperor YZ, maybe scared of his tigress wifey RX while he's off to his emperor's duty in YunNan, which his ever so caring little bro 13 tweeted him a lovely warning about him being taken off for marriage by the matriarchal Mosu ladies. Nicky throws the ball back to 13's court saying he's just 'testing the waters' for his sake,13's body not yet ready after his imprisonment… with that, LSS butts in their convo with a line of speechless dots…..  PD Peng can't help but stir up more shiz everywhere he goes.

But then a moment later, Peng can't help sweating bullets.

13, 14 r the chatterboxes that won't ever shush yet they have been silent all night, whereas the lazyfingers of SS and Prince9 have been storming up weibo.  Lightbulb moments:  YH must have travelled all the way to SS' elephant mt, hostaged her phone, tting in her behalf and hence the dinner gathering with HIS WIFE, YH is the notorious SILlover, he organized a SiL dinner party 3 days ago!

He throws a weibo bone out, asking if the emperor's seen a 13 DevilStar.  It's cleared up by Nicky, it's RX/LSS who's up to no good with her evil schemes…This is intensely followed by her flirting with Prince8Kevin, asking him out for 'tea' in the middle of the night.  Prince9 who HATES RX to her bones comes to her rescue, saying 4 shouldn't use such harsh labels. Nicky reports subtle scenes of disarray, possibly DV at his household with teacups smashed.  SS said it's all for justice towards MrsPeng….

Peng openly tweeted for the second time he is suspecting this is YH using SS' phone tweeting.

With this prompt, YH 'lovingly' tweets a warning weibo @Peng.  'I just got a call, weibo interweb has a meeting of clouds and winds, thunders and lightnings, I've calculated with my fingers and toes, the disastrous phenom is moving to his general direction.. Dear, a red warning signal~~!'

While sweating more bullets Peng can't help but screams, 'STOP PRETENDING, WHAT CALL?!  U WERE DEFINITELY TWEETING WITH SS' PHONE JUST NOW~! *roar*';

Next episode, we'll relive the demise of evil writer/mastermind/PD Peng that fateful night (and morning after).

*real words and events fr weibo read by my crazy HongShi shippers eyes, sighhh this BBJX gang should have their own psych hospital*

A screencap in the BuBu insanity files of the ep:

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