ChuHan Contention (mainly Peter Ho appreciation)

, Mousie, for you!

PD Guo, BRAVO!  Oh so smart to give us this sleeveless armor look.  It'll be ridiculous and lowbrow to have Peter shirtless ALL the time, afterall how busy r our eyes to appreciate all the diff muscle groups?!
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Rolling in the (Hundred Flowers) Deep

@nodame@胡歌 提问:老胡,什么时候能再和老袁合作啊?期待哈~
@胡歌: 等她不再到处沾花惹草的时候 哈哈哈
@袁弘: 我错了,总以为蓦然回首,你丫就在百花深处
HG had a webchat with his fangirls in Nov last year:
@nodame:  asking @HG : LaoHu, when are you going to work together with LaoYuan again? Want, ha~!
@HuGe:  When ‘she’ stops hankering around (the Chinese idiom is literally ‘messing the flowers and fooling with grasses’) HAHAHA
@YuanHong:  My bad. I’ve always assumed, perchance I turn, u’ll still be damn hidden one hundred flowers deep.
…Loverboy is quoting idioms fr poetry, and usu when peeps r doing it, it entails the whole poem.

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C Drama everything

If one only relies on weibo for casting 'news', Loverboy is the sizzling piece of holy Tang-monk meat everybody exc TR wants a bite.  All we know for sure is he's chilling back home in Wuhan, spotted partying everywhere in fanpics all over weibo and 'reading scripts' after Mulan wrapped. His name is popping up in every drama under the sun in preproduction. The most ridiculous being Goong 3: FengMi+HongShi r mentioned in same breath as the main quartet MUAHAHAHHAHA.  Then there's the up in the air one of Hawick, YaYa, YH transplanting to a modern TongHua adaptation (really I can count 2 or 3 or 4 TH adaptations in production atm GEEZ)now that the censor bureau is cramping down on period 'non-historicals' making Lonely Spring Court a possible no-go.  There's one potential pairing I'm praying to happen, even for the evil stepmom of a writer Fei Wo Si Cun's East Court (Sealed with A Kiss WTFery will never be easily forgotten here): YH + Wang ZiWen, an up and coming U25 C actress I'm keeping a very keen eye on.  She's still under the radar but with the smartest resume amongst her peers, popping up in EVERY genre possible, her work portfolio has the greatest balance of serious and trendy; silly popular idol vehicles, critically acclaimed blockbusters and indie artsy gems.  If u've asked me, she would've kicked LSS to the curb as RuoXi because there's a vivacity firing under her demure looks,  the often talking point of SS' sore lack of.  Wang's eyes, even with those horrid circle lens can wax poetic.

She earned some serious brownie points as a noob in Sheng Si Qiao/生死桥 (Lit. The Bridge of Life and Death), a drama adaptation of my favorite Lilian Li novel growing up.  She is DanDan, a fav character of mine in all of Lilian's novels. Needless to say I'm harsher than normal when watching and was prepared to jump at any stabbity chance.  She's green in it and wearing circle lens in a period drama is my HUGE peeve, but she's got the aura of the character pat down, impeccable casting by PD all around.  And what a seriously true to novel adaptation!   It's one of the best drama adaptations of any piece of novel I've seen in Cdrama,  even with new characters added on and filling plots out to enrich a full length drama epic.  The dedication and perfection in every painstaking detail in adaptation was only seen in the rare BBC masterpiece equivalent.  That said, it's not for entertainment, it's super angsty, no glimmer of rainbow for ANY of the characters,  tbh many times you'd wished them killed and RIP instead of living the hell.  At times it's draggy, bare in histrionics, brilliant ladyPD has no care of pacing it for an easier catchy watch, putting all her eggs in the basket of reviving the time and place and the fine artistry of Peking Opera.  RL artists are allowed to showcase real performances, often most of an act of opera.  The supporting cast is a list of the who's who of living national treasures.  It's a feast for the eyes with any care to historical accuracy, and for an art geek, it's glorious crack. I need a rewatch.

She's scene stealing most lately in the Great Magician, the sly-est political satire cloaking under the slapstick farce, a true storytelling 'magic' trickery.  She's the prettiest of the cast, esp when Zhao Xun is unbelievably haggard to play the love of their llives of both Tony and Sean.

I watched an episode of ZJZ's New Journey to the West 2011 last night.  It's not as headdesky as I thought in content, but severe acousticophobia alert: ZJZ is using his bloody inappropriate background music LOUD and 24/7 EVERY FkING SECOND OF THE EPISODE. EVERYYYYY! Lord, have mercy.  There are dense text st fr the classic, then the remaining lines r too modern, typical.  One of ZJZ's 'strength' is he's going to 'dramatize' any book clunkily page by loyal page.  There won't be much editing/adapting the dry text into a proper screenplay.  It's not an issue here, I'm just saying out loud.

Guess what this is:

The main issue:  Art direction and CGI are HORRIBLE (above: Cow Demon)  This looks exactly the same as things 30/40 yrs ago.   $1 billion RMB and u r giving us this crap?!?!?! I wasn't expecting anything, but hope u have pages of excuses for ur bankers, ZJZ.
Despite it all, I may still continue, for the insane amount of big star cameos! FSF has never looked more smashing and I've heard he's doing an endearing job with his role as the mystical hero, 3rd eye all seeing Erlang Shen.  He can be Pegasus Seiya in this get up. I approve!

In other news: me gusta HXM as the Legendary Sung hero General in the movie The Patriot Yue Fei:

This is no longer news: Peter Ho is BAMF!Hot in blood and grime.

more ChuHan picspam…

JinLing 13 Chai (aka War of Flowers) and Shame

I know I’ve been dumping a lot of moody funk here lately, looks like it’s not stopping tonight.  I went to a late Shame showing. I’m not sure what’s with me, but I’m only interested in mind and appetite ruining joyless amazing provocations.

I did not get the full blast of the Fassbender fandom until I watched Fish Tank.  I was impressed w/ things I’ve seen him in, Inglorious Basterds, Magneto in X-men and Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre, but I don’t find him too handsome nor too good for any roles.  I didn’t find him that gorgeous in RL, then.  Fish Tank is exactly my thing, acting is seamless, storytelling is unforced, the pace is leisurely, allowing me to ease into that world, the stories of these characters and participate as a true observer. it’s very similar in theme to An Education, just grittier, in the now instead of 60s, in East End/Essex.  Fassbender floored me by his ovaries exploding magnetic physical attractiveness the second he’s on screen.  It’s a toned down, less abrasive entrance echoing that of Marlon Brando in StreetCar. He’s playing an extremely hard to commiserate character towards the end with the brain in dick guy-psychosis that requires castration, yet till the bitter end, I don’t see him as menacing nor deceitful as despicable as he is. His Connor is a very flawed, weasel in a very pleasing exterior, but I still get he is capable of tiny tender loving feelings for people he cares.  I feel the lowest of scumminess having panty-losing hots for his character…still, but his performance is so simple, direct and effortlessly spot on.  He didn’t do much with expressions or any part of his physical body, but his eyes are treasure troves, it’s all there for you to pick out, somehow he delivers everything that’s necessary for us to know about the character so thoroughly at any specific point of the story.  He’s so entirely persuasive with minimal visible effort and that’s very disturbing in the best way watching someone acts.   But then he’s playing an irresistible charmer, art imitates life much.

Shame is a joyless, lingering, profound movie and I really hate the thoughts on the human condition it’s provoked in me.  No, I didn’t go in to witness Fassdong on big screen and ‘extraordinary’ did not cross my mind at all except it is attached to a bigger chunk of flesh usu forming a whole man, but this perfectly-made junk is so devoid of care, dissolute of feeling anything but pain, an unknown traumatizing past he is mentally wrestling to contain, yet overwhelming him raw every waking moment and we audience are kept ignorant fr his entire history and causation.  We’re just presented with the present bout of disfigurement of his mind and loss of control of his body.  I watched a studly piece of flesh overtaken by a mentally debilitating addiction for 90+ minutes, I wondered every second, hinted by the fleeting damaged vulnerability inside his hollow, lifeless yet intense, almost pleading globes how excruciatingly scary it must be for him to keep up the decorum of putting the right clothes and face on, say fewest words as close to a normal man every second in public and not be a totally pathetic piece of trash he sees himself staring back at him.  Sadly, the opposite of panties shattering sexy.  Shame is almost perfect a piece of storytelling of a story unpleasant to sit through. Shame is really the best most befitting word ever to describe what I experienced.  For Fassbender, carrying around that perfect physique, displaying it unadorned, yet still every second convincing me how deplorable shitty it is to be him, in his body, doing his things.  It’s his eyes, there is that desperate intensity that attracts his ‘prey’ and when we are ‘invited’ in, we only find an emptied out, lost soul yearning for help, for feelings, for everything human he’s detached his physical existence from even when he’s doing the most human carnal acts.  He is ROBBED of his GGlobe. Clooney, u owe him wayyyy more than a flattering peen joke.   He is having some nec sex on screen, surprisingly not a lot and tamer than I expected, and though I recently find him extremely hot!Irish attractive even as a pedophile *am extremely guilty of blasphemy and iz whipping myself*, I don’t want that pathetic shell of a man near my vicinity, at times I am ashamed of myself of wishing to not know of the fact people like him is suffering and existing.  I feel just enough sympathy for his Brandon as a victim of a psychological disorder but at the same time I’m as repulsed as the character is of himself.  For the entirety of the movie, I’m sucked into his character’s damaged beyond repair psyche and it’s an ugly stinky demoralizing existence.  Mulligan is as perfect as Fassbender, there are a couple scenes, esp one she’s singing, that’ll stay with me on both the awesomeness that is Mulligan AND Fassbender.   Give them all the awards.

Before I can gather myself to pour out everything on JinLing 13 Chai, I was sitting in my closet, distracting myself playing with cedar balls until my husband was looking for me and told me it’s bedtime.  I was (very early) spring cleaning, in prep for Lunar New Year day Monday.

I am numb, overwhelmed, staring at the goosebumps from the emotions that shot through me, the same feelings watching JinLing 13 Chai/War of Flowers swarmed me once again.  The cedar balls were to be in the tissue-lined box housing my most precious possession,  qipaos handed down to me by my grandma and mother that started this catatonia.

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18 movies I’ve watched since the holidays

Yes, Eighteen(!), mostly due to I've an almost empty drama plate and a long list of movies I finally have time to watch.   I have no idea what got into me, but somehow they can be paired up by my whim:

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I’m pinching my cheeks: what r the odds?!?!? War of Flowers crazylove *shock!*

Scared, shitless, right now.  My good fortune in watching drama/movie GOLD since 2012 is on a winning streak and please please please don't jinx it, mookie, for screaming it out to the world!

But whatever, I'm brimming full of bone-chilling love, and devastation and goosebumps that are not denting even if I try hammering it.  I watched the movie in chunks since afternoon, at times, bracing for fear of sensationlized crap to hit me next scene, cause me to puke and hate and negating the awesomeness just because everything has been so powerfully perfect and well done, writing, directing, acting I totally thought I was in a dream, the most horrifying, devastating yet suffocating beautiful foggy grogginess.

And it builds on it and keeps hitting me punching me, pounding me in my innerds.  I paused for crying fists, I took breaks to literally hike in the woods to stop my mind spinning off in spirals.  I tried to eat and drink wines, teas and watched an episode of BigBangTheory to cushion my flailing, but after all the effort, I am one huge mess, sated, most satisfied, glorious, crying mess.

I'll keep writing about it for days, as long as I have this most intense love only the best movies can do to me.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh I miss you, my crazy moviefangirl me! 

3 (used to be 2) Cmovies I’m dying to watch

The Great Magician:

IF by some most evil dark magic every sino-actor drops off the earth and I can only keep one,  I'll have a hard time btn Tony Leung and Sean Lau.  Both of them are in this, plus I like PD Derek Yee.  I do not seek out and watch everything Zhou Xun is in, but she's one terrific actress who almost never sell out doing crap.  And I ended up watching everything she's in anyway.  From everything I've seen/heard of, this is an exact replica of Illusionist/The Prestige. Innovative, I highly doubt it, but a fangirl is gonna fangirl!  This will appear on screens across Asia mid Dec, AND it may appear on screens worldwide soon as well.  *crossing fingers*

2. This:

PLEASE, WKW *BEGS*!!!  Enough of it already, just give me GRANDMASTER, whatever cut, scraps on ur editing room floor or toilet!!  I'm going to not stare at the month that is in 2012, the lunar new year week and voodoo it to happen, but I'm not forgetting u leak out this 'tentatively'.  Don't tease, it's been not funny since last year.

and 3……

Shall we all time travel back to 3rdC/2ndC BC Middle Kingdom and save the trillions of Yuan?!

FIVE!!!!!  SIX if I'm counting 大秦帝国2/DaQinDiGuo2/The Qin Empire 2. The worst case of copycats offense, EVER.

A roundup (in order of my interest)

1.楚汉传奇 (my guess fr C title it'll focus on the 4 yr Chu-Han Contention 206-202BC )
Draws:  producer GuoXiXi (3 Kingdoms), Lead actors: Chen DaoMing (confirmed), LuYi….
LAVI$H!! producer Guo is touting this will be grander than SanGuo (with MUCH more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).  It's reported to be the most expensive TV production to date in Cdramaland and it's all still in preproduction prediction.  Guo has been working on this since end of SanGuo Both the main ladies Empress Lu, Consort Yu are still in casting.  Cameras will roll in August, big downer: might have to wait 2, 3 years for it to broadcast.

2. 楚汉争雄 (again on the Chu-Han Contention)
Draws: very soft spot for PD 陈家林, the trustworthy brandname gold standard for C historical, this is his very last project before retirement!  Any YangMi fan should check out her Wang ZhaoJun, she's allowed to be in sth decently scripted and to ACT, for reals. I fangirled Chen DaoMing because of his KangXi Dynasty (sooooo good, along with its brother piece YongZheng Dynasty  and I'm forever grateful they spoiled me of the 'amusement' in watching anything YuZheng can crap on KangXi/YongZheng 😉 )
Also PD Chen said this will focus on the XiangYu, ConsortYu vein.  I'm their shipper, Liu Bang was an STDs carrying cruel, weasel/douchbag.  '站在“失败者”的角度演绎故事,试图找寻真实的刘邦与项羽,以更公正的态度看待两人的对决 -PD Chen.   'We will hinge on the 'losers', in our quest for portraits of Liu Bang and XiangYu closer to the truth, a look at their contention fr a fairer standpoint''  WANT!! But this is still in very early pre-production, another Billion Yuan project, quite possibly will never materialize. :(((

3. 大秦帝国2 (mid 3rd C BC to mid 2nd BC?)
Draws: bookend piece to the awesome Qin Empire. Continue the story of YingSi, arguably the best (the YongZheng of Qin if I may) of Qin rulers, laying the groundwork for Qin's eventual unification of China.

I know netizen is already ranting on how horrible the 50+ min preview looks and without the awesome writer fr Qin Empire, this is never going to be as good.  But even if it's nowhere near, I still have to watch.

The preview:

Yes, the music is crap, the VO is fr the 80s….historical inaccuracies, atrocious editing blablabla.  I concur!  But, this is a C trailer and they r seldom good/ has much to do with the end piece other than the pretty, I can't stop myself fr watching even though I hate the casting of YingSi/main guy.

4. + 5. 王的盛宴 + 鸿门宴  (Feast at Hong Gate: new year's eve 205-206 BC)

Draw:  The real headbutt, I'm much more interested in wrestling the 2 movies together and its BTS shenanigans than each on its own.  Both will be based on the exact same Most Fateful ' Last Supper' in C history.  All the juicy players r rounded up there.  Lets see if any of the production can make a memorable art like Leonardo did for Last Supper, heh.

LuChuan is the WAYYY better writer/producer imo, but his production is plagued by many disconcerting snags..  It also amuses me to no end sizing up every single character and its actor on my scale of OMGvsMEH.  LuChuan's still edging on the gorgeous men front alone: Daniel Wu as XiangYu(OMFG!), LiuYe as Liu Bang(he can do layers, dark and connive better than LeonLai), Chang Chen as Han Xin (CHANG CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Nie Yuan as Xiang Zhuang (sword dance!!!), and Sha Yi (Bigbro Sun) as brother of Consort Yu.  I don't have a care for the ladies in this.

6.  Yu PoS I refuse to name/watch/hear/read/tease/shit on.

Watching and will watch

1. Wuxia, the movie I’ve the anticipation size of the pacific ocean btn me and China, I’ve watched 10 min of it and has to stop.

TAKESHI! You need to thank your God/Buddha/Devil/TPTB you are sooo freakishly gorgeous and is a RL BenjaminButtons in regressing youthful looks. GEEZ, Peter Chan, I know every director has a questionable muse, but WHY TAKESHI!?? ME shallow, and I LOVE his face very very very VERY much and I can and have been tolerating his acting no problemo all these decades, so never have I thought I still have a big ugly rant on his ACTING here. Here is what messes with me most, why the accent? Sichuanese, I’m told?! I don’t speak a lick, all I know is what he’s pursing his lips spilling out is NOT Sichuanese, he’s miserably trying to pull sth this hard so out of his league, what the HECK are u thinking PD/producer?!?!?!?!?!?

Wuxia the movie when I’m not so wanting to grab a cheese grater to grate the flesh out of my ears off…is like a copycat of Sherlock Holmes, sans bromance, sans acid trip speed of pace.  So traumatizingly disappointing I need to stop and gather myself fr a breakdown by shutting it.

I havent seen enough of my TangWei, maybe she’ll calm me down. Or I need many stiff drinks just to reclick play.

2.  Ripley, suddenly, miraculously, TWO GOOD NO CRINGING THROUGH AND THROUGH EPS last wk.  I’m looking for last nite’s ep atm asap!

3. Scent of a Woman: Not a must see, I’m not anticipating in fear of disappointment and my hardened soft spot for Suna will shrink further and I don’t ever want that. I know I can’t stop myself trying it out, clean slate, no expectation.  No teasers, no trailers, no nth.  I only know Suna is paying homage to CJS’ do in Last Scandal.  Terminal disease, LDW in suits.  She’ll glam up.  There’s a rich bitch girl 2, a yummy doc guy 2, the WW cp redux  I’m preshipping.  So these stills r not helping in keeping me calm and nonchalant. 

Ahh, shiny, sparkling gorgeousness of LDW:

4. Loverboy’s Aussie travelogue will be out 7/18.  IN! A! WEEK!  

My pondering on why HK TV and movieland can survive on mostly lamest PoSs

I’ve never seen actors taking their day job as seriously as HK celebs.  How serious?  It’s never just a job to them, they always make it their existence. Many times I don’t even doubt they can’t tell living apart fr acting coz their life’s is an act and life is imitating art, imitating life…   They remind me constantly of all the wuxia (or mafia) cults and their ethics, you live, breathe, preach it like a religion and be loyal to your craft/wuxia/gang till your last breath, your last drop of blood leaves your earthly body.

What trigger this musing is Cecilia Cheung and Nic Tse’s RL falling out and the dissolution of their marriage.  IT can’t be better timed for the maximum level of interest.  With these RL celebs dramas, one every other months, p0rning all things written, rehearsed, designed for make belief on screen.  No wonder, HKers do not care for sustenance in our own once glorious TVdramas and movies. 

Am I shocked? No, of coz. Is shock a feeling we still have inside us HKers?! That is nuked after these couple years of constant bombardment of these ‘scandals’ breaking out unbelievably juicier (and sadder) as it goes.  BUT I can’t say I’m not wishing this is not ALL true (but my gut is telling me damn! it is 😦 ), hoping the best for everybody’s sake and trying to hinge on all the better bits about the human condition.  There are two very young babyboys involved at the eye of the storm.

The calm before the storm was the sensational Best Actor win of Nic at the 30th HKFA in mid April.  He’s 30 yo, and with the Chinese saying, Man is established at 30 and his family has been royalties in HK showbiz, this is a crowd pleasing win, not even mentioning the fairytale of badboy transformation into a loving doting son/hubby/daddy.  Cecilia was rumored to be preggie with their 3rd child in <5 years, holding hands, crying her moving tears at his accomplishment.   Around the same time in April, many articles popped up in finance magazines, outing him as the Founder/ CEO of a major post production company, taking up 50%+ of the market share in HK and greater China entertainment industry. His net worth on that company alone is in the billions.  Time can’t be better and we all cheer and party along with the Tses, our Hong Kong MongKok-ish Will and Kate x Brangelina.

CC is back to work (HORRAYYYY!), 6 movies are signed on dotted lines, each paying her 8 figure HKD.  And she’s currently working on 影子愛人 with KSW, we can expect tears, with the acclaimed Stanley Kwan producing.

After a bumpy no show for a day or two, she’s all smiles and professional looking on set:

All I can say, what a vivacious, terrific, promising young actress.  If we don’t care about race and ethnicity, she is my vote for the TaylorBurton movie.

Less than a month later, an odd incident of Cecilia bumping into Edison on a plane and she buddied  him up, exchanging contact info, taking pics for all to see.  I’m weirdrf out.  IF they have not been in touch since the lewd pics scandal, I can’t see the need to be that excited to go do this all in broad daylight in front of the whole plane of passengers. IF things have cooled down and they’ve warmed up and are friends, his phone # is easily a phone call away or less.  Plus she denied  the incident, EdisonChen then publicly confirmed it…why the SHOW coz this alone is  going to be headlines of the tabloids for wks and as dirty laundry goes, this tops the stinky.  BIZARRE.

And she spent her bday with Lucus in TW with her gfs.  Nic stayed on set in Malaysia.  If u r hopping on a plane again, for your bday, it shouldn’t be anywhere but Malaysia. Things are not going where I’m wishing!!

At that point, which is like a wk ago, I bet all gossipy HKers (ie 99% of the population) sensed sth MAJOR is up.  This is no little rain storm, but the Typhoon of the Year.  Not just a divorce, nonono, you don’t go to this extreme end of exposure unless the players want a show of hands reminiscent  the climax of King of Gamblers.

A lady gossip guru/radio host, bff of Cecilia MIL, aired out the programme.  Things have been rocky, CC has been after all Nic’s property ownership and stocks of his company and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, when she asks for the house Nic bought Daddy Patrick Tse, that’s the last straw and Nic is as reluctant as heartbroken and have thoughts of ending things.  The Edison rendez vous is NOT helping matters.

CC missed her presscon for her new movie with KSW, she’s officially unwell and dealing with personal matters.

Now this will always be he says, she says, but when it’s MIL thro BFF says…it’s ARGH!  The properties are still under Nic’s names, all of them.  And really it’s tasteless of radio hostess, and MIL.  Although they put up the show of happy big royal family, no one is buying MIL is sooo loving CC like her own daughter, but decorum! and this is cheap and low brow.  And it’s so beyond amusing Pat Tse is standing firmly behind CC and yanking at the radio hostess for airing shiz she knows nth of.  No matter what, I still sickly crush you, dirty pervie hot granny you, Pat!

Theories and logical deduction of the netizen ensue and MAN did they read their KinDaichi!  
First they dug out a Tianya gossip thread of a girl outing her Top Chinese Uni educated bff as the Beijing mistress of a top HK popstar, who is touted as a family man, loving father and hubby and no scandals of late at all.  The fun in these threads is always the guessing game, names of Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan are mentioned. But now Nic Tse is added to the list of suspects.  

I choose to believe the theory Nic Tse and fam want to kick CC out of the curb now Nic’s image is all cleaned up and the cash is flowing back in.  Nic signed a slave contract with EMI at 16 because Patrick was in financial ruins, paying off Dad’s debt.  His acceptance speech at HKFA was exceptionally sensational because they have a palpable, crashing dysfunctional dad-son relationship all these years.  I can’t believe Patrick is a good dad but he’s kept the lie going all these years.  Every year, Nic and his babysister will be dolled up and be the pawns of the happy royal showbiz fam, doing New Yr greetings without fail.  Pat and Deborah never passes up an opportunity to cash in on their children.  They try to clean it all up these years, but it’s hard for me to believe old habits don’t die hard.

So CC is along with the act and staged that Edison chumming up to give a legitimate excuse for our GoodGuyNic to divorce his wifey of 5 years after boring him 2 (or 3) children and keep the $$$ strictly with the Tses.  I’m not buying any of this, this is the woman you picked, Nic, you knew of everything and you do the exact same 2, 3timing things at least with Wong Faye at some point of ur relationship with CC, with or without home vids/pics.  You GREW up with Edison and are homies.  YOU of all peeps, know these 2 very very very well, you dig your own grave and you have to live in it.   Don’t humor me you are splitting with your babies’ mama just coz she took some selca with THAT dude, all clothed and for their 100+planemates to witness and those XXX lewd pics of them, you have no prob with and you are over and above them then.  I believed things having been going rosy for them for a while and they have been putting up a great PR act all along since that 2008 Edison fiasco.  I’m not faulting Nic, nor anybody else, but don’t play victim, own it up as a man.

IF this really deteriorates to divorce territory, this will be one UGLY LONG battle the lawyers are already hallelujahing and making space in their bank faults.

This is a day to day RL drama, Jun6th will be the rumored official divorcing announcement fr Nic.  I’m actually not that interested in every detailed happening, I can understand both parties, where they are fr, and marriage is hard as is for regular folks. I’m just still a bit surprised they put up such a great great act I’ve fallen head over heels for in the fantasy all these years. HKers r watching along hawkeyed, afterall, this is their Days of Our Lives.

I’m numb after blurting this all out, all I care about is the babies.  So do whatever you have to, grownups, to ensure them growing up well and adjusted to this crazy crazy life under limelight, I’m begging.