Friday Pretty Post: TangRen Trio

TGIF!  I have not much time being summer and family gatherings to feed my shallow drama addiction (not that anything is worthy), that and my folk s wide-eyed fascination of the fugly political circus going on live on TV nightly…I need a dire break.

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Sweet Tidings from the Bu Bu Gang


We will be happy together, thank you!



IS this the first official outing of the LongShi RL couple?!  That can only be a smile from a girl so so sooo in love.  <3333333333333

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On the Set of Chang Ge Xing (Again)

Yes, I might as well relocate to Elephant Mountain.  Don’t worry if you are getting sick of my Chang!Ge!Xing-ing!,  primary filming is rounding up this week or so.  Try as I might, I just have to picspam.  This has surpassed my expectation every step of the way from what has been leaking out and this is now my most anticipated 2014 drama (not just Cdrama).

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This is my expression and it will be what my face is contorted to throughout the night, if I did not wake myself up from grinning too sore.

I was going to lurk for a clip of Elle because trusty Loverboy is never boring and when he’s so surrounded by the pretty ladies, he can only be chirpier.  And so, he yelps on touching on the subject of girlfriends and exes and be the tease to not let anything more out.  Reporter then approaches YM for more but YM is crowned the ‘best bestie in China’ from how she stood by TangYan and handled it so wisely and considerately through TY devastating breakup with the douche that is RoyQiu.   This looks juicy and funny and not something I will spare a second clicking but I have not.  BECAUSE:

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Last day of September, so long summer!  This post will be a monsoon of pretty men (ie not just Loverboy) and ladies in period costumes, a lot of Loverboy kissing (a girl, not the pretty men), HuGe (and their lovechild jkjk) and a fanboy’s sweet fanletter to MaestroMiyazaki.

Lets start with what YH wrote to Miyazaki in the New Weekly feature (a CN Atlantic-esque current affairs magazine):

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The Yuan Hong Weekly 9/11/2013

Guys, I know some of you are rightfully concerned about my sanity and how deep the deep end I can go.  Let me tell you, I can always go deeper. MUAHAHAHA!    This is going to be a very silly de-stressing routine here on.  I am still giggling like a lunatic.  Nonstop.  It is 9/11, It has been 12 years.  We can all use a good dose of laughter as life goes on.

Newsbite: Yuan Hong just got cuter.  I’ve now learned the hard way to never click on weibo when I have to be decent, lest I fall off a chair lmao, literally.

[credit on pics; thanks to the dearest OP!]

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