Zhen Huan Zhuan

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76 episodes, without any fastforwarding, if this is not love per my habits, I do not know what is.

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后宫甄嬛传, the third and last (I hope) of Qing Time Traveler’s Tales

I’m still ragey I may never get to see this IF that stupid ban of time traveling drama is put to effect because of Goong. The more reason I can hate Goong irrationally now, as if I didn’t hate it with my every thinking braincells.
This is the Qing Time Traveler’s Tale I’m MOST looking forward to, way more than BBJX and that’s hard to beat with my out of control Loverboy love and =the last lovey dovey soiree of YH+LSS on set and off (I’m sure a lot of their coworkers have to rinse their mouth fr puking out of the saccharine PDA)

Why am I soooo interested in this?  One thing obvious: MY Chen JianBin as Emperor.   Truth is, this is a whole cast of truly solid awards winning thespians. This is going to air on CCTV8 IFFFF it gets an airdate, ie this is BBC equivalent of Good.  You can easily tell fr the trailer even without understanding a word. But my main squeeeing is fr PD 郑晓龙 Zheng Xiaolong, he’s the godfather of modern Cdramas.  One of his seminal works is A Native Of Beijing In New York.  It’s one of my earliest modern Cdrama, I can’t say I loved it, but it’s groundbreaking.  I loved his 贫嘴张大民的幸福生活very slice of modern Chinese life.  I was glued to the TV.  His latest bona fide hit is the 2007 金婚/Golden Marriage, chronicling 50 years of ebb and flow in married life under all the political currents.  It’s not my thing, but my older Gens loved it and had been on the dining table discussions for many months when it aired. PD Zheng is very precise with his human dramas, little storms that’s stirred up in the teacup.  I can’t wait when he moves his drama to the stage of the Qing Imperial Court.

And here I’m, with mixed feelings towards the trailer.  The acting is amazing! But this is WAY too long, what’s with Cdramas and their fascination of voracious over-indulging trailers?!  Less is more, my comrades.  I  haven’t read the novel this is based on, and I’m shocked of the spoilers overload.  It’s turning me off, actually, knowing what’s going to happen before getting invested in these characters.  

But all in all, this is nth disastrous and I’m surely praying and burning incense to dramagods please let this air.  It’s Chen! Jian! Bin!!!!

ETA: I’m updated by dearies this has nth to do with time traveling *phew*, mianneh, my bad!  *blush* I guess the time traveler will be MOI!  ^^