Love & Life & Lie

Fluff is my vice.  I only have two criteria, be pretty and harmless enough and I can watch things written by mental morons, like Perfect Couple.  Kissed quite a number of dramatoads but none of them turned remotely bearable.  C modern idol fluffs made the most bizarrely crappy fugly dramas I have ever been nosy enough to poke my eyes out on since they try HYDing a Meteor something and not even slightly improving…till now.

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In the Candy Store I Dive

These are promising upcoming movies I have to still my heart, NOT!
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Friday Pretty Post

Remember the Young and Dangerous franchise?! I’m not talking about…

…’18 year olds’ zipping across ends of greater LA in a red M not getting a ticket, nor staying the night at the hugeass house 5 minutes from Highway 1 by sportscar, an hour by foot or 10 seconds jumping off the stairs, the glass, rolling into the Pacific (escape plans, we need some) of a single rich boy you think is a Mr White who is into STARING and permanent fuchsia lipstains  (or is color tattoo’d on?!?!?   is he the MalibuKenHeisenberg of fuchsia meth? ) whom you’ve met for 5 minutes in total over several fateful bumping and have an itch to peek his morning shower hair makeup routine to get to know his deep thoughts…

…but the HK 90s franchise that made stars out of the collective bunch of now 40+ uncles:

I am not a fan of any one of them, but collectively?!  Damn was it a nostalgic fun ride.

And yes, I have a few words on a certain K drama.

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Upcoming C periods 2013/14

I hope these scripts are decent, because there is no way I can peel my eyes off.   I’m not greedy, nor being impossible.   I am not asking for the writing to be superb, because as the Cdrama productions have been hammering in the point,  they won’t bother when they have these peeps (some uber A-listers) sashaying and would be making $$$$$$$ out of it anyway.  Making a lot of business sense, they are. :/   These are what I call some truly gorgeous actors with serviceable to OOHLALA talent gracing my screen.  Interest is very piqued.  Very.

[credit on pics and gifs, thanks to OP at weibo]

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Here yuma, I come in peace and I have a most sincere offer on the table:

I’m happy to resort to me swapping my slightly over 100 pounds, almost identical ht with your embodiment of female ideal of late body with yours,  as the only reason I can think of you fking everything and everyone is in fact… bless your heart, you are suffering from your grueling weight loss and you are deprived of food items and you envy puffy cheeks and chubby stature, and you are craving a XiaoLongBao, constantly, 24/7.   I would be happy to make your life easier so everyone attached to your Return of Condor Heroes and Foxy demoness and a XiaoLongBao could make an easier living and we as bystanders who can’t help but watch the ultimate doomed marriage of any combination (I do not want to spoil and ruin anything of your most ‘colorful’ imagination) between a hero, a condor, a fox and a yummy dimsum (tiny piece of heart).  I didn’t say it out loud it’s doomed because you are attached but we know our Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio a romance crossing taboo barriers of lifeforms of humans and demons and on top of that with a little lump of juicy meat-filled doughy goodness would never end well *very straight face of mine.*  The public needs to resume a life without all the unnecessary emotions and inexplicable swearing and smashing of things.  I have no idea where it stems from, do you?!  But all I can sense is you are not happy and your unhappy wrath on the world is not making me happy for one.  All I’m asking is on one condition, as long as I can control that mind or whatever u have inside your head.  I will make do with your body and your face.   I Swear.  Ain’t I a sunshine.

With due respect, and whatever I can do, here, have my arm, mookie.

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Return of Condor Heroes: The Blight of yuma

Just when WSJ coined a new term ‘dama’ in our OED lexicon for the formidable

“bargain-hunting middle-aged Chinese aunties” who “keep a tight grip on the family purse and an eagle eye on gold prices.”  “financially illiterates” whose “pluck and knack for scooping up gold is not out of strategic calculation and risk assessment, but a matter of following the herd, whose uncouth and uncivilized behavior irks”

…the first thing that comes to my mind is a billion of damas will be easily KO’d by one peculiar irking beast:

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合吾! on Longmen Express

[all pictures and gifs from baidu longmen express bar]

Have an MV:  Longmen Express – O Death or a trailer in Japanese

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