A Chinese Fairy Tale word diarrhea

IF you’ve never seen or heard of the 1987 Chinese Ghost Story, this revamp is a solid 7/10 C movie offering if supernatural period CGI epic is your thing.  Out of kindness, I’m not posting my real rating.  I’m a fangirl of the 87 retelling of ‘Nie Xiao Qian’ fr the famous collection of supernatural folklore Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio by Qing writer Pu SongLing. I’m allergic to CGI, more so when it takes away precious screen time/budget of storytelling ie the case in point here.

When I was watching it in the theatre, its 1987 original release, the experience was not unlike my first visit to MoMA…or Granny Liu’s first tour of the Red Mansion in Dream of Red Chamber,  or LYF’s XiaoQian (who is in all honesty a fox who can transform into a girl manga style and her Achilles’ heels is she has a sweet tooth) in a candy store *snerk*.  The 1987 original, every frame, around every corner, it’s sth brand new to my tawdry eyes. The costumes are Issey Miyake inspired and nth of the gilded classical fussy embroideries.  The love story is romanticized in the 80s tone of grandiose: direct, bold, simple and intense, OTT passionate.  Off tangent a bit, one of the most memorable exhibit I’ve been to, it’s Picasso curated right next to another piece of painting it had inspired.  I’m unversed in abstract modern art, am solely a superficial admirer, yet 100% of the time, I can spot the Picasso next to its likeness. Art, speaks to us intrinsically like that.  This 2011, is a not worthy fake.

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