The best (and worst for my sanity) time warping wuxia memes MV EVER!


If you are a fiend of TVB wuxia of the 80s, I dare you to not squeeeeeeeeee and be frozen with your 'mind is BLOWN!' face after seeing any of this (if you haven't, ie me) for the next wk or foreseeable future.

Even if you don't, the time warping awesome memes r  to die for!!!

1)  We have the handsomest prettiest man ever in Cdramaland Leslie, ohhhh soo young and the young Joey Wang fresh off their explosive CPdom of Chinese Ghost Story. *sooo young and too much gorgeousness around and gosh my heart is bleeding TT___TT*  To witness Leslie at his most dazzling: himself in modern clothes, crooning and SMILING, and Joey also in her most out of this world gorgeous: as XiaoSin and STILL rocking the chemistry fake-playing guzheng?  I am lost for words.

2)  A young, boyishly dashing Andy Lau will forever be my perfect Yang Guo, he's also my vote of doing a best acting job amongst the trifecta of best known YG (Louis Koo, Huang XiaoMing and Andy).  My forever favorite Leslie played YG in an 80s B movie, but he's too flawlessly femininely pretty for the role.    I don't care too much about XLN, and imo Carmen Lee is a very limited actress but she encapsulated XLN's aura the best. *I find Idy a bit too melodramatic like a Lin DaiYu in looks when a XLN should be too removed fr world and out of touch of being a human being to feel or care or angst.  Same token, LYF is too cute and warm like a babydoll.*  To my surprise Andy and Carmen looked so matching together and channeling their YG and XLN singing a duet.  Now i wished they did that 90s RoCH with Andy+Carmen instead.  *I've just never felt any connection with Louis K on screen at all*

3. Barbara Yung and Felix Wong.  Singing the most perfect drama title song EVER, there will never be a poet turn lyricist as talented as Jim Wong in Cdramaland (RIP *sob*) and there won't be a better song+lyric team than Jim and Joseph Koo.  The counterpoint duet consisted of two perfectly constructed succinct poems to two harmonizing separate melodies merging in unison at the chorus like the hero and heroine in the epic, the flawlessly contructed song brought home a lot of the breathtaking visuals and emotions described in the masterpiece throughout its verse, the chorus…even the coda.  I was awed as a kid and more so now the fact memorable thematically matching theme song for a wuxia is an extinction. And! Felix! Bow! Dancing!  'Nough said.  *sobbbbbbb and cryyyyyyyy some more*

Because there's not enough of Leslie+Joey goodness,
Leslie and Joey doing the talk show promo in TW:

Gaaaaahhhh now I desperately need to rewatch LoCH83 and RoCH85 (I like this drama adapt more than the novel proper, unheard of, and of course major Blasphemy! for any JinYung) and Chinese Ghost Story. and then MUST rewatch Leslie classics.  Can't do unless there's a rabbit hole with 48-hrs day in it.

A Chinese Fairy Tale word diarrhea

IF you’ve never seen or heard of the 1987 Chinese Ghost Story, this revamp is a solid 7/10 C movie offering if supernatural period CGI epic is your thing.  Out of kindness, I’m not posting my real rating.  I’m a fangirl of the 87 retelling of ‘Nie Xiao Qian’ fr the famous collection of supernatural folklore Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio by Qing writer Pu SongLing. I’m allergic to CGI, more so when it takes away precious screen time/budget of storytelling ie the case in point here.

When I was watching it in the theatre, its 1987 original release, the experience was not unlike my first visit to MoMA…or Granny Liu’s first tour of the Red Mansion in Dream of Red Chamber,  or LYF’s XiaoQian (who is in all honesty a fox who can transform into a girl manga style and her Achilles’ heels is she has a sweet tooth) in a candy store *snerk*.  The 1987 original, every frame, around every corner, it’s sth brand new to my tawdry eyes. The costumes are Issey Miyake inspired and nth of the gilded classical fussy embroideries.  The love story is romanticized in the 80s tone of grandiose: direct, bold, simple and intense, OTT passionate.  Off tangent a bit, one of the most memorable exhibit I’ve been to, it’s Picasso curated right next to another piece of painting it had inspired.  I’m unversed in abstract modern art, am solely a superficial admirer, yet 100% of the time, I can spot the Picasso next to its likeness. Art, speaks to us intrinsically like that.  This 2011, is a not worthy fake.

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ahhhh, so THAT’s why we have an overload of Gumiwo-esque foxy ladies in Cdrama/movies!!!!

I should be sleeping but the nerd in me is sooo jumping in joy with one BIG Cdrama mystery that’s peeving me lately solved.

I’ve got my hands on the 2010 Chinese Ghost Story, will watch, 100% I wont like it and just hoping it’s sooo bad it’s good for snark.  (VERY confident in the sooo bad it’s good part, my gfs r unanimously saying it’s a comedy, but I lalalalala myself blocking any meaty spoilers)

A pic speaks a 100000000 words.  chemistry, face, acting…

One BIG thing with it, v mildly spoilerish, Our main ‘girl’ Siu-sin, ie the Ghost in the title, or what the entire movie is about….is now a Wu Lei Jing /Foxy Demon.  I knew it for a while but can not compute WHY it’s necessary at all.

AHHHH it’s the always amusing prc censors at work!!   And I bumped into it fr a tweet @ weibo (I’m its slave) Ghost = spreading superstitious believes that can’t be substantiated by ‘matter’ (spirits have no mass…etc) whereas demons r  some sort of twisted ‘natural selection’, they turn into demons fr their own effort and tenacity…working at it for thousands of years!

So that’s why Siu-sin is now a foxy, the same with ZhouXun in Painted Skin  (her character should be …yes a ghost) and lolz the poster snapped if Hamlet is shown in C theaters, the Ghost will be….another foxy?!?!   XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Mystery solved, feel accomplished! roflmfao!!!

‘Lets Meet Here’: Asian Film Awards

Not a big awards follower, esp on the usu laughable Asian awards show.  I haven’t even heard of the Asian Film Awards, but it’s always nice to see Tony and Carina.  This year’s slogan is ‘Lets Meet Here’ and Wowsa is it showing decades of cinematic gems fr all over the world.

Then when I look more into the webby of the 35th HKIFF/5th AsianFilmsAwards.  GRABBY HANDS!!

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