Yuan Hong + SiWon

Remember Little Twin Stars?

These have nth to do with YH+SW, or do they?

They r the facetwins (of coz I will always take the stance my Loverboy has handsomer features esp when they r in matching pink and babyblue shirts all buttoned up, but if it’s all off, hands down SiWon, you will forever win)

And they don’t look as happy when Wang LuoDan/our heroine is btn them:

And leave it to Loverboy with his fav thing, slash!    He has his hand on SiWon and MUST trolololtralalaing in front of the reporters after catching himself doing it, ‘I don’t know what kind of love triangle we three have.’ <_<  But why do I love you more? And I honestly do.

My pretty, are you allowed to be cuter than the Girl1?!?!?  Ohwells, she doesnt look like she minds.

So yes, finally! Turning Around and Say I Love You (sorry I have no idea whatitsname)  has the reporters on set when both the ‘Guy1’s are present.  They have such an insane schedule in ShenZhen where the whole crew was literally napping on set by the street, and filming will go on for 20+ hours.  It is of course snapped and tweeted by Loverboy, chirping they may be the modern day Beggar Sect.  Now they are off on location at KenTing, Southern tip of TW and that can only promise us a lot of surfing, swimming and naked YH+SW a la Beach Boys.  Don’t disappoint me, Drama! *haha although I know YH will, with his bode of skin and bones and a big bobble head as cherry on top, but SIWON~!! Show us what you’re worth!*

More pics here and here  I know the do on WLD is so trendy right now, it’s exactly the hair Lee MinJung is spotting but it’s FUGGGGG to this ahjumma!  and yeah it makes her look like the fuglier unicorn of lil’ TwinStars without the technicolor highlights.  Boo.  But seriously, I’m not a proper fan of WLD but she’s not bugging me, and she looks better in everything else but here.  Lets be honest, she’s not the fairest of them all, and she needs to keep every bit of her pretty.

I can’t wait for the vid!!!  Gimme!!!

More bts fr his friends and fans:
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fangirl 6th sense: announcing the new BL CP WonHong

I mean for all SiWon fangirls out there, you need to learn every mando slang pronto now that Yuan Hong is in the mix.  I foresee their tweets will be so hilariously slashy we will be mostly roflmaobbq.  Cute thing is their CP name WonHong in chinese is actually Yuan-Hong. Ha!  And, their abandoned other halves are: HG and HG.

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Stills fr upcoming dramas I can’t look away

Honestly it feels like the SJ SiWon and Loverboy switched wardrobe
(haha it's so cute Cnetizen nicked him $10 because it sounds like SiWon in mando)

I can't explain why I have good vibes with this fluffy thing YH and SiWon r in.  Maybe it's coz I REALLY liked the original name 少女欧巴桑 (shoujo obasan) the drama script is still titled.  My gfs have been calling me more derogative variations of such.   I'm sure this has no heavylifting in it, as long as it's not too ambitious and the script is not entirely moronic, I'm easy to please knowing what I'm in for.

He's also shooting a webmovie for Porsche and Budw. and with the only ethnically Chinese F1 driver atm Tung HoPin (and WHAT A HOTTIE! born and raised in Velp, Netherlands) the real F1 driver is going to be YH's bodydouble?!?!!  haha what a waste!

ok enough dissing of ma b

My fangirl world is becoming one gooey sweet mess

O! M! O!

So 2 nights ago (and a few more actually) the YH fangirls Redbeanies have been pestering Allen and Emma (boss and manager) of YH's new management itching to know what's up with his work agenda other than being pretty showing up at cosmetics counters sooo not helping his acting career and lazing around last month+.

The jabbing was very fiery, and I do think the beanies crossed the line a bit when Allen was kindly discussing the need to mold him into a more 'commercial commodity', more noise and opportunities knocking.  Imo, I do think he has a point, yes, getting some awards for being stylish or the mascot for SK2/Laneige is not 'respectable' acting gigs, BUT the Cmovieland is so cutthroat now and we're talking billions of RMB involved easily in anything, leading roles won't be given to anyone NOT a household name, who can bring in miliions of fans and billions of revenue just by sticking the characters of their names on the billing alone (eg JayChou, HanKeng, SiWon, those CN AmericanIdols equivalent or even a FSF, YangMi…) Obviously there will be hordes of better actors out there, but if there's no face recognition and a massive fanbase, that's beside the point.  And tbh, I havent seen much inspired casting in Cmovieland for a while. 

So when Allen, after a lot of shoving and pushing and frankly verbal abuse by the Redbeanies, uttered Loverboy is going to be in TWO modern roles, a webmovie for Porsche , Budweiser… I thought he was flipping pissed off, snerking the crazy fangirls.  We're talking about myYuanHong, my Loverboy, who's been wasted most of last 10 years in bit roles, or lead in little known serious CCTV dramas, or worse yet mopey male-vases in embarrassing TR PoS.


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