Clothing, the World (still)

I sat down, made some caps and gave drama a more dignified watch.   Maybe w/ the initial disappointment sinking in, I’m able to be more rational.  To be fair this is not R#1, TnK lvl of crap solely because the acting is all around fine (unbiased, really).

Total PoC usu falters in many dept imaginable (or unimaginable),  CtW is a slower, sadder burn.  Arcs plodded on smoothly at first and I was cautiously hopeful, not even harping on the cliches and the tired progression in my head, yet EVERY single time my tiny bubble will burst w/ shxt hits fan lines and exactly repeated scenes written by the dullest of writers, failing miserably in execution…esp headdesking:  when on paper, it’s decent a scene progression.  (I see ladyboss K’s stamp on script, so her style, in her tweets she’s capable of thoughtful musings…but always interspersed with ridiculously retarded word diarrhea, eg she recently dissed Eddie Peng’s command of written Chinese saying he’s always weirdly off (she can hold that opinion),  but nth can to done since he’s ABC. (WTF!? <_< ).

QiaoEr is lame and we are never given any proof of anything extraordinary about her, except being told she’s the best of her bunch (not saying much…) There’s no deeper passion in everything she does.  I dont see her drive in her craft artistically, she falls for Gen Lin just because he reminds her of her dad (because of his BEARD!!!) who passed on when she’s 3!!!   I can get the shallow lust after the skinship, the shaving scene and his repeated knight in shining armor rescues, but I cant disregard this was designed to be THE ONE TRUE first love haunting her life.   QiaoEr +Gen Lin falls so short in epicness,  I see it as the same as me fangirling loverboy, cute and exciting pasttime, but nth life-altering inspirational.

So we left off with Princess in the City!  I didnt even expect anything cute.  10 mins into ep 10, we have a ‘silver fox/ husky’ chase, ALL the damsels have fallen and hurt themselves to the point of can’t walk LOLZ.
And busy Gen. Lin has to rescue this damsel…. *very cute and OTPOTPIduncareOTP*

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Clothing the World ep9 *swoon*

United we fangirl! *Don’t get me wrong, this PoS is not going anywhere rosy smelling*

Lets put it down in black and white this is the exact point in time all the female crew are swooning over YH.  I recall fr all the tweeting, bulk of directing is done by a lady PD May,  I suspect she’s responsible for all the non-action directing and  PD Lee worked on all the fights…..that explains a LOT.

I figure if I had a few drinks in me, this will go down easy.   Gen Lin agrees

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Clothing, the World Screencaps part 2

Eps 7, 8 put it in stone this is not going anywhere I like… T_T  These are Gen Lin heavy eps….and so WTF silly.

We started cute:
Gen Lin and Princess bump into each other again, round 2 of beard bickering. I ADORE Belligerent sexual tension.

Princess orders Gen Lin to get lost, but he has an urgent matter to report to the Emperor.  The baddie officials in court have been keeping the dire truth of the losing war fr HRH and the army desperately needs reinforcements.  But Emperor is a walking duck, not only is he not giving patriotic hero Lin any chance to talk, he’s pissed off by the waste of seconds of his Concubine cuddling time and lashes it out by leaving to his favorite Concubine’s quarters.  Lady (maternal Aunt of Princess) is MAD at Gen. Lin.
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Clothing, The World (shamelessly milking every Yuan Hong screencap)

Do we need a backstory?!  NOPE, the trailer was THE whole story told in much more fluent, fluid narration.   In the drama, the characters (esp YH’s Gen. Lin) are like pull string dolls, uttering the SAME lines over and over, scene to scene and me going WTFWTFWTFNOOOOOO!!!

So pretty screencaps will start at ep5 and only include loverboy mostly.   I cant believe after I’ve finished I would be saying the first 5, 6 eps were its best.  It was basically kid heroine suffering one obstacle over another blablabla The weaver’s workshop has an evil rivalry, they fought for a place as the newly set up Grand Textile Court in the Palace… the evil bitches won but the righteous heroine side got an honorary mention to also pack their bags and off to palace they go. (so…that ep of silly contesting serves NO pt whatsoever!)
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Clothing, The World (major RANT)

CtW is not watchable… T_T   Love or Bread lvl of unwatchable.

My vitriol over ladyboss K @ TangRen is at a new high.   This script can not be the work of 3 years, nor 3 wks….even for a kindergartener of v basic command of tiniest bits of C poetry or the period drama lingo.  I refuse to believe this is the work of PD Lee (Legend of Condor Heroes 08, Chinese Paladin(s), Young Yang Clan….) because even though some of his past works r duds in writing,  his crisp, seasoned mastery still shines thro.  This drama has no heart, it’s like they throw together 36 hours of crap on film and sell it to make a bit of dough and call it a day.  Seriously there are scenes that should be extremely heart-tugging, eg when our leads are doing their first tete-a-tete, our hero Gen. Lin breaks out in a case of waxing poetic…and he uses a poetry that I can recite in my kindergarten days as a nursery rhyme, a twinkling, twinkling lil’ star equivalent…and heroine and us all are supposed to be swooned by his brains on top of his looks.  It’s painful to watch.  This is no joke the hardest acting job loverboy has to do.  There are extensive, very jarring cuts.  Scenes are not cohesive, dialogues are horrible and repetitively boring and sucky.  Characters will do a 180 just to fill time and as if they have lobotomies.  The direction is highsch production amateurish.  It reminds me of the scripting and directing in Young Yang Clan (I’m not too fond of….) but w/ those writers and PDs unconscious and on LSD

The only good (but heartbreaking) thing about it is the casting, everybody is doing a good job w/ this crap, I’m amazed,  impressed and bleeding inside for them.  Hence my vitriol: why bother making this piece of stinky cheese when u have gathered this talented bunch of pretties?!?!?!  These are household names of veterans, the only lesser known ones are YH and LSS…yet they are TangRen’s own babies…for a production company sticking their children, their up and coming artists in crap of THEIR own……do not compute.  More headdeskingly they are supposedly ‘leads’,  I flipped thro a good solid ~8 eps over lunch…NOT a scene of General Lin NOR princess.  It’s a tedious 8-10 eps shitload of nonsensical Domestic violence shenanigans serving NO POINT.  I feel bad for Janine.  She doesn’t deserve this shit.   She’s doing a very earnest and respectable job here in her first foray in C period drama.  Oh, and YH+LSS scenes are still OTP gold.

YH tweeted during the filming his Gen Lin is in the drama to ‘move soysauce’… a slang of being wallflower/scenery.  I thought he’s being his usual smartypants, but NOPE.  He’s reduced to minimal lines, basically just strutting and posing and selling pretty droolzable caps.   His fight scenes are the only scenes that I can see ‘effort’ put in, in the design and some vague clues this is a director Lee’s drama.



This is a fan-leaked video of the presscon.  All I can make out of it is they are playing a money counting game w/ distractions as in a Q&A.

MC: Who’s your fav actor?
LSS: *countcountcount*
Janine: lolz *yo, hold it in will ya?!*
MC:  Really?
LSS: *countcountcount*
YH: *boastfully* Lets hear it fr her own mouth.
LSS: (finally gets it) I like them all
YH: *bummed*

And LSS got the exact amt correct!
YH has to nudge in:  She’s good wifey material


more pics….

Clothing, The World (very brief glimpses)

‘Why do you keep calling me an Ajusshi?’ Our General is reverse Oppa-Pout-Winking heroine.

The drama is not officially out, but eps r already pirated online, Mainland web pirates FTW.  I can’t pay full attention ep1, 2.  It’s pretty but nth is pleasantly surprising me with what I’ve seen.  I’m ffing mad, it’s more me, not the drama since I have no patience for the inevitable predictable poor!kids eps.  But there’s hope, it’s moving along at light speed.  By beginning of ep3, they are all grown!!
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They are at it AGAIN!

As a rule, I do not ship drama couples in RL. But YH+ LSS has a RL fandom that keeps track of their couple’s outfit and frankly I’ve lost count.   This is their new white tee+black graphic number.  NOT subtle AT all… esp when YH tweeted they ‘The Three White’  are backstage waiting for the presscon to begin.  He’s even blatantly drawing our attention to their white tees.

Ahhhh, it’s therapeutically fun being a YH fangirl.  :))))))))