HongShi Watch

Hey fellow HongShi babes, wanna bet on when we can pop some champagne and cheer on our darlings?

It all started with the sweet and so pretty Janine visiting Loverboy at his HXY set at WengDian (she is filming her GuLong drama Big Four).  YH, losing his marbles when any pretty girl showers him attention, forgot to snap a pic with her and is pouting and whining on weibo, to which the dreamy sweetheart Janine PS him one with her looking up fondly at the sillyboy.  I ❤ her.

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Updates on Yuan Hong


Yes, I can feel all the side glances 9/10 of you are throwing at me.  ‘AGAIN?!  Is that absolutely necessary?!!?!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ <_<  >_>  <_<  >_>

Yup. Yes, it is.  ‘The world is a better place if I do this post’, the voice in my craycrayhead said.

One of his brilliant fangirls did the manip, but he’s the one posting the original pic of himself oh so proud of his gorgeous preening carrying a mickeymouse life-safer:

袁弘: 大海航行靠剁手。#有一种美赢在气质#


A bloom, falling off the branch, its vibrancy will fade, but it is not an object void of attachments.  It will transform into fertile soil of spring, nourishing, nurturing new growths.

Our little Red Flower doesn’t fall far from his Tree.  This is a quote of a well-known poem YH’s Mom used as her description at weibo.  Circle of life, of a bloom separated, nourishing the mother tree, and all tying to Loverboy’s nick: little red flower, and all the waxing poetic on soil and growth and bloom rounded up nicely in a tweet Loverboy did yesterday (later on that).  It is brilliant and adorable and moving me to tears.  I’m pulling a very serious big sis face: all you single ladies out there, work on it, grab this dude, not just he’s perfection himself,  a bit more security on a smoother MiL conundrum is always nice.

This is just another regular day where the sun rises and our little red flower blooms.

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Three’s A Company

This is a Hua Xu Yin bts/presscon PICSPAM.  You know the drill, not responsible for breaking anything coz I have not come across one single pic I don’t squeeeeeeeee out a lung and rt click save and MUST POST!!!

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Muakkkkkk 么么哒

I had to baidu AND douban what 么么哒 (mo mo da)  truly means, it seems like it is a CN equivalent to muakkkkkk~?! if we r being PG.  Thanks to my impish Loverboy who feigns innocently curious asking the weibosphere if expression 么么打 means kiss, kiss then spank.  He already has a couple prankish spins on the slang (erm 摸摸大/mo mo dai ‘touchtouchbig’, 么么啪啪啪 ‘muakmuakunfunfunf’ are not PG13) .  And WHO can’t tell he’s just asking for virtual smooches and slaps and being devilishly flirty with his fangirls?  Of course that tweet makes it to a top tweet of the day, easy.

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2013 Loverboy Style

I’ve been a cyberstalking fangirl of Loverboy long enough to know he will definitely be causing guffawing cheers at weibo comes any big day.  2013.1.1 is not gonna sneak by without him ringing in the new year with the top tweets of the day there.

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The Butt of Jokes

Seriously I wasn’t going to make this a 24/7 Yuan Hong blog, but he is just sooooo distractingly entertaining to fangirl.  Every other day on weibo there’s a YH spaazzzing party going on ruining my life…It’s cutting into my drama time I swear and I’m sadly not having much at all (made 2 bday cakes last few days, one for my DH no less).   OT:  I haven’t watched NG17, 18 and have been hiding in a semi-hole to not get spoiled, nor have ANY ideas of how @#$^&^$#awesome they were other than myTlist complaining MaRu has no socks/hates socks A LOT.  I have no problem with that, coz unlike them, I have seen a min of Full House.  My theory in the odd sanssocks, considering every frame looks frigid and deliciously devoid of any human warmth fig. + lit. in NG, is the shoe sponsors r crankypantsbitches, they won’t allow any piece of product placement within 3 inches of those precious leather objects of theirs.  Anyhow I LOVE NG, LOVELOVELOVE, but I know I’ll be so imbued and impossible to function wanting 19, 20 asap I’d rather exhaust my willpower and watch it in one go.

But yeah, back to Loverboy, who again made himself the subject of a few news article just on his weiboing alone.  And even if you did not look down at my screencap below *what are you?!* and can’t read a word of Chinese, it’s really not hard to guess the gist of what’s going on:

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A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

For the nth time, TR’s LB, just be down on knees, beg and say the word ‘PLEASE!’ for N times, kiss his feet and bring chests of cash till YH forgives ur silly bitchy ways and I bet YH will happily spin up a script for BBJX2 better than TongHua, just saying, but I’m so not kidding……

Loverboy has finished his months-long exile in the wildwild desert West DunHuang and is heading back to civilization/Beijing.  BJ is hit by a serious case of smog and flights to and from the capital have been nightmares.  Thanks to the delays and nth better to do but chowing cup noodles and wine and fruit cups, YH decided to make his anticipated entry to the annual Weibo short story contest, rem he gave a BRILLIANT entry with just FOUR characters , I was spazzing like my usual loonie self this time last yr (http://mookiehyun.livejournal.com/11486.html).  He got a showing in one of the highest RT and trending tt last year, and he’s doing it again today, this is RT’d 10000+ times and counting.

袁弘新浪個人認證#微小说#绿芜,若曦都走了很久了,四哥皇位日益坐稳,承欢也已长大,这世界于我已无牵挂,于是我决定穿越去未来玩玩。未来果然有趣,有电脑有汽车有手机,我爱上微博爱看NBA爱吃扶桑料理,还有自由的爱情。我甚至鬼使神差做了个演员。当然一切也不是那么尽善尽美有些事也挺扯,例如,他们让我演十三。  轉發(10758)| 評論(6817)

YH: #weibo novella# It’s been a long time since LuWu and RuoXi’s passing, Brother4’s rule is stronger than ever, Chenghuan is growing up beautifully, I have no baggage in this world, thus I’ve made the decision to time-travel for fun.  The future is really amusing, there are computers, cars and cell phones, I’ve fallen in love with Weibo, I love to watch NBA games and I love Japanese cuisine….and also the freedom of falling in love. I even haphazardly picked up acting as a profession.  Of course, not everything is puppies, rainbows and unicorns perfect, there are things quite exacerbating: They have let me play the role of 13.

*This precious thing is also gushing many times @ weibo how much he loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy CN version.   I vaguely rem there’s a pirated CN Big Bang Theory, they r missing a megahit not begging Loverboy to be Sheldon*

^His tweet is promptly RT’d by the official Weibo Novella miniblog…and cutely tagged one of my fav HongShi pic. ^^

As expected the BuBu gang joins every party 13 is hosting:

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Absence makes the HongShi

Just as I'm taking a break from work stuff, I lurked at beloved weibo, and *sigghhhhh* HongShi, why so cute?!?!

So it's Nicky's birthday!  Happy Birthday our Prince4!  Either it's a sheer coincidence or they've coordinated wavelength on top of their coord. outfits and handwarmers and eyewear…etcetcetc, they posted their weibo greetings AT THE EXACT SECOND!! (and I'm just 10 sec short to be present under the exact same moon to swoooooonnnnn)

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Yet another HongShi post

I'm still soo affected by BBJX20, not even another ep of Ghetto Justice lulz is helping. Anybody have suggestions for the fluffiest crazy fluff old or new,  I'll try ANYTHING.

I'm to a point I can't keep up my daily habit of cyberstalking Loverboy @ weibo for fear I'll be reminded of 20 and I'm back to leaky faucet self.  I can only go as far as stalking the red beans, his hardcore fans for some funnies.

And we can always ALWAYS trust our HongShi to the rescue!  Frankly I can't keep up with their cybercaressing anymore, they are doing it daily now, every other tweet that they CAN spin it into a HongShi lovefest, they won't blink an eyelash and will go all out.

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