Da Mo Yao, banned

Hopefully for good and it is not some under the belt publicity stunt (I will never underestimate how low TR nowadays will bend to save some ad pennies).  And I’ve no urge to read any more TongHua, maybe ever.

I saw a distasteful shoddy production when filming, with halfassed production value so glaring for all to see.  It is impossible to be decent.  Flat no chance AT ALL.  If I were the darlings attached, esp the ever improving Eddie, I would sigh a HUGE sigh of relief right now narrowly escaping the public witnessing the blemish on career.  Imo ShiShi is such a miscast for JinYu.  She has nothing of the loud presence on screen to be instantaneously fetching and alluring and attention grabbing and intriguing as what JinYu is claimed to be in the novel.  Lets not take into consideration how I’m rubbed the wrong way with the book.  There is a reason why I would never risk my poking own eyes and spitting brains out watching a YuZit’s poop fearing the stench will forever haunt me.  Like Goong did.   I did not finish DMY, I will never.  I can’t bear to hate TH more.  All my thoughts explained better in an eloquent open letter written by a poster who claimed to be a highschool teacher.

I won’t tell the world I’ve tried reading DMY twice and failed, by dropping it in shock, could not enjoy the book, I should say disgusted because I am turned off by ‘the love is all there is to life, the only meaning of existing at all’ preaching, as this teacher is.  We all know it is not, not even in the lalaland of romance novels.  Western Han dynasty’s accomplishment is crucial in establishing MY ethnicity, and without which…me and my kinsmen would cease to exist, for real.  General Huo was not a saint, ShiMa Qian made a few colorful mentions of him in Shiji that shed him shades of grey, a military genius, a leader, not particularly compassionate, nor sensitive.  He cared little of his troops fighting for him, would not share food with his starving soldiers, to name one.  His mind was firing all gears, all the time for war and strategies and winning.  It was the young years of Western Han, we now know it’s one of the most significant dynasty shaping the course of history in China, but living it, as the young general did, in 100sth BC, was really not for the faint of heart, nor fantasy shoujo land.  To think this young Han military hero, who died at 24 of plague, from biological warfare, led his army to 4 marvelous hard fought wins against the strong XiongNu in the few years he’s The General, ie he’s at the very front line of battlefield most of his adult life since 17, and you are telling me he could spare a thought to heck it all for LURVE.  Not buying a lick of it, sorry no woman would ever worth half of it particularly in this kind of man.

‘匈奴不滅,無以家為也’ ——西漢名將霍去病 from both Shiji and Book of Han ‘XiongNu is not demolished, no home can be made’  This was a quote from General Huo most of us know by heart if schooled in any part of China or Chinese speaking lands.  Well known poems were written about his life through the ages, a favorite Han Chinese patriotic muse.  As the teacher above bombarded, the novel trivialized patriotism, magnified egomania, romanticized love to an indecent degree and glorified elopement and escapism from honor and duty to the abhoring level of it is the most reasonable, noble thing to do, to abandon your duty, your country, in the name of LURVE, pushing it to sanctimony, when we are currently at a dire time and age in mainland society where morals are thrown out of the window to make a quick buck, which is essentially what these ‘writers’ and producers are doing.  By twisting a historical figure’s character till it no longer bears any logic in lieu of romance, it is just disgusting to read.   It negates all the historical records, all the brilliant literature prior *To put it nicely, I do not think TH is close to a brilliant author to hold a candle to her predecessors in her occupation, what she is making money off is picking some well known historical figures and inserting them into a token sweeping romance*.  I am all for novels to take an artistic, creative license, but when it’s done so crudely with no respect and total ambivalence of facts and truths as we know it.  There is a tomb, a mausoleum built for honoring the general’s passing, ie now a tourist magnet, well known historical records of the funeral, the mourning, artifacts for freak’s sake, and TH being a history major herself (REALLY?!?!?!), aggregated to a clusterfuck rubbing me the wrong way every page I turn (I dropped the novel quite soon, I just don’t think JinYu, or any other characters, are constructed with much sincerity or believability) and every spin on the drama adapt.

Of course a little drama, a nonessential romance novel won’t sway a thing in ahjumma me, but I if I were a tween atvm, who on one hand had to learn and memorize profound historical texts and poems on Huo, when there is this instant, easy, gratifying pleasure of a titillating romance novel with bits of soft porn inserted it, and the companion piece of a drama with well known pretty packages, idols glossing things up…… negating everything said in textbooks what will stick?! I think it’s crossed the line, that is why I support the ban of the drama with all my heart, jumping cartwheels as many C netizens are.

*I’m off on vacay and no bandwidth to stream dramas, no InK for spazzy me. but I’m having a lovely time! XD*

Need a sadddd chuckle or three?

My nomnomnoms, warm beverage, last rays of sun for the day, blankies and my gadgets within hand's reach.  Felt like a P&P kinda afternoon, watched till the infamous, '…you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry!'  Oh the lovely angst on Darcy's face!!! I always love to take a tiny pause here and marinate the pain for a while before things go so satisfyingly up from here on.  It's like adding salt to a slice of watermelon, makes it that much more sweeter!

And prompted by a dearie (you know who u r!) I slurped up every bits of the unfolding *beep* that is DMY.

First lets do a picture litmus test:

Stare at these official stills for 10 seconds each.  Do you wanna…..

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