My C/HK/TW Movie Watchlist 2014

In order of anticipation.

Every big name director is having an epic out in 2014.  This is already my shortlist, there are many I am not interested in but make good business sense.  Quite a few, I can not wait!

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Three C movie Must-watch

They are not out yet, but I’ve fangirled them (one of them) for years.

一代宗师 The Grandmaster’s ‘final’ trailer is out and it looks soooo insanely amazing.  If u ever liked anything WKW/Tony Leung, you can’t help but be curious what they can come up with slaving 10 years over.  I’ve just watched a rare recent TVB interview of Tony, he confirmed the rumor he’s fought a few Wing Chun moves with Stephen Chow (who claimed he’s learned kung fu) at dinner, being so immersed in the character.

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Bishonen, 14 years later

Remember the 1998 HKmovie introducing us the on and off screen bromance of Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung?

*Thanks to bluemoon I think I finally can do 2012 minus 1998 right!  It’s 14, NOT 24. XD*

They have been constantly collaborating throughout the years, starring in films together, starting a film company.  At TIFF this year, they have a movie to show: Tai Chi 0

The ‘steampunk-kungfu’ movie looks like a fun riot!  Daniel will play the noob bullied in his hometown to the point of seeking Tai Chi mastery in a village of Tai Chi masters.  United they must fight steampunk soldiers/outsiders.  It’s from the creator of Ip Man and Detective Dee, Stephen is the director.  Lets hope it’s more HG Wells x Ip Man than anything else.

On its promo rounds, Daniel is constantly asked by the reporters on Stephen’s new romance rumor w/ another Bishonen alum Shu Qi (the pair is reportedly moving in together and engaged).  Nth screams bromance like u need to tai-chi off the hawking eyes on ur Bro’s personal life.
The handsomest duo is also steaming up the pages of magazines.  I, for one, am appreciating the gorgeous a WHOLE lot!

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