Fangirly Awards Post

Chinese Media Film Awards have never been under my radar, but this year, in its 12th season, I rabidly loved a handful of critically acclaimed sino-films, so every time my loves get recognitions, big or small, I spazzzzzz. ie, nth is going to stop me picspamming my fav peeps, esp when I just have a handful, all of them glammed up for a dazzling outing!  🙂

List of noms and winners

My fav pic of the night  *drooooollllllllllzzzzzzz*  Best Director and his Muse, our Best Actor.

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The 6 minutes that ‘ruined’ my day

I watched it before I left work, worst decision of the day, and I spent my whole drive home sobbing, I still have the goosebumps.  Why is Deanie soooo talented and in so few things I can savor!?!?  The last song of the tribute, Star, everybody has covered it, the most famous one must be the one by Leslie and Anita, but this is the one in my ipod since I've started using ipods and gosh…9, 10 yrs ago?!  and I've never had the heart in me to delete it fr a playlist…  I don't listen to it, because it makes me too emotional, a big nono behind the wheels.

I just realized it's RP day.  I was going to check out EM finally now that it's half way and I can snailingly eat up the eps I dun have to cry too many times for Next! Ep! Now!!@%!^!   *If I'm hooked that is..

But I don't wanna do any of it.  I just wanna replay this video and cry my eyes out.

A Simple Life (will win big at 31st HK Movie Awards in hours)

31st HongKong Movie Awards will be live in a few hours.  I CANT WAIT!  It's a great year in the sense there are a few very good HK movies done with soooo much heart there for a change, it makes me weep, even if a few of the nominees do not have a shred of mass nor international appeal.

The 2012 class photo, the crew of Let the Bullets Fly is conspicuously, understandably missing, even for the best supporting nominee and last year's best actress Carina Lau.  The awards is historically local biased, Let the Bullets Fly is heavy in its mainland flavored savviness.  Being out so many months ago is also not working towards its chances.

Plus, the noms r mostly truly deserving for a change and there are some tight toss-up races in many categories it's breaking my heart to pick a favorite (I dont think I can be happy if there r not 3 Best supporting actors awarded).
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