D&G and HKG

I haven't walked this stretch of Canton Rd for years now, I used to, twice a day to and from school @ my ferry ride.   It's known as the 'colonized' strip nowadays. Populated entirely by tourists, mostly from China. With all the flagship stores crammed together, lines outside of tourists with lists of what they wanna get in hand; ready, set, go! as soon as allowed into the store's interior.   I have nth I desire so much as to be in lines and hushed into a packed store like cattle to pay loads for, thxbye.

Couple days ago, a security guard of the D&G store hollered at some locals for lingering on the publlic pavement outside the store taking pictures of the luxury strip and their storefront.  Security guards openly shouting 'No (Dogs and) HongKong Chinese allowed.' *Our beloved mainland loaded tourists, our main clientele though, snap on, YOU are very welcome! Our honor! (smiles and kowtows)*

muahahahaha, I have  friends who've experimented taking pics of the store front, guards glared, but how on earth r they going to differentiate the mainlanders and HKers?!?! WE ARE ALL FREAKEN CHINESE!!

HKers r a crowd of the cutest metropolitans.   They r nonchalant, demused, feeble most of the time with politics and every other social concerns in life other than work, work and work and family.  BUT when snapped!  HAHAHA  GOOD! LUCK!  We'll defend our little turf of freedom, no matter how measly,  rabidly, half the population marched extremely orderly in downtown any mid summer dead heat against the Goliath up north…let alone one of the godzillions brands we can choose not to care. Oh Phlease, D&G, u flattered urself, hon.

And so the little merchant has its door closed by the Facebook flashmob there just to take in the scenery, snap a pic or two of the carnival and party like it's 1997.

Salute! and big fat middle fingers to you, D&G!

This is one breathtaking much quieter timelapse of the city,  I ❤ HK