Now Watching: June 2016

I have recommendations. DearMyFriends and ShaolinWenDao are owning my soul. There is also  MUST WATCH Glorious C wuxia classic loveliness.

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Now Watching: March 2016

Short End of the Stick/公公出宮


The only truly fun thing I am watching.

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Upcoming C periods 2013/14

I hope these scripts are decent, because there is no way I can peel my eyes off.   I’m not greedy, nor being impossible.   I am not asking for the writing to be superb, because as the Cdrama productions have been hammering in the point,  they won’t bother when they have these peeps (some uber A-listers) sashaying and would be making $$$$$$$ out of it anyway.  Making a lot of business sense, they are. :/   These are what I call some truly gorgeous actors with serviceable to OOHLALA talent gracing my screen.  Interest is very piqued.  Very.

[credit on pics and gifs, thanks to OP at weibo]

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