Friday Pretty Post: Yuan Hong Is Married

Lil Red Flower is officially off the market!  I must say it takes a big heart to have the bestmen and the reunion of the TangRen Trio be all the talking points on your big day, but that’s YH for yall.

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HongShi Watch

Hey fellow HongShi babes, wanna bet on when we can pop some champagne and cheer on our darlings?

It all started with the sweet and so pretty Janine visiting Loverboy at his HXY set at WengDian (she is filming her GuLong drama Big Four).  YH, losing his marbles when any pretty girl showers him attention, forgot to snap a pic with her and is pouting and whining on weibo, to which the dreamy sweetheart Janine PS him one with her looking up fondly at the sillyboy.  I ❤ her.

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The Sheep and the Goats

Oh well, how am I not surprised by now (and super grateful) of my prayers being answered, in hordes.  Thank you thank you TPTB!

I’m not shy to shout out to the world I love all my hotties playing a cop for my fancy, better yet evil twisted baddies in uniform.

Here is Loverboy being ridiculously hot for his role in Devil’s Right Hand:

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Need a sadddd chuckle or three?

My nomnomnoms, warm beverage, last rays of sun for the day, blankies and my gadgets within hand's reach.  Felt like a P&P kinda afternoon, watched till the infamous, '…you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry!'  Oh the lovely angst on Darcy's face!!! I always love to take a tiny pause here and marinate the pain for a while before things go so satisfyingly up from here on.  It's like adding salt to a slice of watermelon, makes it that much more sweeter!

And prompted by a dearie (you know who u r!) I slurped up every bits of the unfolding *beep* that is DMY.

First lets do a picture litmus test:

Stare at these official stills for 10 seconds each.  Do you wanna…..

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Eddie Peng’s Jump! A Shin, the BTS that makes me misty eyed


The RL A Shin is the coach for Eddie, his seal of approval: ‘When the movie’s out, I’ll tell ppl it’s myself acting…just with his face painted on mine!’

There are a lot of things going on with this movie that I’ve been anticipating since its production.  Eddie, fr the producer of Monga, theme, plot… and I’m a sucker for story of the little guy and anything that’ll capture a flavor of the place its story is set in.  This will be Yilan, TW.  (I need a trip to TW…it’ll certainly be on itinerary when I next visit Asia! ^^)
I teared up seeing Eddie putting his all training for his role as a gymnast, retelling the RL story of A Shin.   There’s nth hotter than a hot cutie pie working at his craft 120%! Eddie, I love you~!!

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Loverboy Yuan Hong has finally landed a role in a MODERN day drama!!!! YAY!! I’m so happy for him, that’s been on his wishlist like forever.  It’s a minor role in an 80 ep(?) saga 广告风云 airing dirty laundry on the advertising world.   Lady PD was a solid TVB director of some big TVB hits back in the days.  I’ll check YH out in it for sure when it’s out. (but I can’t stand the lead Raymond Lam/林峰, that’s what the ff button is for)

It’s quite official his contract with TengRen has finished and thus he’s no longer under its management.  But he’s a sweet guy, still on tweeting terms w/ ladyboss and when I caught YangMi tweeting to a homesicked TangYan (who is the girl2 in this ad saga) telling her to get her frustration all out on YuanHong (and of course he tweeted back sth cute and silly and funny)  I had a grin on my face.  I ❤ YangMi and it’s nice all that catfighting btn her and ladyboss is not denting her friendship w/ YH. 🙂

His sel-ca on the set:

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A Smiling, Proud (Cyberstalking) Wanderer

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.  That’s me.  I have just a selective handful of gorgeous beings I fangirl, but once I’m on board, I’m not getting off even if the fandom is that burning sinking ship in LoCH08.  I’ll happily holler my ‘Hong Ge~~~~~!!’ as fetchingly as MNC. (I’ve practiced), that and LoCH taught me jumping a sinking ship is big nono: 1. Shark infestation  2. LOST…even if u find island, there r huge leg crushing boulders that’s bound to fall….

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