Oh Hae Young Again 6, 7, 8 musings




Food, is love:

Food is¬† HY’s emotional bandage of simplest pleasure. ¬†That little reprieve for her Mother, seeing HY is eating at least….before she hits her child upside of head. ¬†Yes, as PDK puts it, it is really pretty a scene to witness HY eating heartily. ¬†That change in ep8, it is making him cry.

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Happy 2015 and beyond!¬† There is no way but up from here…lol…so befitting I am proud of self of what I am about to do beyond the cut…not really.¬† It would help if my laptop has a rational wise ahjusshi voice, preferably the passionate screechy one from Lee SungMin or bee’s knees¬†Kim GabSoo, or I will do everything you say in his smexiest bamfhmmmmChoi MinSoo, saying, ‘No, mookie…no!’

Until I have one of those.

DO NOT READ if you are a proper young lady or gentleman.¬† There is nothing risque, everyone stayed clothed, but if you do not know already this is pure silly YY, will hurt brain cells, offend sensitive nerves ,then you should not be here in the first place.¬†¬† I can offend strictly Eric fans, YuMi fans, any shipper fans (including yourself and Eric and/or YuMi) and people against wasting time. ¬† If you are hesitating at this point, my warning is, just don’t. lol

HAppy New YEAR!

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