Be still, my heart (and Colin Firth’s bum)

It's my throbbing heart, it's alive!!!! and I'm deliriously happy in every possible fangirly ways while lurking in Tumblr.

Is your mind blown this wkend?  *not the hangovers achy kind*  If yes, probably u've seen a trailer.

I can only watch the first full trailer once, there is no bigger wimp than little me.   I have an acousticophobia of repetitive droning noise, loud or soft, and every sound in that trailer is scaring the bejewels out of me.

The UK one has much more dialogue and much less visual and sound stimulation *ha!*

Watch both…and tell me if Fassy is not running away with it already!  *a fangirl will be a fangirl WILL BE A FANGIRL!*
But seriously, he's terrific, and he's playing the easiest scene stealing role of a humanoid that MAY have gone awry depending on your perspective.  And the ad campaign is already so David8 leaning. 

He's so creepy with just a tiny little upturn of his lovely mouth, there's a dense eerie naivete in his eyes, and his slightly void voice is sending chills down my spine.  I'm beyond intrigued, yet spooked.  And it's soooo pun worthy a pitchline when Fassy is uttering it, don't lie, u know what I'm talking about.  Did I cover my mouth while I let out a pitchy little scream?! while googling Weyland Industries finding there are multiples (20000 to be exact, an all Fassy exact lookalike!) David8 out there, possibly for purchase, one day * I should start saving*, and probably I'll be squished to a big pool of pink slush like a fly by the tip of his little finger before I can get my hands a feet fr my Fassy humanoid. 

We KNEW IT! Guy Pearce is only his actor *coughpornstarcough*name, *comeon, we giggled and still do*.  He will own the world 20 years fr now and his real name is Peter Weyland, this is so not AU, I'm convinced this is real.  When he said We are the gods now.  We='Me'=He=WEyland  *bow*

be warned, I've stolen some crazy gifs

Drama Winning Streak 2012: still un-jinxed

I'm not watching much at all, work has been good busy, I have an extremely sharp intern this time around YAY!, I can't slack myself…*ermmm…nay?!*   Cousin is living with us this semester after some roomie issue, we're still getting used to the company.  I don't think it's wise to watch things I'll make strange squeaky noise at in her vicinity when my house is cramped.

So what rare delish things r on my drama plate?

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Sorry, I still insist Fassy is not getting enough LOVE

Coz…I can’t bear it if he didnt win a Bafta in hours from now, a day after he’s won an Ifta.  I have sweaty palms, and thought posting my usual silly fangirly post will send him some extra rainbows and puppies thoughts.

Come on, he’s sweet to puppies!
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Last night, I walked into my hubs going through Netflix (lovely online streaming thingy) and randomly picking sth to watch based on its suggestions.  30 min later when I checked on him, he’s watching Hunger.  Of course I sat and watched it with him.

I kept prying side glances at him, it’s another 10 min when he furled his eyebrows and looked at me all puzzled.  ’That’s yourFassbender?!?!?!?’  Yup he sat through more than half the movie not recognizing the guy. *proud fangirl moment*  It happens, it’s Fassy.  I didnt recognize him, myself, till about the same time deep into the movie.  Did I say it out loud?!  I was bewildered, thinking, ‘Wow, Fassy must be insanely terrific to blow minds not appearing in a good chunk of the breakthrough movie he’s leading’  Yes, he’s insanely mindblowingly terrific.  And we r stupid, he’s been there all along in the beard, even his grey blue stares r unrecognizable.

I’ve seen 90+% of Fassy’s body of work, so I’m much more educated to objectively conclude Hunger is his best meaty (pun intended) job to date, Shame is right there on that level, but I watched Hunger first and it’s the movie that did me in irreversibly his and Steve McQueen’s fangirl for life.  Shame is the confirmation.  Hunger, the revelation. I’ll be watching BAFTA live for the first time. It’ll have Fassy and Fassy fanboying Oldman and Jon Hamm and all those damn hot Brits preferably all in suits. *sigh* I wished I didnt know it, but now that Tom Hardy said Fassy was the first choice for Ricki, WANTTTTTT! GIMMEEE! Sorry Hardy, sorry TTSS and Oldman (because Fassy will steal the show)

It’s extremely raw and brutal and I watched through my fingers, stomach queasy all the time.  You know Fassy starved himself for the role, but it is torturous painful seeing him as a bag of bones inside a broken fragile layer of thinnest skin and I thought of his mom sitting through the movie seeing her real son in this decay and my heart can’t take it.  And there are mesmerizing visuals of fecal wall installation that is indelible art.  Instead of music to normal ears we have urine, cleaning fluid harmonizing to the coarse bristles rhythmically scratching out the most befitting OST. Its OST should also have the symphony of batons banging on the naked flesh and the transparent shields when it rarely makes misses.  The same harsh bristles we’ve seen scratching red threads on raw skin on the naked prisoners.  There is a scene that seems to go forever of Bobby and Priest that you know you’ll be carrying with you for the longest time with the rest of the movie. McQueen presented sth so honest and true, I feel, esp when it’s based on true story, everything will stick.  I had a hard time eating afterwards with the visual memory of the starved to death man.

Rewatching McQueen’s masterpieces are all sorts of wonderful trauma.  Your senses will be intensified, anticipating everything he’s going to present next.  The anticipation makes it all more searing.  There are times I have to go to happier places yet I can’t get my eyes off screen and my mind is flashing this scene:
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Sound of Music will never be the same

My first musical, Julie Andrews, lovely singing Nuns and children, raindrops and kittens, Captain + Edelweiss made up my very first rabid obsession. I scratched up the VHS tape watching it too many times.  My mom manipulated me to piano lessons saying I could soon play every song in S&M (it's Mr Plummer's invention out of his 'hatred' for being the forever Captain Von Trapp).  I learnt my DoReMis to the song:

 And to this day, I will still play and sing a lousy 'So Long, Farewell' in my imitation of the children's voices by memory when I'm tipsy at family gatherings after a rewatch.

Lets be honest with our Catholic girl kink, when the piano practicing, the HW for Bible Studies was less interesting than chewing cardboard, who didn't persevere with a will of steel because of the aspiration to be a rowdy nun in an Alpine convent so hopefully one day the Sisters will ship you off as governess at a widowed Plummer-lookalike Captain's fancy mansion?!?!  That said, I've never had any remotely crushy thoughts concerning Mr Plummer. He maybe the Freudian origin of my forever falling for the Darcy type, but no, I formed a super fond sacred memory of Sound of Music many years before I was hit by hormones.

To pull myself out of my shameful Fassbender flailing, with Beginners still so very fresh and beautiful in my head, I thought obsessing over Ewan or Mr Plummer will be a way out.   Ewan was quickly ousted, he's just Fassbender's less dangerous, younger looking but older bro and I can't rewatch Trainspotting nor Phantom Menace.  As sick as I am with my grandpa crushes, I cut off at 70 yrs old.  Mr Plummer is a lovely 82 years young!!! Watching the most innocent Sound of Music is so clever of me, right? SURE~~~

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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It is pictographs of: Dragon, Horse, Sperms and Jesus/God.  haha combined it's an idiom/new year well wishes for great health and lively spirit.

Auspicious wishes Y'all!!  It's lovely to know you, share bits of life, thanks from the bottom of my heart for keeping me company here ^^.  I have a little bug clinging to me still today,  but some very comforting homemade dumplings are lovely comfort food for my soul. Am sharing!!!! ^^

nomnomnom-ing while watching A Bear named Winnie. A TV movie with Fassbender, Suchet/Poirot, Steven Fry and the obviously insanely cute little black bear Winnie.  Story is inspired by the orphaned bear fr Winniepeg circa WW1, it bonded with soldiers en route to war front, later resided in London Zoo, and it's the inspiration for Alan Alexander Milnes's Winnie the Pooh.   It's a perfect, fuzzy little children's movie to watch with children this cold rainy night.  Bear for the toddlers, the perfect dose of Fassbender with a babybear!awwwwwwwww~ when I'm intoxicated under his spell.  We can never have too many animal movies starring very hot dudes.