Meanie Me Tuesday: I’ve suffered the trailer of King LanLing

This is starting today.  I guess most have seen the super spoilerish trailer: King LanLing 40+ min Final Trailer

I do not understand the Cdramaland habit of throwing these super long, haphazardly thrown together, spoiling every twist of the ENTIRE drama till the very end monstrosities.  IT is draggy, there are speeches, and if the trailer needs Ffing and this trite and predictable, Why should I spend 40 hrs watching the drama now completely spoiled?!?!?!?  I can ignore the music,  it’s a Cdrama what can I say…but they did something new:  insert the most so bored it is hilarious grandma monotonous voiceover of Very Important His-to-ry,  what grandma voice said in a dead pan is obviously serious shit:

[be warned this is spoiling the ENTIRE drama]

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I cant be the only one seeing this

Ariel, what's WRONG!??!?!?  WHY?!?!? I still love you and wanna love you, but WHY THIS?!?!?
I know it's super shallow of me to always judge a period fr the stills/costumes.  But it's never failed to weed out the absolute horrifyingly sucky for me and when it is this type of vitriolic vomit on my eyes, I really cant fetch a good vibe about it even deep deep deeepppp down my Ariel-loving gut.

warning, major FUG!