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The next TongHua drama adaptation we'll get on our screen is probably 被时光掩埋的秘密/The Secrets lost in Time.  I haven't read it, not sure I'll get to it before it airs with my long readlist. This has a definite shoot date of April, HunanTV's William of BBJX's fame is behind the modern drama.  The first confirmed casting is out and it's Jia NaiLiang, and this gets me excited. I know I abuse the word serendipity but if you mention 贾乃亮/Jia NaiLiang! to me these 2 days, you'll get my attention while I'll squee a little.  And fr the jousting btn William and Dorothy (the ladyproducer/scriptwriter behind Sealed with a Kiss?!) Nicky or Hawick seems like the winkwink lead guy1?! My gut is betting on Hawick.  Maybe it's a strange premonition, but I was JUST marathoning ShengSiQiao last 2 nights out of the blue, I'm up to ep12 and can't stop.  It's precious, maybe buffered by the cringeworthy excuses of menguo epic romances flooding in Cdramaland past few.  Jia plays Tang HuaiYu with some precious lovely nuances of first love chemistry with Wang ZiWan's DanDan/girl1, he's green and woody in the rest, but with his ‘OTP', sparks r flying….but it's a nuanced menguo CCTVdrama, so hurting my poor bleeding heart.  SSQ is criminally underrated, it was shelved for 3 years and not until the death of the very famous artist Huang ZongJiang/黄宗江, and SSQ was his last performance, did it see daylight.  It's a shame really Cdramaland!!!!!!!  Yes, there's no big tix names in the leads, but for this to be lesser and later seen than the turd, disrespectful adapt that is TerraCotta Warrior, I lost hope in the industry.  I'm the first to click on the YT links posted a yr ago! Most have prob seen Jia in AlexSu/ChaRim's Yang Clan 2004 as the 6th bro, the exact same bro as HG in Young Yang Clan.  I'm also going to watch him in a contemporary When MiL meets Mom next, it's by Mulan's PD Tian and I want to get a feel of him before Mulan airs. 

The funny thing is, I know LinGengXin our cutiePrince14 is the annointed youngHuGe.  I will be smug and say peeps r suffering fr face-blindess illness all around.   I just realized the other lead in SSQ, 王泊文 Wang BoWen, with a nick of 'young Takeshi' is the real HG facetwin, he did the best job amongst the younglings:

One thing I'll credit Yumama, he's VERY hilarious.  He's tweeting up a storm during his weibo livechat confirming it'll be Wallace+JoeChen as LHC and Main Heroine. That we've been forewarned, NOW the special Yumama only twist: JoeChen will be DongFongBuBai. Freaken DFBB, the archenemy of the hero. THE character most infamous for castrating himself to master THE killer bestest wuxia and 'elevating' the goddess status of Brigitte Lin to the living CN Hermaphroditos.  I know YZ has a special kryptic language of his own, his good means stinky turd, true to history/he's read the real historical text 20x = he's diarrhea'd his pants 200x, keep it up bro, kthxbye.  He said he'll keep puking out Goong till Goong10.  The Goong movie will start shooting in May, hints r pointing it'll be a gift for the FengMi fandom (if any survived).  TH's Song in the Wind adapted by YZ (ie will look nth like original other than names) will start shooting in Nov…the catchy thing is, he is super efficient in crapping, he can wrap his shit up and it may air b4 DMY, or headbutting it.  The Saga continues.

I'm drowning in GoT, not that I like it, honestly I've never loved it whole-heartedly.  I call it family duty, it's sorta a bookclub read with 5 of us reading it at the same time, and firing emails.  I missed talking about sth so passionately with my bro, it's more precious now that he's about to embark on another stage in his life *sobbing happy tears*.  The writer is a conniving monster, from my pov  there is dragginess 80% of each book, sprinkled with some sex, some plot, some angst, some new characters, then BAM! last 3 chapters, letting of rivers of blood, cruel massacres of characters u've spent tonnes of time with and thick buckets of plot, every single time!!!!  And I have no choice but to start the next bk to know what's next, next thing u know u'll be in way deep to drop book.<_<