Monday Pretty (and not so pretty) post

Things I truly want to write about:

1. ILICDD: but then it’s mostly squees and I can’t stop myself from clicking another ep to begin with, and on top of that, control my inclination to gush with spoilers when this is one show that every detail is so precious and must be experienced firsthand.

2. FOL:   It’s D-2 KoreanTime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are down to counting down hours tmr!!!!!!!!!  It is one that truly gets better with rewatch, so dense and immersing a drama experience, and it’s just so well done with effort and thought behind every frame.  I still lost it so very early on, as in had to break and curl up in a ball crying when DongSoo’s dad is weeping about his dead son, his every word is like a stab to himself and to me, when we are also fresh on the visual of it happening on DS’ body.  TT___TT I think this is partly responsible (bulk is it’s written by a Kmelo fiend monkey no offense to monkey) of me not able to enjoy any of the contrived melodramatic in IMY.  In FOL I see a young DongSoo, being snuffed of hope every time there is a glimmer, and yet I see him at least trying to soldier on,  this tender, old soul in a young boy’s body.   I’m talking about a lonely, withdrawn young boy, not dealt a lucky card in life at all.

3. My 2012 favs.  I have so many or I should say I rabidly insanely love the precious few like no other year, my head is exploding in the happy.

But of course I go do sth not even remotely related instead.  *I do blame it on IMY being sooooooooooooo FUG.  Lets not kid ourselves, obviously YSH’s party do is ShinChan going to his prom.*

C netizens voted on the best (and worst) glossy magazine covers on their newsstands in 2012.   How can shallowme look away, may I ask?!

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