My Drama Plate

It’s truly a jumble.

Answer Me/Reply 1997 (of course)

This is the show captivating me atm.  Almost perfectly written……IF the whole who’s the daddy dragged on a minute longer, I would be slightly batty, but once the cutest baby samoyed appears, ALL (as in a tiny restlessness in my seat, tiny… is forgotten).  Just to add that cutest white tiny furball is always around the vicinity of YJ, JH, SiWon, SW’s dad and mom, all in all my favorite characters on my screen.  Every detail is written with a lot of TLC, directed with a precision to come across effortlessly real, we can sit back, all the heavy-lifting done, and enjoy a lovely trip with the characters down memory lane, guaranteed.  There is always a scene or two more perfect than I can expect, it can be a little VO here or there, a look ever so subtle and real, or SW+SW’s dad exchanging a quip or 2, or the earth-shattering all-consuming fandom through the lens of an 17/18 yo.  I’ve never seen the solidly good veteran Sung DongIl as absolutely terrific.  And it’s a treat most of his scene he’s bouncing off the other 2 most outstanding actors in a truly well-acted drama, Lee IlHwa (Mom) and the most pleasant surprise of all: EunJi.  I know nth of AMiss, but if I have a vote, please keep acting in good stuff big or small, we can find another idolpopstarlet easy, but this amount of natural acting talent, I can’t rem when anyone has come close for a long while.  Clearly a natural, I’ve never seen a newb so seamless in front of the camera.  I’m sworn in as a fan, if she’s in anything decent in the future, MUST WATCH!

It’s not I don’t have a character I don’t really care about (TW), or plot that’s not too interesting to me (again involving TW), but it fits in the great big picture of the Drama and I’m appreciative of it.

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Other than a dud or 2 promptly kicked off the curb, it’s been 8 months straight of lovely things I’m watching, even if fewer to come by, catching my eye has become a formula of sorts equating awesomesauce on drama’s own merits. I guess I’m finally wiser, maybe it does correlate with getting older and can hold off my nosiness checking out everything that is ‘raved’ upon and revert to whether my interest was piqued from the get go based on …6th sense? gut? Knowing myself better and being less tolerant? I do have to thank a few dearTweeps for majorly Pimping CrackofPerfection, recs like ILICDD, but most crucially, it’s exactly the type of drama I gravitate towards.

Anyway, my lucky streak continues, it seems. 🙂

Answer to 1997 is Cute instantaneously, everything is spot on real and sassy. You can tell from the get-go things can only get better when we spend more time with the characters…they r all effortlessly real and charming in their own way without trying to please because most noticeable positive: the writer is writing this with every ounce of heart and love in her.  It goes from me squeeing Cute! Oh I had and did that, that, that and THAT!  and served a nostalgia galore buffet…then things get tighter, being 18 yos in 1997 is…dare I shout it, my gen. every tiny details r hitting home runs even when I know scantily little of Kpop/Kdrama circa 1997.  I know I’m missing quite a lot of lovely references but the genuine emotion it evokes…I’m getting all the tingles. The Oppas r real and they only occupy our whole being when we r at that certain age of puppies, unicorns and hormones. I’m sure the ~18yos of 2012, or anyone who’s been a teenager once, will find it speaking his or her exact vocab as well because the situations, the growing pains r all the freaken same and dealt with so much honesty and care.  I finished all the available eps last night, and as with every addiction, it again ups its ante, hitting way too close to home and I out-cried our girl ShiWon. Not easy a feat, but I did.
I love everything about it, down to the shouty match in Saturi…it had a ring of Sat pm in Women’s market MongKok HK to me,  the perfect cuppa to tide me over my glorious CDD addiction. *<-No it’s not calming down, I’m afraid.*

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Zany Monday

 I was planning to spend any free second of today eyesexing U!T!W! on my screen.  EM/Uhmyummmmmforce, sorry your fangirl has no brain capacity for you atm thanks to horrible viral chinese music (My excuse as a shameful fangirl is I do better sanity-wise with mystery brain-engaging drama in marathons anyway instead of being a swearing lunatic flipping desk demanding next wk's eps NOW!)

There's a Kpop crossing over a CN 'countryrock' viral song that is….argh…the worst entertaining earworm lulz:

What about a chaser for the earworm?  Fanvid of Unubore Deka with the same viral CN 'countryrock' song.   I have no idea what it is doing in this century and I can't stop lmao XDDD:

I haven't seen the drama, the scatterbrain that I'm has forgotten about it entirely.   There's no way I'm passing up Tomoya+Toma dancing w/ that song in my head now.

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TVB awards

The 2 big winners of the night.

This awards show started 1997.  I've never watched it, I don't care for award shows in general, I like what I like and can care less about the rest.  All I rem for the first one, my (still) fav Old Time Buddy was the big winner.   This year, I like 2 TVB dramas (3 if counting When Heaven Burns) and I'm surprised I can predict every single of the winners given how little I've seen.

It's such a relief to see Kevin holding the best actor awards in his hands (and lovingly teased by Sheren Tang).  He's my vote and imo most deserving but that's exactly the opposite how TVB awards work.  I'm not sure how KC bargained his win, but he must have had signed some slavery contract we'll know later on.  Lives of Omission is a well deserving Best TVB Drama.  Producer/Director Chik's fanclub has very snarky words to say on how unfair TVB is, airing When Heaven Burns just past the deadline for any awards contention.  WHB is the talk of the town but it's nicked a 'cult' drama whatever it means in TVB/HK lingo.

Myolie, I'm all for her to win for her job in Ghetto Justice, but for what she did in that PoS Curse of the Royal Harem?!  NOOOOO!!! That shiteous horreur makes Goong a watchable delight in my eyes.  The drama is crap, her acting, crappier.   But she's clearly very well networked amongst the TVB honchos, getting an acting award for her currently airing drama, a most loved character for her Kris Wong fr Ghetto Justice and one of the 2 favorite Star awards, the other went to her RL love Bosco.  It's very sweet, and everyone is chanting 'get married!' but it's too obviously milking it to the max. 

*Don't ask me what Bosco is wearing, it's exactly the vein of what Bosco always dons in public (this outfit is completed with thigh high boots @_@).  That's why I've shamefully saved his nikked pics the scummy paparazzi has snapped of him in the privacy of his apartment because he really looks SO much better naked*

The winner I'm most happy for:

Sharon Chan for her supporting role in Ghetto Justice.  She stole every scene she's in.  Bravo!

All in all an entertaining show just on the blatant hints of backstage shenanigans alone.  Francis Ng said the quote of the night: 「玩足咁多年都仲係孤家寡人,呢個先係高深學問呀!」 'Staying 'single' and still playing the field for all these years….this takes real skills!' Jabbing at how you only get any status in TVB joining the clans…. lolz

This list of winners:

Deep, deep sinkhole of TVB addiction (part1)

IF this is what it's like being possessed and need exorcism, I'm hugging and loving that little poitergiest owning me, screaming DON'T GO while spewing canto vomit (so maybe I do need help).  For the first time in my entire HKer life, I'm sucked/obsessed/slurping up THREE TVBs: Ghetto Justice, The Other Truth and Life of Omission.  It's life sucking. (I'm dropping Other Truth, it's just not as good and I dun have the time)

Ghetto Justice is turning my cold snarky heart into a gooey mess .  Kevin's LA Law is a revelation .  He takes everyone, critics (my previous camp) and fans(my TEAM an ep in) alike by surprise how perfect he's for the role and he has my vote for the best actor award. I just LOVE his Law Ba to bits.  The dynamics of show, in some ways work like, Hero the adorable dorama.  LA Law (whole name Law Lik-Ah) or his ghetto nick Law Ba (the queen/king of butt) is a barrister, dress like a construction coolie and works pro bono at a community center in the urban squalor ghetto ShamShuiPo in HK.  Of coz he has a colorful, successful past and he gave it all up for mysterious reasons.  OTP Myolie's Wong SiFu isa green smart and sassy lawyer fr the 'hood but aims high and mighty working her way up the ranks and out of ShamShuiPo where her Mom still works at a foodstall there.  She has a status symbol of chamber in Central, but this is all going to be shaken up.  I love it's 20 eps and not a min of drag, typical arcs of a case every couple eps delving deeper into all the side characters, all are charming and lively.

Pervie me is posting caps of the makeout btn our OTP, of coz.  But GJ's crown of glory is LawBa and his pitch perfect, entertaining lively lines.  Bravo writer!! Wow, I'm still in shocked I did not, for once, ever physically headdesk in a recent TVBdrama.  WOW!  Can I just have a glimmer of hope TVB is back on track to be watchable?!  or is it 2012?!?!?!

LA's idea of gifting: grabby kiss on roof

4 frames later, they scrambled into his office's pingpongtable/desk.  Lady on top and aggressor..not for long….