Inbound Love

I just finished marathoning a heartwarming desk-flipping-histrionics-less TVB drama w/ highschool bestie hours ago.  One which does not insult the intelligence (SURPRISE!!!!), warm, cute and endearing and brimming with heart and no frills.  It’s not brilliant and masterfully written but it’s as simple as the hint of warmth from the setting sun while driving home at the end of a long day, it just makes me smile a little, from the bottom of my heart and forget snark has any bearing in my being.

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My current drama plate

I watched NG 15, 16 last wk asap, loved it so much but totally forgot I did and was going to drink up its delicious angst,enjoy someone with amnesia and kinda hoping she can choose and pick what stays forever lost, and 2 messed up ex-lovers chewing each other’s head off……just to find out I’ve seen it.   Am I so fascinated with EunGi and gang it’s seeped into my RL as well?

So before I’ve completely lost it, I  still have a rave, or a rant, or 3.

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Cdramaland Rumormill and Upcomings

1.  Andy Lau is confirmed by Derek Tsang he’s attached to a TVB drama. Andy is now working on the writing and preproduction.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a fan of the moviestar Andy Lau,  but the TV idol Andy in the 80s?! *WANT!*

2.  Derek is also enticing Chow Yun Fat for a return to the small screen.

@__@  tbh, I’d rather see CYF doing sth he enjoys than selling out in one PoS blockbuster extravaganza after another.  So a big Fat yes/maybe?

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Other than a dud or 2 promptly kicked off the curb, it’s been 8 months straight of lovely things I’m watching, even if fewer to come by, catching my eye has become a formula of sorts equating awesomesauce on drama’s own merits. I guess I’m finally wiser, maybe it does correlate with getting older and can hold off my nosiness checking out everything that is ‘raved’ upon and revert to whether my interest was piqued from the get go based on …6th sense? gut? Knowing myself better and being less tolerant? I do have to thank a few dearTweeps for majorly Pimping CrackofPerfection, recs like ILICDD, but most crucially, it’s exactly the type of drama I gravitate towards.

Anyway, my lucky streak continues, it seems. 🙂

Answer to 1997 is Cute instantaneously, everything is spot on real and sassy. You can tell from the get-go things can only get better when we spend more time with the characters…they r all effortlessly real and charming in their own way without trying to please because most noticeable positive: the writer is writing this with every ounce of heart and love in her.  It goes from me squeeing Cute! Oh I had and did that, that, that and THAT!  and served a nostalgia galore buffet…then things get tighter, being 18 yos in 1997 is…dare I shout it, my gen. every tiny details r hitting home runs even when I know scantily little of Kpop/Kdrama circa 1997.  I know I’m missing quite a lot of lovely references but the genuine emotion it evokes…I’m getting all the tingles. The Oppas r real and they only occupy our whole being when we r at that certain age of puppies, unicorns and hormones. I’m sure the ~18yos of 2012, or anyone who’s been a teenager once, will find it speaking his or her exact vocab as well because the situations, the growing pains r all the freaken same and dealt with so much honesty and care.  I finished all the available eps last night, and as with every addiction, it again ups its ante, hitting way too close to home and I out-cried our girl ShiWon. Not easy a feat, but I did.
I love everything about it, down to the shouty match in Saturi…it had a ring of Sat pm in Women’s market MongKok HK to me,  the perfect cuppa to tide me over my glorious CDD addiction. *<-No it’s not calming down, I’m afraid.*

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Kevin Cheng: Gloves Come Off

In 6 days, this will dress up my scrn an hr daily:

Gloves Come Off (拳王) doesn’t look my thing story-wise.  I’m not a boxing fan, though I loved my Adashi shonen mangas and Katsu! is <3.

KC will play a talented muay Thai boxer with a big dent in his reckless past, and when he picks himself up, starts anew in HKG years later, he has a son by his ex.  He meets a fast friend with a passion in muay Thai boxing but he’s hesitant to rekindle his own inner fire.  Stakes r raised, he’s coersed to coach his bff and a mute girl boxer for some matches they must win.  Fame and greed rear their ugly heads, he and bff drift apart by jealous ex-sifu’s evil scheming, his past will creep up on him….blablabla…
ie it’s the rare angsty darker lots of crying (and hitting) TVB that will get me even battier than those nose-bleeding damsels with terminal diseases stamped on foreheads since infancy, drizzled on a heavy dash of fauxcest birth secrets…. I wanna throw my own self to some truck instead halfway through.

The newest long trailer:

I’ll keep an open mind, expecting the worse, I can watch this for KC alone because my crush is still surprisingly strong, he went on a diet on chicken breast, no salt, no oil for 3 months to build up lean muscles (just like binnie did for SQ for 2 months).  He’s the reigning TVB actor King, and this is his much anticipated follow-up after Ghetto Justice.  Raymond Wong is the other lead, fresh off his new fame fr Bottled Passion with TVB’s queen of ‘pure romance’ Niki Chow, it is as close to the Kdrama variety as possible: birth secrets, abandoned by evil adoptive stepmom, revenge!, doomed lovers…. I didnt watch it, but it’s a hit a few months ago.

But what piques my interest most is Nancy Wu’s mute boxer.  She looks badass and I welcome a tough lady in my Asian drama any day!

Zany Monday

 I was planning to spend any free second of today eyesexing U!T!W! on my screen.  EM/Uhmyummmmmforce, sorry your fangirl has no brain capacity for you atm thanks to horrible viral chinese music (My excuse as a shameful fangirl is I do better sanity-wise with mystery brain-engaging drama in marathons anyway instead of being a swearing lunatic flipping desk demanding next wk's eps NOW!)

There's a Kpop crossing over a CN 'countryrock' viral song that is….argh…the worst entertaining earworm lulz:

What about a chaser for the earworm?  Fanvid of Unubore Deka with the same viral CN 'countryrock' song.   I have no idea what it is doing in this century and I can't stop lmao XDDD:

I haven't seen the drama, the scatterbrain that I'm has forgotten about it entirely.   There's no way I'm passing up Tomoya+Toma dancing w/ that song in my head now.

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2012 resolution #2: stop being craycray passionate with HKdrama

I adamantly hate 9.9999999 out of 10 HKdramas out there, nth gets me more ragey watching a stupid HKdrama (coz it's closest to my heart).  I try hardest not to watch or talk about them unless it is filial duty.  I've made some exceptions and there r some surprises so unexpected (and I've obsessively babbled here nonstop in 2011, mianeh for those word diarrhea episodes).

One of my RL 2012 resolution is to sleep by 12.  Or else I'll have to do a housechore for every hour I'm past bedtime.
It's 01/02/2012 and screw it.  I'm watching When Heaven Burns ~2hr finale starting NOW!!!

When Heaven Burns is so fucking good I've not seen anything coming out of that little town since last century remotely touching it  This is not a recommendation though, it is a demanding drama to get the most out of it.  The HK current affairs jargon and the knowledge of the world of politicking in Special Admistrative Region under the PRC rule over the years pre and post 1997 required to remotely read this drama under its surface of a HK 'Friend: Our Legend' testosterone/friendship angstfest is appalling.  I'm barely keeping afloat but that is after post-episode dissections with my much more socially aware cousins and friends and forums lurking.  (YEs, sorry dear ones, I called you to wish Happy New YEAR, but more so to ramble on WHB, not even thinly veiled)

There are no fresh. pretty faces amongst the leads, some (or all) r FUG ahjusshi.  This is the first drama EVER I didnt trash it to the bins because of the MOST shitty bkgd music with a parasitic infestation of EVERY scene with lines, or not (they r still using exact horrible music pieces fr 8 yrs ago War and Beauty,  just louder and nonstop)

It's more precious nobody in the world will care or fully get it unless u r a 30 sth growing up in HK and still hopelessly care about shit that's going on there.  I doubt there's any enjoyment to be found if not that very specific demography and….. I don't freaking care.  The dramagod is making sth so specifically for me,   ME BLESSED!

ETA: Speechless. Done with drama.  Talk about some of the best scripted cantonese lines ever (eg: Harmony, ie synonym of censorship in PRC propaganda bs, is not 100 ppl uttering the same words, but saying 100 different opinions…yet respecting every one of them).   Yes, I need to be less craycray about HKdramas coz the chance of sth this chillingly good to be aired again is me surviving doomday and I'm not wasting a minute on le crap in btn.


*sigh* I'm so out of loop with TVB dramas but now I'm hawking over a few of them.

I've been looking forward to the time travelling 3 Kingdom most when the TVB 2011 dramas previews were out early this yr, it looks extremely craptastic and as a 3Kingdom anything addict/completist, there's no way I can look away.  But it's been plagued by a lot of actor switches and backstage shenanigans (latest, StevenMa is leaving TVB, so ZhuGe Liang will be Raymond Lam? and Ron won't be in the lead role?!?!?!)

ARGH…I think Ron Ng is perfect for his role as a Densha PCgame fanatic zipped back to late Han when he wants to get back his virtual weapon and there bumps into a fellow time traveller FalaChan, a possible MongKok hooker with a HelloMiMi tat. I want this, nth else.Ron+Fala in slapstick>>>> KennethMa+Tavia :/

So this is POUF~!  T_T

THEN, since my brain is all KC all the time last few days.  This bottom of barrel Boxing King, WANT!!  In general I don't like serious dramatic TVB, I prefer their witty silly slapsticks, but This has KC, sweating, half naked, playing a DADDY!!!   And I don't mind ALL the ladies at all (so rare in a TVB)  Raymond Wong is quite nice on my screen as well.

This is his bode PRE training at the presscon just when shooting begins.   He's promised he'll work very hard to make it much more perfect. *OMGGG*

This is fr the presscon in March

My biggest Q: when will this air?!?!?!  This is the drama KC did right after BuBu in Mar/Apr, and he hurt his back and leg during his stay in CN (for Bubu?! *sob* OhmybleedingheartPrince8!!!)  It's so funny coz when interviewing the guys, Raymond just has his babyboy, so the new dad is talking about the delivery, KC is paying so much attention and asking Q, the reporter lady jokes he must be longing for a baby himself.  keke…then when chatting with the ladies, they r flirtingly saying they will spin up some dating rumors with KC, coz for some reason, 2 of them know he's single, and the other chirps, KC is a good choice, he's very nice guy.  Reporterlady gives them a further encouraging push, telling them he can't contain his want for a baby just now.

Go make some pretty babies KC, you can only own me more by being a daddy to a gorgeous baby.


This is just to document how pathetic a human being I'm.  I woke up just to watch the Bubugang @ Happy Camp live. [2 hrs]  *I teared up, and it's hilarious, MustWatch*

So lets see since last night, after some hanging out with real ppl, how many freaken hours I've been spending with KC, my new lover?!

Last One Standing ep1 (almost, I didn't make it).  [1 hr]
GOSH, it's TURD, shockingly more PoS than I expected.  KC is OTTing the opposite of everything he's doing on BuBu and I have to stop before all my fangirling hearts drawn to him r shattered.  Plot, what plot?!  Oh, the crazy illogical mess?!?!  *can not process any of this*


This is just a min of the nonsensical crap that's going on whole ep long.  How did KC/whoever bloodily kill a Lab without ONE sound? and the bloodied poor deadpuppy was dumped right next to you in ur tiny single bed, tucked in UR blankie, UR  face, ON his blood, and u still sleeping?! Until u see ur hand, And POOR PUPPY~~~ *SOBBB*~~~~~
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I’m drawing KC hearts

Confession, my hubs, BIL, many of my friends r schoolmates of KC.  O' the years, I thought I've known more than enough here and there about the dude  But I've the KC/Eight virus bad and so asked hubs of more:

1.  He's tall and v handsome in highsch (exact words fr hubs mouth).
2.  He plays bball….very well.  And goes back to his highsch to play bball with them, just like a regular dude.  no air whatsoever.

And there I stopped him, I can't fangirl him more.  I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Miss writer TongHua (ie Mother of BBJX) is blatantly on her weibo a fangirl and she rec'd 《与敌同行》 Last One Standing as a must see.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen 2 mins of it and it bugged me to no end.  YoYo Mung and Roger Kwok: extreme allergies.
But I'm so in love with TongHua and KC.

*off I go dl*

*sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb* things I suffer for LURVE!