The 6 minutes that ‘ruined’ my day

I watched it before I left work, worst decision of the day, and I spent my whole drive home sobbing, I still have the goosebumps.  Why is Deanie soooo talented and in so few things I can savor!?!?  The last song of the tribute, Star, everybody has covered it, the most famous one must be the one by Leslie and Anita, but this is the one in my ipod since I've started using ipods and gosh…9, 10 yrs ago?!  and I've never had the heart in me to delete it fr a playlist…  I don't listen to it, because it makes me too emotional, a big nono behind the wheels.

I just realized it's RP day.  I was going to check out EM finally now that it's half way and I can snailingly eat up the eps I dun have to cry too many times for Next! Ep! Now!!@%!^!   *If I'm hooked that is..

But I don't wanna do any of it.  I just wanna replay this video and cry my eyes out.

Johnny To’s Life Without Principle/ 奪命金/ Life-robbing Gold

Still in shock with my ongoing luck last few months with stuff I'm watching.   My newest surprise is Life without Principle.  I don't care about a lot of Johnny To's stuff, but there's a working formula: gimme a SeanLau, instant like; an AndyLau or a RichieJen in the mix, things can stink up, for me.  He's predictable with a smart brain for commercial success, he's found all the ingredients that work towards a formulaic good acclaimed trademark JohnnyTo and he keeps feeding me the same satisfyingly good stuff, but it irks me always with 'that's all you can do Johnny?'  at the end of his movies.

Have a trailer:

The themesong MV:

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*squeeeeee* some lovely cinema

Longing for a decent (very decent, I'm riding off the high and would say best last few years) romance/ 'chickflick' that won't insult your intelligence?!  Ans: Love in the Buff.

I just stepped out of the cinema of Love in the Buff with my gfs.  It's too late to go for a drink in our little neighborhood to spazz over. And tbh we r no spring chickens, beauty sleep =lifeline.  Now I'm so not surprised this movie robs HG #1 status in the universe last premiere wkend in the tiny city of HK.

A subbed trailer:

Love in the Buff is sequel to Love in the Puff, the better, improved Ver2. Now our OTP is firmly in their 30s pushed and pulled by more imminent issues.
There r fresh discussions in it I thought ITWY would address, but I was so v wrong, me and drama broke up bitterly and I felt insulted and furious.  Not here, this is so sharp, current and genuine and the acting is sooooo seamless, even Miriam (I'm not a fan), her best job in the biz ever.
But I'm a fangirl of Shawn Yue:
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Some TW Golden Horse Film Awards babbling

Sentimentally, I'm rooting for Eddie to win, but I thought it'll go to the actor for “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” (賽德克‧巴萊)  though I've not seen any of the entries.  But it goes to ANDY LAU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  NOOOOOO!  I do like his work ethics, and he's more than handsome enough, but he's too full of himself to ever be a great actor.  I've been itching to see “A Simple Life” (桃姐) ever since the awesome Deanie Yip won the actress award at Venice Film Festival.  Ann Hui has been the tour de force in docu-movies of showing HK in it's rawest form, giving a voice for inhabitants usu shoved to the edge of society for decades: Vietnamese refugees, lesbians, new immigrants living way below the poverty line and now an aging maid.

The trailer for A Simple Life:

And I'm nosy to a fault and checked out 10 min YZ's ChuHan/MingDynasty/Louis XVI/PrisonBreak unintentionally time/continent/genre traveling farce  as an exercise of how high my tolerance for utter crap…I made it to 14 min.  I'd rather watch Saw.

And to wash out the funk, I wandered @ weibo and saw this cap of ChenKun in the upcoming wuxia 3D extravaganza Flying swords at Dragon Inn.  Frankly, my expectation of this being decent, as a movie, is extremely low.  BUT ChenKun as the hottest eunuch EVER, I need to watch:

And DARN, Cdrama/movie world, since YZ is going to shit and puke on my fav wuxia novel of all time Smiling, Proud Warrior, and you peeps LURVE piling on duplicated projects/products, gimme a SPW adaptation with CK as Dongfang Bubai (東方不敗)!!! (only condition: NO Richie Ren).  Never have I thought I'll live to be witness a DongFang Bubai who can MAYBE decent enough for a discussion with Brigitte Lin's but…..that's why I love ChenKun.

A Tony Leung afternoon of youtube tripping

Ah TonyTonyTony, you sexiest of the sexiest god/beast/bastard.   There’s no way I’m not watching Grandmaster in Cantonese.  Cantonese is not the sexiest dialect by far, mine sounds like a constant buzzing of quarrels.  Tony’s suave, moody jazz to my ears.

IF it’s up to me, I would have him read every chinese word.  Triple the joy: literature, his perfect Canto, and me tripping somewhere and doing things to him (excuse my filthy little mind)

But I do hate him, and WKW.  These 2 combined is the end of me.  One reminder of their  handiwork, I wanna rewatch my WHOLE collection of WKWxTonyLeung.  I can’t do it, that is on my very urgent dreamlist of things to do on my next himono-onna ‘vacay’.

A fanfantabulous tribute:

It’s really not right to make IpMan this suave, this sexy Tony (+WKW)!!

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The Grandmasters

@ , any vacay plans for Cannes next May? 😉

All things r hinting on WKW getting The Grandmasters ready for an outing there, and Tony a shot at Prix d’interprétation masculine.  Gosh I can’t believe his recognition for In the Mood for Love was in 2000!  

And thanks for the heads up for the trailer!  It’s glorious!

‘Kung Fu is one stroke horizontal, the other vertical.  Wrong; you lie; right, stand.  Your take?’

Trailer and Tony r widely praised, he conveyed the air of the modest, mild mannered master, sharp, fierce with his kung fu moves. ‘ His last  fist hitting out the title 一代宗師, dominating yet alluring.’ -MingpaoNews

[fr MingPaoNews]

I’ll never be a fan of Donnie Yen’s acting, he’s improved tonnes to serviceable, but still you see the ever presence self-awareness.  More posing than digger deeper into the psyche of the character.  Tony, of course, convinced me in 1 min of preview Donnie tried passably in a movie long.  I’m fine with IpMan, it is what it is, a conventionally good kung fu action blockbuster, but it’s not thought provoking.  I’m expecting Grandmasters to give me lots to think about, and this is the least I’m expecting fr WKWxTony.

RIP: Another passing of a Star….and ramblings on Days of Being Wild

Alan Tang, 鄧光榮 has died last night of a heart attack.  The real deal Godfather of HK cinema that’s not into Show like a  certain International Star.  He’s so well loved in his field…and my Mom’s first onscreen crush.

When I watched my share of school idol dramas, Hanadan and their likes, my mom always sneak in a reference to her Student Prince Gen N1 Alan Tang.

He’s good at his studies, he won the role of the student prince in the idol drama of  the Cantonese Wave in the 60s.  But after bursting into great stardom, he continued his schooling, earned his diploma, then became a bona fide teenage dreamboy.

A clip of his very first movie, Student Prince

It’s an eerie coincidence when I’m jumping up and down reading a Mingpaonews Weekly article on the 20th anni remastered Days of Being Wild and its precious, unseen before bts and its rumored part2. WKW, u slyslysly fox, u have enough footage shot of a part2 and u’ve kept it fr me for TWENTY YEARS!! u bastard!  The article also has the last tidbits of the last day in Leslie’s life.  April fools is coming up, but I can never have a good old laugh without remember him since 8 years ago.  I’m sure more than half of HK is with me, united we mourn, still.

The coincidence is Mr. Alan Tang, by the time WKW was starting his PD career late 80s early 90s, was very involved in funding films and working backstage in greenlighting HK movies, he financed As Tears Go By and make WKW a name and street cred to do what he did with Days of Being Wild and THAT collection of HK moviestars at their peak.  Mr Tang financed that as well, in the ballpark of 40 million HKD of his OWN $.  DoBW bombed at the box office, but I’m forever grateful, as it stands it’s on my all time best HK movie list, and it has my favorite Leslie character.

God Speed Mr Tang, RIP.  You will be fondly remembered.
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