Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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A Hong Kong Food Journal

I spent 4 days here and there in HK recently and jam packed it with as many meals only requesting friends/fams taking me to their absolute favorite Asian comfort food digs atvm, not wasting an inch of my stomach space, and gawd did I have some of the best new things I have ever had in my tummy.  I am still gloating in my brilliance! muahaha

A typical Tsim Sha Tsui resto with a view

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Yum Cha~ Shopping~ (And The PEAK~! ! !)

Just look at these two (HAHA I KNOW I’m not the only one spending shameless amount of time staring).

Cuter faces, there are none.

[credit on pics, all from weibo thanks to the cutest sweetest original posters! xoxo]

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I went to a wedding in a picturesque farm and met this sick little piggy yesterday, I must’ve spent too much time with it and now I’m sick too.  Not fun!  I hope this is nth more serious than a normal flu, I was dragged to urgent care and got poked and examined in the middle of the night…and now wait and see.  Luckily, my personal ‘drama’ is on a holiday, I guess.  None of my grandiose plans for the day materialized, and family is stuck home with me too.  At least they laid around the pool and swam a bit while me is stuck in bed slurping plain jook/congee.  It is sweating hot even with the AC blasting and I’m having the chills, and sweats…yuck.  But then is it crazy to love being a bit under the weather and never felt more aware of one’s body and the love ur dear ones will just shower on you without considering u r a spoiled brat that’s past the age to be a whiny needy child?!

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H K 7 1

Posting coz: Emo.  And Itchy fingers and eyes stung to shutness by watching too much I Live in Cheongdam-Dong (I'm at ep59, ie another 20+ eps since days ago, and meanwhile I saw Beckham in the flesh, drank too much beer, flirted with some ChelseaFC cute young boys, bbq partied twice (argh), ran 3 miles, watched Euro cup…witness my decay into a subhuman.)  DARN u tuduo playlist for automatically playing next ep without even a flick of my beyond tired and cramped fingers just when I'm fighting mightily against my eternal dilemma of One More Ep! and genius!me suddenly thought reading some TTSS and rewatching WKW's Happy Together (1997) at night, with a heavy heavy heavy heart and lots of sobs will alleviate ANY of my body irrevocably quitting me.

As a good socialist, I'm going where the money is; as a good capitalist, I'm sticking with the revolution, because if you can't beat it, spy on it! …It's the name of the game these days, you scratch my conscience, I drive your Jag, right?  -Roy Bland.  (John Le Carré, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)  The world they lived in.

Reading TTSS, I never wanna be there in the stifling decay.  A dense grey fog of conscience, seeing the filth u r inhaling with no way out.  The rotten disillusionment so suffocating and seeped in.  Be a soft fool?  A moral cynic ceasing to care? Witnessing what my hometown is going through last 15 years, it's 15th anniversary of Return.   Hitting too close to home.  15 years, Smiley and Karla.

Curiously I parallel Smiley with HKG so very often while reading him throughout Le Carré, maybe that's why I have a soft spot for him even with he's being the frustrating 'soft fool' he was, not putting up enough of a fight, jeopardizing ideals and ppl with sworn loyalty to him.  But did he have choices in the milieu?  How can I win? Smiley asks himself, alone, restrained by doubt and a sense of decency–how can any of us–against this remorseless fusillade?

2003.7.1  I was one of the 500,000.  It was an entraordinarily peaceful protest, defending our civil liberties.  Peaceful, civil, not saying in the least comfortable.  I remembered I was trying to lure myself into the optimism of,  'this is a secular history making event. ' It could not, should not be an institution, a 'tradition',  because 500,000 people forming an orderly 2 mile moving/stalling protest for hours in 30+C, insufferable humidity was a miracle, a very scary miracle.  Murphy's Law.  In the back of my cynical mind I knew the hours I experienced in flesh back then, would happen all over again and again and again….9 years later.  Bittersweet, mostly bitter, but I can feel the verve of hope.  The little consolation is the people still have the 'freedom' no matter the direr and direr obstacles.  But things r certainly in a downward spiral. In 2003, we got top hated officials' resignations.  In 2012, I bet each of the 400,000 crowd can feel the futility and urgency in enjoying the 'last hurray'.

fr tumblr

I feel bad for the policemen on duty, still amazed aside from reports of heat strokes and exhaustion, no one is injured because of the demonstration.


This, they call 'democratic election', the rest of us call it sth else. Citizens r disgruntled past boiling point because the past 'elected officials/appointees' thus far have been doing nth while society deteriorated beyond savage, esp human rights and civil liberties, fulfilling all the brown-nosing in their one and only job description fr their bosses up north, or downright looting bribes, monetary gains left and right (the just stepped down Mr. Tsang)  It'll be an easier bitter pill to swallow if this just sworn in chief was not caught red-handed lying through his teeth most ridiculously with his every other comment.  More on Mr. Leung.

Reports fr CNN NYT Guardian NPR and more

But then why is my hometown so preciously beautiful in my eyes, still?!?!  The irony, the dichotomy, the depressing melancholy of a dying city and the undying hope of its people still fighting for ideology in HK of all places.  Livid, civil demonstrators to the background of fireworks and jubilation.  To quote Roy Bland: Well…. And I'm definitely functioning."An artist is a bloke who can hold two fundamentally opposing views and still function." Who dreamed that one up?

fr tumblr

10 ft waterfilled barricades




None of the pics fr weibo, my fav playground.  Posting any pics fr HK ip addy today is not censored per se, you can still post it, but u r the only one in the world not walled fr seeing it.

D&G and HKG

I haven't walked this stretch of Canton Rd for years now, I used to, twice a day to and from school @ my ferry ride.   It's known as the 'colonized' strip nowadays. Populated entirely by tourists, mostly from China. With all the flagship stores crammed together, lines outside of tourists with lists of what they wanna get in hand; ready, set, go! as soon as allowed into the store's interior.   I have nth I desire so much as to be in lines and hushed into a packed store like cattle to pay loads for, thxbye.

Couple days ago, a security guard of the D&G store hollered at some locals for lingering on the publlic pavement outside the store taking pictures of the luxury strip and their storefront.  Security guards openly shouting 'No (Dogs and) HongKong Chinese allowed.' *Our beloved mainland loaded tourists, our main clientele though, snap on, YOU are very welcome! Our honor! (smiles and kowtows)*

muahahahaha, I have  friends who've experimented taking pics of the store front, guards glared, but how on earth r they going to differentiate the mainlanders and HKers?!?! WE ARE ALL FREAKEN CHINESE!!

HKers r a crowd of the cutest metropolitans.   They r nonchalant, demused, feeble most of the time with politics and every other social concerns in life other than work, work and work and family.  BUT when snapped!  HAHAHA  GOOD! LUCK!  We'll defend our little turf of freedom, no matter how measly,  rabidly, half the population marched extremely orderly in downtown any mid summer dead heat against the Goliath up north…let alone one of the godzillions brands we can choose not to care. Oh Phlease, D&G, u flattered urself, hon.

And so the little merchant has its door closed by the Facebook flashmob there just to take in the scenery, snap a pic or two of the carnival and party like it's 1997.

Salute! and big fat middle fingers to you, D&G!

This is one breathtaking much quieter timelapse of the city,  I ❤ HK

my fangirling beast is baccckkkk kicking and romping

I was planning to start TPM, and rewatch BBJX (coz my rushed live watch has missing HUGE chunks of eps) but both HD downloads are taking up very precious time.   And in the mean time the shallow end of my brain is screaming and thumping me to give me some RoyQiu (he's been my guiltiest pleasure numeroUno TW crush for the longest time, I'm conditioned to watch his unmentionables like a Pavlovian dog), and as if the orbits are aligned, OG ep1 took FOUR! mins to magically appear on my living rm TV!!!!!!

And now I've stopped all other dls just to speedily gets myself up to ep9 in record time.  IF u do not go batshxt droolzing when the mention of RoyQiu, you will never get the prettiest crack trip I'm going through, feasting my eyes atm. 

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I can’t believe what I’m watching…and absolutely addicted

I’m not talking about MQ, which I’m watching and totally enjoying and OMGing at how marvelously awesome it’s written, directed and acted mostly… I still find VanNess perf ala spastic albino chimp *some dearie at Koala’s Playground coined sth very similar and apt a description*, BUT even with this usu major glib, I’m LOVING it to bits, it’s just so HQ a drama it doesnt come as a surprise just watching 10 mins or almost 10 eps of it, it’ll totally slay and floor me.

What I’m guiltily pleasuring myself drama-wise, totally addicted to is a…*grasp* TVB drama LoO *yes L.o.O.~! standing for* O my…. I watched max 2 TVB shiz a year, purely out of filial duties, 50% of the time I want to pick my brains to pieces with my own fingernails instead, the other half of the time, mildly entertained for hearing some slangy Canto + kinda bored. 

Lives of Omissions is a spinoff The Academy Series.  Strictly speaking this is the 4th installment.  It’s a sprinkle of Infernal Affairs police undercover procedural with heavy doses of  triads wars + bromances, forever the fav. HK trope.

This is not as brainmeshing in silliness as the usual, the story is actually written with some care and logic and the omnipresent TVB gorges of plotholes can be easily scoffed off.  What I’m watching are the characters played by Bosco Wong and the lead actress Fala Chan.  They don’t bug me on my TV screen as actors, that’s very rare for the TVB lot nowadays.

What’s selling me, Fala Chan is playing the ladyboss in the undercover squad, but she’s the typical dorama heroine quirkiness I soooo adore.  Usu it’s packaged to us in a Kdrama lead guy ahjusshi…to make us fall for the CUTE.  Here it’s all on the shoulder of her nerdy Madam Jo.  And yes, she also is responsible for the angsty PTSD showers, rock climbing, in minimal yards of fabric….to the extreme glee of my hubs, and somehow I’m not offended by the rampant fanservice.

Bosco is playing some lowly gang member/informant for the police in the beginning but playing both the Black and White soon, climbing up the triad ladder of command.  He has a history with an up and coming big shot barrister who owed him BIG for calling it off while he’s in prison and he paid for her law school tuition.  When we meet this dysfunctional pair, the animosity is quickly followed by some serious making out…she offered to pay back the $, he wants it paid back his way…by hot sex.

And so every time they share a scene there’s some hot grabbity possessive smooching, in public.  It’s so rare to see I’m still in shock.

Critics r praising he’s channeling some Tony Leung.  I won’t go as far even if I’m in a full blown fangirl mode, but he’s owning this hot, sexy, shady gangster.  And he can carry a pornstache.  I give infinite points of merits for any Asian actor able to rock that.

But really I’m sooo in shock and dumbfounded I’m at edge of seat watching it an ep a day like a druggie.  Last time a TVB drama hits me this hard with a perfect timing of me watching as it airs…. my highsch uniform days.

Have an MV of the end credit song Bosco sang:

And the official trailer:

A Tony Leung afternoon of youtube tripping

Ah TonyTonyTony, you sexiest of the sexiest god/beast/bastard.   There’s no way I’m not watching Grandmaster in Cantonese.  Cantonese is not the sexiest dialect by far, mine sounds like a constant buzzing of quarrels.  Tony’s suave, moody jazz to my ears.

IF it’s up to me, I would have him read every chinese word.  Triple the joy: literature, his perfect Canto, and me tripping somewhere and doing things to him (excuse my filthy little mind)

But I do hate him, and WKW.  These 2 combined is the end of me.  One reminder of their  handiwork, I wanna rewatch my WHOLE collection of WKWxTonyLeung.  I can’t do it, that is on my very urgent dreamlist of things to do on my next himono-onna ‘vacay’.

A fanfantabulous tribute:

It’s really not right to make IpMan this suave, this sexy Tony (+WKW)!!

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I’m not boasting, but there’s no way YH is not mine in mind and soul (and body if I have my way)
Just TWO days ago I’m droolzing at  YAI @ Z Zin and it somehow got to my love for Odajo and his wifey and whenever I thought of the pair, I can’t help but blurt how many times I’ve had an instant LOVE connection with peeps sharing my bday.

And just now, like TWO hrs ago, 3ish am his time xiaoHong went his cute insomniac way and tt on how ecstatic like a fangirl he is, when he finds out his bday is the same as his obvious idol, famous Shanghai Theatre Academy (his alma mater) alumni/ex principal famous writer and scholar, Yu Qiuyu AND his love on the bball court Kobe Bryant.

I’m happy he’s happy.  But really Loverboy you are slower than me by decades. Nonetheless, we mindmeld for the nth time.

The first person I ever fangirl to the point of stalking and giving presents: Sean Lau.  I’m just glad I have some gfs as weird as me and tog we have a fanwar splitting the class of Sean Lau vs Leon Lai (they were Guy1/Guy2 in a TVB hit back then), but I’ve been fangirling him since Police Academy when I can’t get my eyes off his peculiar look to me as a youngling even when he’s sharing the TV screen with Tony Leung. *Imagine my GLEEEE and SQUEEE and how much I’m hawking The Great Magician: Tony, Sean, ZhouXun, PD DerekYee!!!* 

We’re wandering the shopping malls after school.  It was at a record store, although usually I was the one in our group fast with my silly devilish schemes, I was dumbfounded, all I did is stare and droolz.  My dearest dearest friends went to the adjacent toy store, bought my favorite plush, a huge green Totoro, stuffed it into my hands.  I couldn’t even say a word and I just handed it to him.  My buds then found my hymn book in my bag (the only decent thing with paper that is not littered by my ‘fanciful’ manga attempts) and he autographed it with one hand while asking me my name and smiling and looking at me, the other hand holding that Totoro by the head.  I still rem his 6ft+  back walking on the street, holding that Totoro by the head in the middle of Nathan St and ppl stared at him crazy.  *SWOON*

There’s Bebeto the Brazilian footballer and 3 time WC champion.
And one of the HK actresses I adore and very often bump into at restaurants: Cherie Chung.

This definitely warrant a scientific statistical research.