I Heart 山影

In ShanDong Film And TV Group (山影/ShanYing for short)  I trust.   Based in Jinan/济南, famous of its springs, DaMing Lake and Tai Mountain, the phrases 地靈人傑, 济南名士多 pop up right away from Chinese Lit. 101, it is hammered into my psyche the geomancy of the city gives birth to the best of minds as the ancient belief goes and this company is proving to have the brain, heart and dedication to bring us nothing but quality.

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Whassup with Yuan Hong, Liu ShiShi and Hu Ge

The trio is hot commodities these days (when are they not on the hotness alone).   YH is busy on the set of Princess JieYou in Beijing, flew to Changsha (how my heart is tied to that city and everything related to it atvm huh?!) for Happy Camp, rumor is he made a stop for SH on the way… then flying back to BJ for Princess JY’s presscon same night.  Flight was delayed late, he somehow traveled through the night and greeted the press on time the morning.   HG just started filming his new C modern youth drama and the hotties are having identical facial hair when I saw the thumbs of their new pics I mistook HG as YH.  SS is also showing face in chic dresses along with her ladyBFF YeQing promoting Brotherhood of Blades and by all accounts seems like a very well-received C period movie with the critics for once.

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Lets droolz: Nirvana in Fire Kickass 4 min Trailer

Words are not necessary.   This can be nothing less than perfection.  The fact I live to witness a C period, with an idol bend, an adaptation that probably will be better than the original novel, I can take a very good rest, in peace and hibernate till this comes out.

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Drama Watch: Upcoming Terrific Cdramas

I have done my homework and calculations, these few have absolutely no chance of failing me.

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