In the Candy Store I Dive

These are promising upcoming movies I have to still my heart, NOT!
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The Auspicious Day Continues

I kept wondering since yesterday if I were the head of a tabloid, and I have say the luxury of 7 teams of reporters I can dispatch since yesterday, STILL it is not enough to cover half, and we are talking pairs of stars, ie more than a dozen of them, let alone all the editing it takes to squeeze into the allotted pages for easily weeks if not months or years worth of headlines in less than 24 hours.

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I Did a Twirl For Every Squee

This could have been 8 silly posts if I do not feel exactly like a very beat sloth. zzzzzzzzz

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Old Steady Ships (Part 1)

….the type that gets us squeeeeee and swooon and even for a cynic like me….delve into a strictly escapist YY pipe dream of 2 RL breathing human beings being a couple, and united we shout at them at the top of our lungs TO!GET!HER!!!!!!!!

I’m not a fan of HXM on my screen (blasphemy I know, but too often he is swarmy and Moi Too Pretty For Your Screen) but I LURVE him in RL, he’s such a warmest prettiest teddy bear giving silly hugs all around.  Absolutely no air, no fanfare.  A kind, childlike derpy soul.  I’ve never dived into a fandom because of RL persona, if it doesn’t work for me on screen, I really don’t care if you are Jesus.  Sowry.  BUT this will be the first case, and I’ll now be on my best behavior and never another bad word on XiaoMing because along with the whole weibo I’m screaming at the top of my lungs:  I swear, I may not be lucky enough to be in the vicinity of such a perfect package in 10000 years.  And really what did you do in your past 10000 lives Vicky?!  Did you spent every single one of them rescuing children and baby penguins EVERY WAKING MOMENT to earn your blessing?!?!

Allow me to chronicle the  explosive fireworks at weibosphere yesterday, most glorious, so squeeworthy,  so ADFSFGDHGKJFHDGA romantic no drama airing atm in ANY dramaland I know of is even remotely close:

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