Friday Pretty Post

I have proper working for the entire day internet FINALLY!   I SEE LIGHT AND BRIGHT STARS AND SUNSHINE AND BEAUTY IN ALL THINGS!

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Friday Pretty: Jiang Xin, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong, Ray Ma and Hyun Bin

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My Lovely Hyun Bin

My!Namja!!! is back showing face in public and singing and tearing up from overwhelming emotions meeting his adoring fans.  Is there a fanmeet where he does not cry and thus making us all tear up?! :~)  This obviously makes me a dancing singing lunatic and yes, I am singing the song that shan’t be mentioned nor sung.

I hate this song with a passion.  I can’t stand the melody, the words, I do not care for SeGa the drama nor writer Kim (huh.  Understatement) …and that’s all nonsense of course when Binnie is singing it! ^^

All credit on pics.  Thanks to the dearie (re)posters at weibo~!

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