I live in Cheongdam-Dong

^ Double entendre, not particular clever.  But no truer words, it's the drama owning me and I'm literally living through everything I live in Cheongdam-dong.

I've started this daily less than a wk ago.   Yes a godtrillions eps daily.  I'm now on 33!   I'm eating less, sleeping wayyyy less,  I still have my full time job (I hope).  So do the math, every other breathing moment I'm watching some ILICDD (or Euro cup).

Taking a break to drop a line because my tummy needs a rest, is beyond painful since yesterday fr the sidesplitting lollllllz I can't stop.  I'm hoping I get a 6 pack out of this, but even not, I'm beyond grateful.

Every character is Precious.  It's not just hilarity, but hilarious w/ a heart-tucking kicker in the midst of it, that will turn on my faucet.  I have teared me up several times already.  If you can't tell already how insane I am marathoning 33 eps in ~6 days. Read this:  I rewatch scenes, many, those scenes so perfect and had me squeeing and/or loling like a swine in heat.  And I can never just rewatch once.

The characterization is beyond perfection, not that they r perfect. No lazy tropes here, even with our typical love triangle there r fresh little touches that had me jumping and dancing around my room.  I'm lost for words because there's a successful 30 sth single lady who is a top chef in the mix that is not particularly 'cool', at least not the standard cliched definition of all the pretty clothes, pretty facade and tasteful bling and aura screaming I'm lovely and Single! and loving it!, nor outlandishly clownly like a samsoon, just very very normal, I swear I see ALL my 30sth gfs in her here and there, that's why she's arguably my favorite character.  But most of the time, thus far, that title is shared by Doc.  He's one of the 3 stooges of the drama, 3 ahjusshi roomies that gosh…r killing my breathing left and right and have me wheezing for air in btn roars of laughing fits.  I won't call their funny slapstick, it's handled with so much care and thought for subtly and realism it's almost like I'm watching a writer Noh doing sitcom when the writing segue suddenly yet seamlessly into deeper RL issues.

Then the BIG double cherry on the cake.  Tension-filled bromance. I love everyone here, everyone.  But I need to talk about the Bromance! Between the love rivals!  Both of them will get the girls swoony alone in any other drama, but together?  EXPLOSiVE FIREWORKS!  I truly love our heroine, and I just finished a scene with so much going on with our heroine AND my fav chef present and you won't notice anyone or anything except the 2 heroes taunting/having hot eyesexing. I have a 'gosh! u r so my type' crush on one of them from the get go.  But no, that's so not all of it. HE got dreamier and dreamier with every scene since the fateful meeting with his rivalry. Manly, hotter when pissed, hottest when taunting his rival. And his rival is not too shabby himself, I've spent 30 eps with him being the filthy rich chaebol who has his interest sorta piqued by our Cinderella heroine, but he's KIND, and kinda a player.  I'm befuddled with him tbh all along.  BUT COME THE MEETING OF THE BOYS! BAM!! Everything starts clicking, gears in full.  Fireworks of cuteness, both of them just got ridiculously cuter and hotter instantaneously.  As a result my brain is fried.  I'm still on my initial ship, but then I can see heroine with the other guy.  BUT most importantly I ship them boys together!

Last but not least did I mention the 60 sth matron of the family and drama is a manga and poetry fiend?  Who will rabidly fangirl the same gorgeous namja EXACTLY like us?! And she is Kim! Hye! Ja!  I wish I can grow up and be her character here.  I have potential on the manga and fangirling fronts.

I'm such a longwinded crazywoman.  Just wanna get it out why I'm so 'quiet' on drama front.  I find my new supercrack and I wanna spend every breathing moment with it. 

This is a lovely gist/short recaps of ep 1-5 linked to me by a chingu: http://kdramaguk.blogspot.com/2012/05/special-recap-guksoo-loveline-episodes.html  Check it out!  I can't find a better incentive to learn Korean (or Chinese since there r lovely Csubs very up to date as usual)

Ciao~~!  I may not be back, but don't worry! xxx