Zany Monday

 I was planning to spend any free second of today eyesexing U!T!W! on my screen.  EM/Uhmyummmmmforce, sorry your fangirl has no brain capacity for you atm thanks to horrible viral chinese music (My excuse as a shameful fangirl is I do better sanity-wise with mystery brain-engaging drama in marathons anyway instead of being a swearing lunatic flipping desk demanding next wk's eps NOW!)

There's a Kpop crossing over a CN 'countryrock' viral song that is….argh…the worst entertaining earworm lulz:

What about a chaser for the earworm?  Fanvid of Unubore Deka with the same viral CN 'countryrock' song.   I have no idea what it is doing in this century and I can't stop lmao XDDD:

I haven't seen the drama, the scatterbrain that I'm has forgotten about it entirely.   There's no way I'm passing up Tomoya+Toma dancing w/ that song in my head now.

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