Cutest Pmping of True Detective

This comes very handy when…

A) you have the need to hard-sell True Detective to a brimming with naivete 14 year old, beating you at being more knowledgeable in yaoi tropes, who has all the making of a very young you just a bit more bright, but in need of more proper ‘coaching’.  All you Chinese literate BL fiends, some genius coined this as 真爱如探 off the official title of 真探(!!!) The rest of you, g translate 真爱, 如探.  Thank me later.

Or B) you are having a Monday and have 8 hrs to spare scaring your entire office, hit by the notion rewatching TD with lots of giggling is the sure way of brightening the day.

The cutest CN fangirl of show has come up with the perfect Simple(SLASHYDumAsseS) Guide for True Detective catering specifically for that untouched bracket of rabid tween cutesy fluff loving fangirls this show has not yet got the love from, and since setting my eyes on the good read, I have me tears in my eyes and a hurting hernia.

I am just the messenger, trying my best to translate it authentically in the midst of all my laughingwhilecrying hysterics.   It is not easy to type through tears and shaky hands in guffaws.  Because I am full of love and is a big giving person.

This is what sakimay/’YellowGreenBanana’ posted at Douban in myEnglish.

Excuse the language.  I swear I have never normally talked nor typed as such.  Swear.

And Harmlessly, cutely SPOILERISH!

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Happy Moon Festival: Bromance Edition

月圓人團圓! ie The Moon is so bright and full, gather your dear ones by your side and life is good!  We can poke fun at the saying 月圓人臀圓 happiness is when our butt is as round 圓 as the moon with the gorging! What is a better mascot of the MOON festival in my silly blog but 老O?!  Had your Moon Festival goodies (mooncake for me)?  Pigged out?  (we are glutting Korean, small party, work, want the visual of a whole glorious table full…thus banchan!)

HongShi hope we’ll give our dear ones lovely thoughts on the auspicious night while we stare adoringly at the moon munching munching nomnomnom: [I sincerely thank all of you, Original Posters, Happy Midautumn to y’all from the bottom of my heart and please just let me keep stealing your lovely cute stuff from weibo MUAKKKKK ]

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