Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa: Trailer, Gifs, AHHHH~~!

You talented bebes, how crazy good are you all to gif the heck out of ~1 min of material! *LUBLUB*

I am stealing everything from weibo *tytytytytyty* It’s like magic and BOOM! everywhere I look.  All I am doing is jumping and twirling around the room at 1am and mark Sept 12th on every calendar!

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Friday Pretty Post

FOOTBALL!!!  Inescapable screaming and swearing whole town incapacitated month-long parties whether you care or not FOR ALL MANKIND (exc some edges in US of A haha). No FIFA corruptions and shitstorms going on is spoiling my precious game.

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Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa : WHERE are you

Sakura petals have bloomed and fallen, I need my Mr and Mrs Irie fix like a month ago.


Thanks to the lovely original posters, I am  just gathering the dokidoki, and may the shoujo force be with us, picspamming to tide myself over till this comes out sometime in Sept (?)    I am strangely optimistic about Itakiss2 even without the dearest Miss PD Koto sama (SOBZ I miss you~~~~) when I am lecturing myself I should not be.  But what am I to do…even their twitpics, the bits and pieces of BTS leaked out are SOOOOOO ADORBS!  And lets not forget the cutest fandom, the sweetest busybees already out there making loveliest fanarts, fanvids I am crying happy tears of anticipation already even if the world will kneel over from all the massive pink virtual petals they will cascade upon us.

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