ItaKiss2: Love in Okinawa!


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合吾! on Longmen Express

[all pictures and gifs from baidu longmen express bar]

Have an MV:  Longmen Express – O Death or a trailer in Japanese

Cool, huh?!  The drama is nothing like it lol, except for some fleeting moments it’s roasting itself and every wuxia/period dramas.   Continue reading “合吾! on Longmen Express”

Yum Cha~ Shopping~ (And The PEAK~! ! !)

Just look at these two (HAHA I KNOW I’m not the only one spending shameless amount of time staring).

Cuter faces, there are none.

[credit on pics, all from weibo thanks to the cutest sweetest original posters! xoxo]

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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Commemorative MVs


I miss this fandom like nothing else.  I only have time to lurk and steal and share their lovely goodies, as always these 2 MVs, absolutely turned my tearducts on overdrive:

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