Yum Cha~ Shopping~ (And The PEAK~! ! !)

Just look at these two (HAHA I KNOW I’m not the only one spending shameless amount of time staring).

Cuter faces, there are none.

[credit on pics, all from weibo thanks to the cutest sweetest original posters! xoxo]

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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Commemorative MVs


I miss this fandom like nothing else.  I only have time to lurk and steal and share their lovely goodies, as always these 2 MVs, absolutely turned my tearducts on overdrive:

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*sigh* Why must you make things so difficult for yourself, Naoki?

This is a MAGNIFICANT writeup.  If I can hold myself fr hitting Naoki on my screen every time he appears in 15, I wish nothing more than me forming words resembling this post fr Midnight Express

Side RANT:  I have nothing sweet to say of Itakiss 15.  It’s probably me, not Show, or the thoughts or some RL stuff the episode evoked in me on Irie, on the harsh reality of relationships and marriage and they are all not pleasant.   While a side of my head can appreciate we delve into RL issues (but I’m so not in the mood) but I need this be escapism fluff in the highest order MORE.  I did not sign up for all these weighty thoughts.  I tried to desperately hang onto the love in 13, 14, and the entire precious darling drama honestly, but I can’t say I was not underwhelmed with 15 .  I have a post written, but I’ve deleted it.  I can’t stand behind what I’ve written of when manga characters grow up in our world, the real world.  However, did Irie really grow?!  I did not even like the performances of our 2 leads for a few episodes now.  Irie, there are some really douchy moves and words you’ve done and said to Kotoko.  No one deserves you dumping your shit on, ESPECIALLY NOT KOTOKO DARN IT!!! I’ve stuck with you thick and thin Fluff, this should be our angsty sugar rush, you do not put us through a bumpy climb in a roller coaster and not give us the endorphins from all the Gforces from a lovely thrilling  loop right after, at least.  It is as if I’ve cried for my mommy on the ascension and the train is stuck at a plateau of just cruising along.  With 15, it’s this close to be the nail on the coffin.  I feel horrible, the feel of beating a puppy.   It is suffocating me and so I’ve decided to not dump and drag the bloggieworld with it.  But other than 10, the second half of drama has been a steady slow slog, and it went from me singing this is the best Itakiss adapt in everything to DARNit!  I need some ISWAK goodness and a drink,or a dozen.  *EnDRanT*  And like magic the ISWAK family gathered at Joe’s resto for a gathering and they look sooo sooo perfect I wanna put them in a glass globe and put them on display so I can pet them, every night and all is well.

I am fine with 13, 14 .  We are no longer in the tone of what causing us all to fall in love with this Itakiss, gone are the squees and spazzing of Cute! every other scene, what’s in its place is still this preciousness of seeing how our cutiepies transition from pure shoujo manga gold to a semblance of real breathing young things tackling RL problems. I am fine with that, but  come penultimate episode and you give me an Irie so mentally retarded he would still rub in words of silly childish hurt all over Kotoko?!?!  No. NAH.

But yeah, pile on another blasphemy, you GOT THAT FINE PIECE OF IRIE HISTORY AND HE DID NOT EVEN GET A LINE?!  AND NOT EVEN THE IRIE SURNAME ON NAMETAG!!!  YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

Midnight Express

Judge me all you want but the drama I am currently watching religiously is (much to my own embarrassment -.-) ItaKiss ~ Love in Tokyo. I’m pretty sure that at least one circle of hell has frozen over considering that I have never been able to stomach any of the previous adaptations, much less the manga.

Not going to lie: this is to my brain what candy floss is to my teeth but damn if it doesn’t fill my days with spazzy glee. With the exception of episode 11, I haven’t had a problem with any of the subsequent ones. I know there are people who find the pacing of this final arc a little slow but I actually like its introspective tone and the fact that it shows the characters growing up and contemplating their future. They can’t stay in high school or college forever and canon or…

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep12

*OH!  This is my ‘520th’ post.  ie 520/WoAiNi! I LUB YOU!*

Detours and curveballs, that’s life.  With only 4 episodes left, It would be hard to part with Itakiss, which has really taken me by a pleasant surprise.  I watched nothing alone but Itakiss last week.  I see most of my drama buddies lured off to ‘greener’ pastures of Heartless City, Monstars, the likes but I want nothing but Itakiss in my so miserably fleeting alone time.  I’m  betting on it ending shortly beyond a certain rain scene, a lot has yet to happen plot-wise, hopefully they will squeeze out every drop of swoonworthy gold amidst the angst.  It’s gonna be hard to count down the last few episodes, as I’m typing this we have LAST THREE EPISODES.  3! *SOBZ*

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