A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon: ep6

Hihi~ If anyone is wondering, no, I have not forgotten our mischievously kissing darlings.   Actually, I’ve watched the episode twice and I can’t be the only one.  We’ve gotta attack the episode again from the just barely melting wax figure Irie-kun’s pov, right?
ep1-ep5 is here.  That was a translation of an awesome most observant baidu dearie with a bit of my input.  This time I’ll try it myself, this episode is just so brimming with Irie is in love but wanna hide it goodness.

[all caps fr baidu, gifs fr weibo poster 四时欢; thanks to original posters!]

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It Got Cuter

Even before I’ve fallen in love with InK: Love in Tokyo that is a short week or so ago, my very first impression of it was this is so true to adaptation any purist fan of manga can sigh a relief…whether this is our favorite actress for Hotoko or is Yuki hot enough to be a Naoki is your judgement, but the care and thought put in revisiting the manga, fleshing it to life connected with me instantaneously.  It worms itself into my heart with that alone.   My memory is failing me, I can not recall I’ve ever seen something done so meticulously with the utmost priority to be true to manga every way I look at it.  (Have you?)

But why listen to me?!  Lovely fans from weibo did HARDCORE evidence {credits on pictures and gifs, thanks to original posters} can be presented in a drama court and win the case no contest:

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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Musings

This is written in sobs and tears.  Gosh…I’m a sucker for backstory behind any work of expression giving it so much more meaning and depth.  I think one of the main reason why I have such a super soft spot for this shoujo manga is learning the backstory this is the RL romance of the mangaka and her husband. Mangaka Kaoru Tada died because of a freak accident suffering trauma to her head while moving to a new house with her husband and son.  She passed away later after weeks in coma.  Her husband actually aided in continuing the manga where it left off in its animation in 2008 based on her notes.  So in many ways, although this has every shoujo trope known to mankind, and it challenges our modern girl sentimentality in many ways, what if this is a dramatization to romanticize the RL story of Mangaka falling in love with the most perfect guy she has ever set eyes on, one she thought she has no chance in many lifetimes and yet she’s living, breathing the best shoujo dream and it was so unbelievable she has to slap herself this is real and scream it out, exaggerate it to make her real life less like a fantasy in this form?!

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Zany Monday

 I was planning to spend any free second of today eyesexing U!T!W! on my screen.  EM/Uhmyummmmmforce, sorry your fangirl has no brain capacity for you atm thanks to horrible viral chinese music (My excuse as a shameful fangirl is I do better sanity-wise with mystery brain-engaging drama in marathons anyway instead of being a swearing lunatic flipping desk demanding next wk's eps NOW!)

There's a Kpop crossing over a CN 'countryrock' viral song that is….argh…the worst entertaining earworm lulz:

What about a chaser for the earworm?  Fanvid of Unubore Deka with the same viral CN 'countryrock' song.   I have no idea what it is doing in this century and I can't stop lmao XDDD:

I haven't seen the drama, the scatterbrain that I'm has forgotten about it entirely.   There's no way I'm passing up Tomoya+Toma dancing w/ that song in my head now.

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Drama Winning Streak 2012: still un-jinxed

I'm not watching much at all, work has been good busy, I have an extremely sharp intern this time around YAY!, I can't slack myself…*ermmm…nay?!*   Cousin is living with us this semester after some roomie issue, we're still getting used to the company.  I don't think it's wise to watch things I'll make strange squeaky noise at in her vicinity when my house is cramped.

So what rare delish things r on my drama plate?

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JDorama front

Don Kiho Te:  it's breezy and my kind of CUTEEEE!  A surprisingly awesome perf by Shota (not my cup of tea actor wise, but I'm not blind and he's hot…and tall).  Not gonna lie Takahashi Katsumi is my main draw.  It's soul swapping, logic stay at door, and I actually love they didn't delve more into the ridiculous and focus on them living in their new skin, yakuza boss is now a mousy child welfare agent, vice versa.   It's not amazing, but every ep got me some nuggets of hearttugging and chuckles.  Nth more I can ask

Zenkai Girl:  I need to suspend it in its bubble and accept some leaps of faith.  The characters r a bit too cookie cutter stereotypes, but bravo to Gakki and Ryo.  Chemistry, nuances, sparks.  I cried every ep, no matter how hard I find the cutest kindergarteners to be 75 in mental age and extremely eloquent and qualified for housespeakers for presidents atm impossible, even this day and age, even if they r terrific actors.  Ryo is always my vote for KimiTaku v.2, and he's proving me right.

Watched an ep of Soredemo, Ikite Yuku:  Not absolutely enthralled, it's not my usual cup of tea subject wise but I'm counting 7 ppl I know, some r my Jdorama recs guru in RL so I will give it another ep. I find it trying too hard to hammer in the dramatics. And Mitsushima Hikari is sorta in the group of actress I can understand the raving, but a bit on the OTT side.  She's glimpses reminding me of the actress in The Shining, not a good thing in the middle of nite.

I'm marking calenders, counting down DAYS/HOURS for 深夜食堂/Shinya Shokudo 2!   OMG I love the first season to bits and have been looking forward to this since the summer.  It's exactly my fav genre of dorama, slice of life of little ppl, insane HAWTojisan crushing, a real glimpse into a facet of the city + food p0rn….

Usu I watch dramas whenever …but this is one I'll grab my beverage and snacks of choice and must savor in the middle of night in my own downtime.