Jang Ok Jung 12

Oh, what to do with you drama?!  You have dashed my hopes to be anything good with one definitive episode, and now there are rare intermittent scenes reminiscing your old self.

Then, just when I’m watching you, relatively calm and detached for self-preservation, with only one furrowed brow most of the time, writersshi you decided you couldn’t hold your TAE in.   *TAE has nothing to do with the lovely KTH, think opposite, some form of total, massive explosion of the very unsavory bio kind*

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Jang Ok Jung 10

What an awesome PS by the always talented fans at DC gallery.

I’ll admit I have sweaty palms clicking the eps this week, nervous this will fall apart like so many dramas prior.   We know the drill, drama gets better and better, slowly latching on, then a JOJ8 drops kind of out of nowhere.  And what’s next?!  I was totally prepared for a few slower filler eps, JaeHee to make an entrance (right!? I’m so not sure) and that takes some drama-brick laying.  But nope, still this assured pace not skipping a beat with punches to my gut, or some gooey body part inside me that is infested and out of control.  There are scenes, quite a few of them where I go do my little claps and cheers and somersaults in my heart for a job well done.

Super wordy, probably my worst case of babbling mess.  Spoilers, gifs ahoy.  All credit to DC JOJ gallery and baidu bar.

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Jang Ok Jung 9

Do you mind revisiting the entirety of end of 8?  Not me.  It’s not the lazy kind of throwing in that hot talk of the town scene so all our butts and eyes will be glued, there are some terrific nuances inserted making this even more ADFFFJAHGDFGKJHASJSHG.

Lots of spoilers!!!  All gifs from baidu JOJ bar, thanks to original posters!

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Jang Ok Jung 8

[pictures, gifs from baidu JOJ bar and weibo]

So gorgeous it hurts, it really hurts emotionally when this is an engaging memorable scene and the pretty is only there to embellish, like so many other moments in JOJ, and KTH is carrying every one of them in poised strides.  This is nothing short of a miracle.

**Spoiler pics, gifs, OMGOMGOMGOMGs ahead**

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April’s Hook, Line, Sinker…or Stinker

I absolutely didn’t watch anything without one eye tired shut last month+, and in prep of me falling into the abyss of lapping up everything under the sun with all the withdrawal, I slept almost an entire day of Sunday in anticipation.

30 hrs later, caught up with my most ‘urgent’ to-watch dramas.

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