HongShi Watch

Hey fellow HongShi babes, wanna bet on when we can pop some champagne and cheer on our darlings?

It all started with the sweet and so pretty Janine visiting Loverboy at his HXY set at WengDian (she is filming her GuLong drama Big Four).  YH, losing his marbles when any pretty girl showers him attention, forgot to snap a pic with her and is pouting and whining on weibo, to which the dreamy sweetheart Janine PS him one with her looking up fondly at the sillyboy.  I ❤ her.

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Weekend Pretty Post: Spring Edition (1)

Gosh, another March.   My garden is suddenly blooming in one afternoon, after my ruthless abandon, I do not know how living things survive under my care, or lack there of.

March, 2003, I was in Hong Kong.  It was the most depressing darkest days of my life in that city.  Time is flying in a speed that is too scary now, when the unit is going by decades instead of years.   Enough of my downer blues.

Happy WEEKEND!  What’s better than a mindless pretty picspam?   And I really do not fangirl a whole lot of C actresses, or do I?  Every single one of them seems to have a monthly engagement covering EVERY glossy magazines while I’m sipping red dates sweet soup that time of month. :X

It’ll be wise to rest your eyes before clicking 😀

[Thanks to OP summer的连衣裙VV]

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A picspam nightcap of the Sunny Happiness pretties!

Just saw these @ weibo, ahhh the lovely Sunny Happiness OTP reunited with our insanely viable HOT Guy2 Li YiFeng.  It just makes me so deliriously happy. 

Sunny Happiness is an anomaly of just a handful of TW idoldramas that stole my heart and threw away the keys.   I kinda wanna rewatch bits of it, seeing these happy pics that makes me smile, it’s summer and I always love to revisit some lovely fluffy sweet things.


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Clothing the World ep9 *swoon*

United we fangirl! *Don’t get me wrong, this PoS is not going anywhere rosy smelling*

Lets put it down in black and white this is the exact point in time all the female crew are swooning over YH.  I recall fr all the tweeting, bulk of directing is done by a lady PD May,  I suspect she’s responsible for all the non-action directing and  PD Lee worked on all the fights…..that explains a LOT.

I figure if I had a few drinks in me, this will go down easy.   Gen Lin agrees

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Clothing, The World (shamelessly milking every Yuan Hong screencap)

Do we need a backstory?!  NOPE, the trailer was THE whole story told in much more fluent, fluid narration.   In the drama, the characters (esp YH’s Gen. Lin) are like pull string dolls, uttering the SAME lines over and over, scene to scene and me going WTFWTFWTFNOOOOOO!!!

So pretty screencaps will start at ep5 and only include loverboy mostly.   I cant believe after I’ve finished I would be saying the first 5, 6 eps were its best.  It was basically kid heroine suffering one obstacle over another blablabla The weaver’s workshop has an evil rivalry, they fought for a place as the newly set up Grand Textile Court in the Palace… the evil bitches won but the righteous heroine side got an honorary mention to also pack their bags and off to palace they go. (so…that ep of silly contesting serves NO pt whatsoever!)
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This is a fan-leaked video of the presscon.  All I can make out of it is they are playing a money counting game w/ distractions as in a Q&A.


MC: Who’s your fav actor?
LSS: *countcountcount*
Janine: lolz *yo, hold it in will ya?!*
MC:  Really?
LSS: *countcountcount*
YH: *boastfully* Lets hear it fr her own mouth.
LSS: (finally gets it) I like them all
YH: *bummed*

And LSS got the exact amt correct!
YH has to nudge in:  She’s good wifey material


more pics….

Clothing, The World (very brief glimpses)

‘Why do you keep calling me an Ajusshi?’ Our General is reverse Oppa-Pout-Winking heroine.

The drama is not officially out, but eps r already pirated online, Mainland web pirates FTW.  I can’t pay full attention ep1, 2.  It’s pretty but nth is pleasantly surprising me with what I’ve seen.  I’m ffing mad, it’s more me, not the drama since I have no patience for the inevitable predictable poor!kids eps.  But there’s hope, it’s moving along at light speed.  By beginning of ep3, they are all grown!!
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