Period Beauties

 Hu Ge as Mei Changsu in 琅琊榜/Nirvana in Fire  ie HG back to being drop dead gorgeous in a idolperiod that is at least very pleasing to the eyes.  This drama actually seems very promising every step of the way from the crew attached and the cast.  Can not look away.

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My New KDrama LadyLoves

2014 starts off with every drama I am having a very soft spot for is because I have shocking girlcrushes left and right on the actresses/heroines.  It is a delight I have expanded my like pile in the actress department and can gush at many future projects they will be involved with an , ‘AWW! I loved her in BelAmi!StarBoy!NotFakeWifeyofPM!MissKorea!’ I do fear my snark has left me for good, I can’t find dealbreaking warts in every single Kdrama fluff I have tried out.   And hey, I honestly have used my super horrible whatever skills to make this above collage I’m calling it my wallie.  This is labor and love.

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