Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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Hua Xu Yin Is the Best C Period Fantasy Fluff EVER

I said.  7 days till it airs.  There is a very legit reason this is gonna pwn it all for one reason even for just one alone.

No, not the usual coz YH is perfect blablabla loonyspazzville.  He has been temporary disowned till he is back to serious work instead of grossly parading his romance for low brow tabloid fodder nobody cares (nothing is stopping me shallowly licking my screen with him on it, of coz).  I love my junk food/drama/hotties…esp when there is grand new music attached.

And I just spent most of any free time yesterday and this morning looping its soundtrack.  Weeping.  GLORIOUS.  140+ piece of original music with the closest to perfect theme song sung by the crooner 霍尊.  The music, lyrics, his otherworldly voice, all rhymes with the tone of what a fantasy period should evoke.  This could very well be the case the music of a drama is thousand times more worthy than the drama it is complimenting.   Yes, 140+ pieces, would be released in 5 discs.  I would pay in real gold to get my hands for it even just to support quality original soundtrack in Cdrama, the rarest of all unheard of beasts, RIGHT?!?!

I could ignore our lead actress’ voice spoiling it, so can you…use imagination yourself, the true pro here 霍尊 has a solo, and it is pure…AWESOME :

The 5 discs are specific for the 4 vignettes and an overall mood music for the drama.  All out before the drama airs.  No saving the best for last.  I love it!

I must be the most optimistic fandama about this.  No I have not turned blind, I should, to the gawdy fugly art direction, there are 80s big curl perms gross hair revival on some uncles in costumes could have made by my failling highschool home economics class days if I was colorblind.  Not escaping me the most beautiful period face on a working C actress atvm per my standard, Miss I am Licking Her Feet/Ground/horrideyebrowhopefullyOFFinHQG Jiang! Xin! looks like a tinfoiled overweight lobster at times, and all the while her hair person must be AWOL, or she lost serious bets and can’t use conditioners for months.  Yah KCheng, aka robbing cradle reel and real Uncle Cheng, who could otherwise look charismatic is greasy and stale every way I look here….BUT I am for one a tiny bit nosy as to how he can bring some CPness to the OTP here, looking insanely mismatched with our Titular heroine Lil Princess Lin Yuan who has the screen presence of cellophane.   The scriptwriting, the rewriting is of course very concerning.  Yet, even with the biggest scandalous shit happening with Tang7 revealed as a scummy serial plagiarizer, and without a doubt in rational opinion a very shitty talentless bitch, which makes soo much sense after the fact as I had ranted how annoyingly amateurish I found her command of the language from the first chapter I read of HXY the book, yet the backbone of her stories are pleasantly surprisingly  quite creative and fascinating, ending up with me grumpily, fascinated, turning page after page… if I can turn fast enough to look past that fact her Chinese is nowhere readable caliber.

I have so much faith in JX and YH’s chemistry, they are unreal perfect for the roles imo.  If this seriously crap on me, I can still stare at their (or just JX’s) blurry gifs in those seconds of preview for months, I am so prepared:


I am lost for words how awed I am with the development of the 13Yue arc it is still one of the most alluring angsty ripping my heart out so deliciously fulfilling tale I have read of late.  Yeah, on the story alone, I am way more intrigued by HXY than Long Ya Bang.  These are very very solid actors, every one of them.  Other than KC being too old for role, he still is a handsome uncle in periods, as long as they rewrite the story accordingly, age is irrelevant in characters being interesting or falling in love.   And I love how genuinely intrigued by the characters these talented actors are, especially MYYYYYYJiang Xin.  I can stare at a gif of her giving the world a stinkeye only she can an entire month, you know, let alone her take on a strong bold prideful to a fault, yet vulnerable female general.

New trailers are out, this is my favorite.

And a fan MV of the Tale of SongNing and ShenAn.  I am ready, SLAY ME GOOD!

Behave yourself now.  I dun wanna read about nothing but your silly dating shenanigans when you have REAL work out.  Get a room, close the blinds properly and turn off the lights, as you are blind anyway.  Not my words, but that is a hashtag #渣男不渣,只是眼瞎#,snidely stabbing his person veiling behind his character ShenAn here, with the nick of Scum but which fans of character (me included) concluded he is not scummy, just blind (not unlike YH himself lol).

Made my year when MYYYYJiangXin also mentioned and poked at him for ‘his character’ being blind in their press conference yesterday to which the reporters stabbed him further asking if he is like so in RL…which I said he is:

…at least the silly boy bumped the breathtakingly pretty lady JX aside when he can’t stop chatting and touching feeling, only have eyes for his Bro Prince8/ KC.

How can I not have a tiny forever very soft spot for you BBJX princes ?!?!

Hua Qian Gu/ The Journey Of Flower Surprising Trailer

IT is dubbed in ENGLISH and it looks decent when I am expecting very crappy aesthetics and hilariously silly CGIs.  I am not joking, this looks very decent.  So Pleasantly surprised I am.

[All pics and gifs from weibo thanks to the original posters! :)]

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