Why can’t fangirling be a respectable, decently paying job as in every uncontrollable squee I make, ka’ching!?

I’m sooo proud of myself. I paused my NG watch at ep4, because there is a miracle and I suddenly am in possession of Self!Control! *can last an hour, I hope or 30 min* *STILL a tremendous amount of control if 10*

2.  Sweet dreams are made of these:

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mindless youtube fangirling

RIP to the braves who perished in the hostage tragedy, the devastating plane crash, the flood…  God, we want to keep them with us longer on earth before they are with you in Heaven.

All my brain is capable of doing is focus on work and loop songs on youtube to get my mind elsewhere..

JGL.  Singing.  Natural Woman.  Wearing a Heart Tee.

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I saw Inception a wk ago. <3333 everything about the movie, on top of it all I had a major case of hormones, proper etiquette aside, I was fangirling the daydreamworthy Joseph Gordon Levitt every single scene he’s in.  Yes, I was openly gushing ‘OMG he’s so YUM and GORGEOUS’ repeatedly in the theater and was shushed.

Oh Arthur, Arthur, Arthur!
credit: VintageSmile @fanpop

Credit: KsouthV2 DeviantArt

credit: robin211
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