preview and some drama doom

Ripley 9:

SHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!  THEYYYYY KNOWWWW!!! It’s nth unexpected, but I was expecting it to drag out at least a few eps.  And I dunno why I still wanna see it all unravel every step of the way although I’m not really that engaged w/ drama after I’ve stopped rooting for MR to get whatever she wants.  hmmm, I hope we get to really see MR liking YH the person a tiny bit instead of seeing a walking ka-ching, coz I genuinely felt if only talking about matters of heart, she’s leaning more MH>YH last episode.

And arghhhhh, I’m hiding in my little secret closet watching MarryMe! (still), very very very slowly, and strictly the OTP scenes…and  I can already sniff the doom still miles away.  me think. 

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Ripley 7, lost again in the shipping, WTH?!

What is going on?!  I enjoyed HJ the least in the first couple episodes, but then this ep, I’m only tugged by her every scene.  She brings out normal human emotions in our Miri, I feel for BOTH of them whenever they are by themselves.

Her scenes with YH are the best of the ep for me, gosh that scene at the Church/orphanage:

*sob* KHJ is soooo amazing! Sweetie, YH’s bestie/your oppa is VERY cute and caring and wayyy sharper in romance, just nudging! 

I can’t even follow all my switches in shippings and it’s only 7 eps in!

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Ripley 5, 6 spoilers (I


Confession, I’m kinda interested in Ripley still, I do like what’s going on even with my balls and balls of rants.  But it’s not rabid, I doubt it ever will be( I can’t rem what days it’s on top of head).  And in cases as such, I don’t really mind spoiling myself rotten.  I think the writer is still very crude in her delivery of good ideas and I doubt this will really tip over to SURPRISE! edge of seat/nail biting territory for me.

Cassies (or spec 6002 fans) I’m following at weibo has ep5 trailer, ep6 synopsis and every discussion out! and I clicked.
OMO!!! OMOOO!!!!!

So when is Ripley on again?!?!  whenever it is, I need that day to come after my shuteye!!!

 LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the trailer, it’s giving me exactly what I want. YUMMM!
I’m cold and mean. I want to see YH very ridiculously happy and sweet and CUTE now since I know huge rocks will fall on the sweetie.  The happier a pup he is now, the more delish the ANGST.  

And so our puppy with a very likely cold, mean streak is rolling on his bed being cuter than ever after scoring Miri’s #.  kekeke
and I’m soooo loving Miri is put to use for a promo,  she’s BORN to fake smile and pose!  And just give her more blatant chances to flash her smiles at MH, for work!! LOLZ
And yes, pretty cast, just keep going to balls and presscons, speeches and all the highend soirees, I really don’t mind both the guys in tuxtux and more tux.

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Ripley 3 Rant

Highlight of the ep: THIS!

Csub is telling my eyes Yutaka’s whole name is Yutaka Takenouchi!!!!!!! O MY FOREVER J CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!! I went back and rewatched and YUP! HE SAID HIS NAME IS YUTAKA TAKENOUCHI, NO?! Y the serendipity?!  Why the WHY is my fandoms always always marrying and giving me offsprings that r soo pushing me off the edge of maximum squeeee?! Please don’t make 6002 any more CUTE for me please, I’m weak and gullible.  More importantly,  I need to stop watching Ripley.

I took a massive break, breathed and vented and distracted myself doing chores before finishing the episode after the 52:29 mark. WTF, writer?!?!?

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Things I like: the characters, all of them.  I’m invested in order of KSW>LDH>6002.  I dun know enough of KHJ’s other than she’s bumbling and clumsy physically but can already tell she is  very very brilliant and talented in her field.  I want to know much more of them and I can’t wait for the A!N!G!S!T! to hit the fan.

For some reason, maybe the cast is generally very pleasing to me, I let things like a coincidence a minute (or less) driving the plot, bells and whistles of Yutaka/Miri’s fauxcest (I’m allergic to that particular histrionic exc in Damo)

I think LDH is uneven, she has her moments and she has her cringeworthy OTT habits of cutesy and damsel in distress SHOCK!face.  Give her darker, grittier, muddled stuff please writer, I like her in those scenes the most.

6002…is green.  He’s not yet find the rhythm of a modern day melodrama, a very fine line to make the acting seamless in the genre of intense make-belief.  He’s not there yet, he’s very very cute, I’m his fan noona/ahjumma, but he’s swinging fr trying too hard and being too mellow-y boyband-idol 6002.  I think Yutaka is fine if he chooses to relax and makes us believe Yutaka is a 6002, less hassle for him.  It can still work.  Synopsis is stating Yutaka is 32.  I hope it’s a mistake coz his characterization will still fit as a 22 yo, which is the max # of years I’m giving a icecream cone toting 6002 crushing on LDH.

BUT OMO! MY AHJUSSHI CRUSHING IS AT NEW HIGH!!  KSW is DREAMY and HOT yet soo REAL.  What a terrific actor, there’s not a moment of breaking out of the character, not one moment of resorting to actorly showiness (again my jab at LDH).   I felt so in sync and experiencing his every emotions transparent as it’s unfolding, unlike LDH, who is still mighty talented, but she’s not honed her skill as well yet.  Her emoting usu prefaced the scene and what’s her character will go through. 

I do love where MiRi is heading, the pace is so steady in showing how she’ll deviate further towards the messier deep end we can’t help but tag along with her to her hell and still feel sth for her always even if she changes into a completely cynical scheming bitch.  We had these 2 eps to know where she used to be and feel for our girl.  MY gut is also longing for the drama btn the girls, Miri will use HeeJoo, thinking she’s this simple sweet thing, but I dont see HJ as the nice pushover poor victim at all. I see sparks of feisty potential waiting to be unleashed!

Not to mention I can always hope for some bromance, no?!

The music director needs to be chopped, asap.  I can’t believe it’s almost a dealbreaker as much as I like many things about Ripley.  AARRRGGGGHHHHH!

Can I have Ripley NOW?! PLEASSEEE??!?!

O gosh, this MBC TV promo/bts vid has me in major WANT of Ripley!

AAAhhhh, ajusshi!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!  I LOVELOVELOVE the camaraderie amongst the cast already.  And yes, when LDH is being herself, she’s coolbeans.  ^^ This interview is KSW/LDH focused, he started off joking when asked what he thought of the high expectations of the drama in terms of rating.  KSW, ‘The rating will be lower than expected.’ LDH nudges him, he adds, ‘I’m asking the audience to have a very high expectation of it!’

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