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If you can hear some crazy hollering of 'MY PRECIOUSSSS~!', No, that LoTR didn't replay itself for the nth time, It's me, throat going gone sore of unmentionables I did to my screens.

*psst: Loverboy, u just got yourself a whole imperial palace full of wifeys, concubines, gfs, and even bfs claims @ weibo.  These NOT helping the wildire. more…

Well, HELLO~~~!!

TGIF! TGIF! TGIF!  I’m off to operation surprise vacay for my RL DH.  I hope he’ll be surprised and the pleasant kind lolz.  Car will start right after I wipe my droolz off my keyboard and grab my baggies.  OR, maybe I should go get myself a cold shower.

HU GE!  OMG!! So 2012 is really inching closer, huh? When the world as we know it (or my portfolio) is no more .  Some meaty cheering up is needed, and cold beer.  Cheers!!!! Or as loverboy hamming it into his Aussie buds, Gang bei!  Dry your cup! (Wet your mouth!)


droolz more…


KBS news clip of Marine 2101:

Gosh, I can’t stop the tears.  TT_TT  Binnie, fighting!!

ETA: *special thanks to the dearies at HB BAidu bar C trans fr 菠萝bobo, vid: Junsho*, produced by ηŽ„ζ–› .

Enlisting at the peak of his popularity, the photobook of his training will be out for Top Star Mr HB.
We can predict the HB virus will hit again.
Here’s a report:

KTP: # 2101, training cadet, KimTaePyeong
Senior: Jump!
His face is gaunt, this is the tanned training cadet KTP.
The glamorous actor HB is nowhere to be seen.

KTP: It’s very tiring, but it’s ok.

[to the song That Man]
In March, at the peak of his popularity, he volunteered himself into enlistment in the Marines.
Although there’s fear of abandonment from the fans, his goal is very clear.

KTP: I want to challenge my limits, therefore I enlist in the Marines.  I’m not afraid of being forgotten, although we tend to forget…
Therefore, he tries even harder, he won’t allow himself to fail.  Won’t allow any special treatment.  Just like that, he’s donning the red name tag on his chest, and becomes an official ROK Marine.

KTP: Cadet! Kim TaePyong! Absolute! Loyalty!
His journey is captured in the photobook.  The HB virus will definitely spread again.

KTP: I want to challenge myself.  Even if I made a mistake, even if I fail, it’s better to regret after trying than regretting about not trying at all, right?

Reporter: I’m KBS news reporter Mr. Jo

*SIGH* the tears, they keep coming.  Stay healthy and well, TaePyong!  Seeing u flashing a gorg happy smile calm my nerves a bit. πŸ™‚

(fr HB baidu bar)

T minus 499 days

The headlines are devastating, we can only take it a day at a time.  Scandals are breaking out in ROK Marines, the figures are nauseating of how widespread sexual harassment is prevalent.  I can’t process it, I can’t.  I can only pray and wish and pray some more my Hyunbinnie is hanging in there, safe and as well as he can.

ROK Marines will be issuing the promo pamphlet. :/  Do as they please, I’ve given up, but one thing, explain to me ROK, I feel I’m getting stupider every time I read sth concerning the Marines, WHYYYYY SELLING it at a price?!?!? 
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Three months and counting

Jun 7th marks binnie’s 3rd month under his enlistment.  As a shallow fangirl, I’ll just take the opportunity for some yummy pics droolzing:

Samsung, if the Marines allow TV, I’m pitching u the idea to just throw as many of these SmartTVs and hope some will magically stick in KTP’s dormroom and I for one will palipali get mine and do my cyber smooches on that face, whether he grimaces as such or not.

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World, please give my Kim TaePyeong a f**cking break

I’m firmly in the church of no news is good news, esp when it comes to my most precious HyunBinnie these days.  One of the higher ranking trainers/team leaders not of the exact team, but same battalion  KTP is arrested under suspicion of sexual harassment charges to the cadets under him.   WHAT THE HELL?!??!? 

And this wk Tae Pyeong will be off  training for THIS:



MY dearest Tae Pyeong, please stay safe. TT_TT My thoughts and prayers are always always with you!  *MUAK*

My mood:



I had a nice day at work, am waiting for a nice dinner out, dl’d ma dramas (49D I LUB YOUUU!!!, BestLove/CSW ahjusshi, I β€ U!)
I know about the selling of some pic bk by the Marines on that little squad with a certain #2101 in it.  I don’t like it, of coz, but I’m no longer ‘surprised’ by the insanity, just my achy achy heart for KTP.  I’m sure binnie is numb by now, and I hope he doesn’t have to read or hear of all the nonsense spun by the press.

Fr what I gathered, this is what happened:

1. Someone higher up in Marines than lil’ 2101 had  the idea of milking a pictorial bk out of Marine 2101.  They can make some $$ (REALLY?!?! is it LEGAL?!?) and get publicity out of it of course!  In the past, there is a fund for making such publications, and it’s free for the public to obtain a copy, but for some odd reason, they are proposing selling this issue for profit/’promotion’.

2, Tabloids caught the wind, and spin it into all forms of silly (AM management is disputing with the Marines on ‘wages’…) This is denied by AM management’s PR rep: @boyoungmoon ν˜„λΉˆ ν•΄λ³‘λŒ€ 화보.. μ†Œμ†μ‚¬μ—μ„œλŠ” 이 건에 λŒ€ν•΄μ„œ 잘 μ•Œμ§€λ„ λͺ»ν–ˆλŠ”데 무슨 μΆœμ—°λ£Œμ— κ΄€ν•΄ μ–˜κΈ°λ₯Ό ν–ˆκ² μ–΄μš”. ꡰ볡무 μž˜ν•˜κ³  μžˆλŠ” κ·Έμ € ν•œ λͺ…μ˜ ꡰ인인데.. 쑰용히 μ§€λ‚΄κ²Œ ν•΄μ€¬μœΌλ©΄ μ’‹κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.
(My E trans based on C trans, thanks to ε—œη‘ηŒͺηŒͺ@ weibo: AM has no knowledge of the pictorial in making by the Marines, therefore it’s impossible for us to have a dispute over compensation.  We sincerely hope he can lead a quiet life in the Marines as a normal member of the force.  Please stop spreading the rumor of disputes in pay or other aspects btn the management and the Marines, that is made up by the TV report (SBS 8pm news 5/11/11).  We made a clear statement already yesterday.)

3. Fr what the dear C binniedearies r TTing on weibo, the Marines r now saying this is not a pictorial, but the usual pamphlet documenting life of the cadets in training.  He is not the focus.  Towards the untruthful reporting by SBS, they express their regrets and will perform the necessary actions.

I’m appalled.  APPALLED!  This is getting ugly, and I’m astounded if this is really going to sell for a profit, what about the strict rules and regulations of the conduct in enlistment (in not obtaining any profit during enlistment pertaining to…the enlistment?!?!?!) and really, Marines, if this is JUST untruths spun by SBS (I highly doubt SBS dares make this up without even some idea this is baking the oven), penalize them, I NEED to see it and a real deterrent to all this circus acts/ vaudevillian media nonsense stemming out of one simple guy just trying to serve his country, damn it!

A big everything goes, mostly a big lump of gooey love fr me! MUAK

Where did this wk go?!  Seriously!!! But really it is F.R.I.D.A.Y.  It’s not a complaint,  I scare myself when I can’t recollect what booboos I’ve done in life for DAYS.

I babble all messily, esp here when I feel I’m in 4D, talking to myself juxtaposed by time much more consciously than other medium, a time traveling.  I’m still groggy.  I’ve just told my boss sth to the effect the most smashing date rape drug targeting me is Benadryl/Claritin/any antihistamines, and I pulled my MOST cognizant face.  Boss patted my shoulder with a fatherly care/concern and wisely walked away.

So… I’m not a good water cooler conversing buddy for my own sake this afternoon.  I usu do try to thread coherent thoughts when it’s written down for all to see (honest).  This afternoon though, I’m hecking it and I’ve just wandered off to my beloved weibo, uploaded bunch of pix to my photobucket and here we go, care for a ride?! I have purrtttyyy PICTURES! XDDDD  I just wanna see how ridiculous a post I can make it.

I had no substantiating food in tummy.  Starving, munching a muffin, 20 oz of 4 shots of espresso and here I am. my thoughts bouncing off where else but my studmuffins?!

My binnie, I’ve abstained fr thee, ma love for the Holy month!!  HOW I MISSEDDD YOU!!

I’ll try to stay my most positive fangirl self because the sight of your long long lonnnnnggggg legs in your Marine outfit is bringing out my happy chipmunk voice!  I hope u r ok with Marines allocating u to do PR (as if u haven’t been doing a yr’s worth last month) instead of real army stuff, because this still looks amazingly challenging physically even if it’s for a photo op. *hughughug*

I love you so very much, lazylazy me even did a collage for you (of a collection of awesome fanart I grabbed/stole). I still dunno how to resize stuff when posting in LJ, THAT lazy. πŸ˜‰

Late Autumn will be showing at the Taipei Film Festival in Jun/Jul.  When clicking into its webby, I’m annoyed of the pimping of both ManChu and SHK’s Camellia in the same breath and linked by one hugeass headline of their love affairs.  I’ve lost respect of TPFF just like that. *pfffff*

These OTOH, make me VERY happy πŸ™‚
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