An Impossible day at work


Why haven’t someone invented cloned robots of ourselves, doing all human adult responsibilities, not curse, while we ALL go fangirl at greener, rainbows, unicorns, puppies. precious OTPs filled pastures!!!???!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ep 10 Spoiler caps fr weibo. thanks to original posters.  I <333 you.

I can’t help my posts are sillier by the Itakiss ep.

DARN.  IT.  *the expletives are so not directed at anything Itakiss, but my RL EVERYTHING STOPPING ME FR WATCHING REWATCHING SPAZZING <_______________<  WHY IS THAT NOT MY LIFE?!?!? *

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep9

An ItaKiss Love in Tokyo episode is infinitely better when we let Irie do his thing.  Let us peek into his brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr genius head a bit more and ALL IS WELL WORLD!

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep8

{credit of gifs and pics as labelled, thanks to the original posters at weibo! ^^}

This may be the post holiday blues talking, but is this episode…frustrating?!   I can almost tweak every scene to better them, for my enjoyment. Honoka is now promoted to the so cute she is unreal and can do no wrong just with her different cute ways to say ‘NO~~~~~~~~!’ alone.  I’ve been so sweet and placid a fan, stoked with all the little morsels of nuanced innocent cuteness thus far, it’s like I’ve been patiently toasting a fluffy marshmallow, but it’s now time for my s’MORE!! I like the tweaks and editing keeping the characters very cohesive pertaining to this adaptation and mellowing out the OTT in the manga, but don’t you think I deserve a little shocking surprise here and there and we amp it up a little now with a more toasty Irie, ladywriter and ladyPD?!?! *I’ve read in baidubar, this episode is done by another PD.  I have no idea if it’s true but that would explain a great deal. ARGH!  Gimme back 永田琴sama from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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Itazura na Kiss Goodies

[all fr weibo; credit as watermarked; thanks to original posters!]

This dearie made the above marvelous MV because of a viral comment: 只要你一個眼神肯定 我的愛就有意義  As long as you give me a nodding glance,  my love (for you) will have a purpose  popping up for this certain scene in ep7 : Continue reading “Itazura na Kiss Goodies”

A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep7

This episode prompts me to reread the manga (Ch 12, 13 of vol. 4 btw) right away after it ends.

[All gifs and pics from weibo, thanks to original posters!]

Firstly, this week in the Itakiss C fandom:

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon: ep6

Hihi~ If anyone is wondering, no, I have not forgotten our mischievously kissing darlings.   Actually, I’ve watched the episode twice and I can’t be the only one.  We’ve gotta attack the episode again from the just barely melting wax figure Irie-kun’s pov, right?
ep1-ep5 is here.  That was a translation of an awesome most observant baidu dearie with a bit of my input.  This time I’ll try it myself, this episode is just so brimming with Irie is in love but wanna hide it goodness.

[all caps fr baidu, gifs fr weibo poster 四时欢; thanks to original posters!]

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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo shout-out

The CutestThingEver is nothing but this fandom.

I won’t be able to watch 6 like the rest of the world with abating breath at the edge of seat I bet with snacks and heart-shaped chocolates in hand.    This is such a sweet shoujo drama I am somehow cherishing it, savoring it.  How many of us are also rereading the manga?  It really gets under my skin how precious this is.

This is their shout-out to the English speaking audience, and of course Yuki will be speaking his cute english.   Just the OTP being themselves is cute enough but Kin-chan is totally holding his own being the third wheel we can’t help cheering, ‘Ganbette!! *pompoms*’ x10000, not for getting the girl, but finding his deserving happiness.

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon

あらま!!!  InK fandom, you need to stop being insanely AWESOME.  Yuki-kun, you being the cutest noobie at weibo, obviously reading (some of the) 3000+ comments to your every post, posting accordingly to what the fangirls are begging (see the pic with Honoka) then this vid, yourself, too criminally CUTE:

QTpie you do not do as the fangirls say, because they will (or are) demand nikkid pics of any of your body parts, and preferably with Honoka too…and both of you making out for ‘some scene in drama’.

No episode 6 Friday didn’t register in my brain and I kept looking for it a few times, and keep forgetting.  Any luck distracting yourself from bring robbed of your crack and you can feel your brain shutting down, deflating without its candy? I’m waiting for my redeye and this literally perk me up better than 3 cups of coffee. But be warned, anyone not really in the fandom will think this is the silliest thing ever in this blog…and I’m talking THIS BLOG XDDDDDD.

Here.  I seriously giggled out loud at the airport reading this cute post, and again when translating, which laid out how our Naoki fell for his Kotoko, and I mean this dearie observed every flickering of his innermost thoughts and emotions and put it to words, compiling the best watching companion we can only dream of.

This is originally posted at baidubar:  the how-to watch guide/what you missed companion for InK: Love in Tokyo ep1-5 ad nauseum rewatches.  It is the best thing chronicling every tingling swoony progression of the Fall of the ‘doomed’ mighty IQ+200/EQ-20 genius boy Naoki into the cute loving lap of Kotoko.

I’m not responsible for any life ruining, time sucking rewatch(es) of 5 whole eps of dorama from now till next Friday.  That play button, you click it yourself.  And I’m too lazy to even come up with thoughts of mine, this is a quickie translation (too tired and lazy to put in caps…maybe I’ll later, but…I need zzz more!) LALALALALALA~~~~

*Biggest thanks to Genius Original Poster 庄婕希!*

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It Got Cuter

Even before I’ve fallen in love with InK: Love in Tokyo that is a short week or so ago, my very first impression of it was this is so true to adaptation any purist fan of manga can sigh a relief…whether this is our favorite actress for Hotoko or is Yuki hot enough to be a Naoki is your judgement, but the care and thought put in revisiting the manga, fleshing it to life connected with me instantaneously.  It worms itself into my heart with that alone.   My memory is failing me, I can not recall I’ve ever seen something done so meticulously with the utmost priority to be true to manga every way I look at it.  (Have you?)

But why listen to me?!  Lovely fans from weibo did HARDCORE evidence {credits on pictures and gifs, thanks to original posters} can be presented in a drama court and win the case no contest:

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