Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

I am still pinching myself, ALL my favorite stars are there, almost.  My favs, in their most glamorous, through my childhood to a teen to a grown fangirl to now a Dama in one room.  Well, even if Zhou Xun is busy filming Red Sorghum, she should be here and now I winced not able to see what magic she can pull and dazzle in THIS company.

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Blue Gate Crossing

It's rainy season here again.  Love it,  I missed change in the air…. pleasantly different every time I'm breathing in.

I'm going to rewatch Blue Gate Crossing.  Kwai LunMei is absolutely stunningly good there, I checked the movie out much later, very randomly just coz I was fangirling Cheer Chan..  One of her songs I was addicted to is  the theme song and I find Kwai LunMei's face so refreshing and unique I can't look away:  I think my current crush on Alice Ke is because she has that same refreshing charm and is known as the lil' KwaiLunMei.   And yes, when Bolin was fanchatting @weibo last week, Miss Kwai cutely nudged in.  I was squealing at top of my lungs!  I don't ship anyone in RL other than HongShi, but to see friendship so strong for a decade now.. AWWWW!!!!

Plus, it's impossible to not like Bolin and his character in it.

But most of all I rem I LOVED the movie dearly. the storytelling is so fluid and succinct,  a coming of age story in its little pretty yet understated bubble, maybe only presenting the endearing focused story the director wanted to tell at a very precise pace.  It's a quiet little movie, leaving ripples instead of waves but I have no bad word to rant about it.   It's very memorable how natural they both are on screen,  examples of natural born actors, I don't see them as skillful, lucky perhaps working under an obviously talented director.  These r perfect roles, tailored for them at the very beginning of their career..  It's my fav Bolin work, I'm sure rewatching it will be like opening a time-capsule I've been cherishing and lookin forward to.

An MV of the theme song.  Cheer Chan is one of my fav singersongwriter..  I can't think of more relaxing rainy day music than her lovely voice cooing her soothing tunes.
(Lines spoken r spoilerish and in Chinese)