I Live in Cheong Dam Dong 5: Be Happy

*Is this the hardest day to just be that or Is this the hardest day?!?! RIP.  T__T *

This is the episode that I’ve fallen in love with this little drama with SO MUCH HEART and never look back.

Things are heading up for the CDD shabbiest boarding house, but life isn’t that easy, is it?

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O GAWD! Ripley6

I wasn’t expecting much, and damn, it’s always when I’m least suspecting that some drama will creep up on me.  I’m biting my nails throughout many scenes, torn btn wanting MiRi to get away with it, and cursing the chilling brilliant bitch.

Even before I click into weibo, I KNEW these r the gifs beggng to be gif’d:


Ripley 3 Rant

Highlight of the ep: THIS!

Csub is telling my eyes Yutaka’s whole name is Yutaka Takenouchi!!!!!!! O MY FOREVER J CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!! I went back and rewatched and YUP! HE SAID HIS NAME IS YUTAKA TAKENOUCHI, NO?! Y the serendipity?!  Why the WHY is my fandoms always always marrying and giving me offsprings that r soo pushing me off the edge of maximum squeeee?! Please don’t make 6002 any more CUTE for me please, I’m weak and gullible.  More importantly,  I need to stop watching Ripley.

I took a massive break, breathed and vented and distracted myself doing chores before finishing the episode after the 52:29 mark. WTF, writer?!?!?

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Can I have Ripley NOW?! PLEASSEEE??!?!

O gosh, this MBC TV promo/bts vid has me in major WANT of Ripley!

AAAhhhh, ajusshi!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!  I LOVELOVELOVE the camaraderie amongst the cast already.  And yes, when LDH is being herself, she’s coolbeans.  ^^ This interview is KSW/LDH focused, he started off joking when asked what he thought of the high expectations of the drama in terms of rating.  KSW, ‘The rating will be lower than expected.’ LDH nudges him, he adds, ‘I’m asking the audience to have a very high expectation of it!’

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